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  1. saina added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Ninja is definitely going downhill, a lot of people hate him these days (have you seen the dislikes on the answering web's most searched questions video? lol) but his fanbase is mostly little kids and people who call him out on his bs aren't people who were huge supporters of him in the first place. He's hypocritical as fuck and way too arrogant (I get it, if I started making milions overnight I would also go crazy a little bit but he really believes that Drake wanted to use him for clout like wtf???), he used to be extremely toxic and rage like crazy, which I don't think is bad because I watched one compilation of his old clips and they were quite funny but the way he's so strict about his content being curse-free and family friendly right now is ridiculous. I don't want to watch people who are not authentic, also you can tell he's not enjoying this game anymore he's just here for the money. 
    Ninja is just so boring and stale for me however he achieved so much I don't believe there will be anyone who will surpass him soon but I really wish someone fresh who is passionate about the game and genuine will pop off and get at least half of Ninja's viewers. I'm not sure how I feel about Tfue, I mean I'd rather watch him than Ninja, he's a great player and seems super cool and nice but so many irrelevant instagram leeches like Alissa Violet or Corinna Kopf hang around him that kinda throws me off 
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  2. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah I've been watching Valkyrae more often these days and I feel like since she broke up with Sonii she has been vibrating different energy?  Like, I see that she's pretty non-problematic and does good job at avoiding drama but the way she answers certain questions who aren't even offensive in chat or donations just gives me a little bit bitchy vibes. There are no receipts tho, I guess time will show how she really is. 
    Back to Poki, honestly I believe there is a reason why she never got picked up by any org. I'm pretty sure if any relevant team like Faze would want her then she would accept just for the sake of being closer to Clout Gang and stuff and also to finally leave Offline tv behind. I really hope she's not trying to convince Nadeshot to sign her  
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  3. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    it seems like she came back to Canada for christmas? it might be a cultural difference, idk how you guys treat christmas in America but wasn't her family muslim? yet they still celebrate christmas? I'm confused lol
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  4. saina added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    she might be good at making famous friends but personally I do not think she has good skills when it comes to social media and attracting viewers, like, her platform haven't grown THAT much over the past year and she has ALL the resources anyone could think of (pretty face, appearing in BTS-related stuff, being friends with kpop idols and famous youtubers, lots of cash, travelling etc). if she was smart she could easily be at over 1m now. she must be living her best life rn but I don't think she will ever get her 5 minutes of fame, she got so many opportunities this year and she just couldn't make it. there is something off about her that's why people just aren't really interested in her.
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  5. saina added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Has anyone seen Valkyrae's vlog? She moved into a big ass house with a pool. If she lives on her own then I honestly don't understand why does she need so much space, the rent must be massive 
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  6. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Pokimane is probably shaking rn because she never managed to leech even a drop of clout from Ninja and he said he won't be playing with any girls ever but he's hosting Asivrs now (really small streamer but she's super talented and not e-thot at all) and she had over 25k viewers at one point. Maybe being an e-thot is not the way to go, Poki? How about growing your platform by getting better at the game and gaining any respect from pro players? smh
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  7. saina added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Let's just leave these assumptions about his fetishes away, but the fact that in his entire career he crossdressed like 2 or 3 times and since he's with Esther he posts new cosplay like every 2 weeks, he started patreon and these pictures are getting more and more sexual, there is definitely a lot of her influence in how his career is going these days. Maybe he was too shy to be public about his "interests" and Esther gave him the courage, he indeed looks really happy with her but personally I think your fetishes or in-bed preferences should stay private. Nothing wrong with being yourself, but Esther does cosplay for a living and benefits a lot from doing it together with Sneaky, but he's still a pro player and this entire cosplay thing is getting a little bit inappropriate. If Sneaky wasn't in the industry for so long and had so much achievements in the past no one would take him seriously these days, it's fun to do some crossdressing as a side hobby and for some content like Boxbox does but with how these cosplays has taken over Sneaky's entire social media and how they are getting more and more sexual and fetishistic, I think it's time to put it away for a minute. 
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  8. saina added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    I don't see any problem with men cross dressing, but these overly sexual "cosplays" with boob suit are just one step too far for me. I wonder if Sneaky has always been this crazy of a fetishist and he finally found his soulmate  or if Esther is manipulating him a little bit (well, since they started dating his cosplays are getting more and more weird and sexual). Other pros are reacting nicely to these photos because they respect Sneaky but I doubt they really think it's appropriate. It's not a funny content anymore, it's a creepy fetish now. He's lucky he made a name for himself so C9 will never drop him because while other pro players are discussing game updates, team roster changes and stuff, Sneaky's entire twitter wall is his cosplays, patreon, streams and photos with Esther. He didn't even said anything about Jensen's (his teammate for over three years) departure from C9 or Nisqy joining the team, he only tweets to and about Esther. I've been following him for good couple of years and I've never saw anyone change like that honestly 
    Also Esther's response about the Bang thing is so damn disrespectful wtf? What is wrong with her?
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  9. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I get your point but Twitch is still a gaming platform, despite the growing popularity of the irl section. Lily can't play games, her gameplay has always been poor. Yes, she is still better than Poki because of the reasons you mentioned, but I think in the gaming community the best representative for girls would be a streamer who ACTUALLY plays games on a competitive level, has any achievements and is entertaining enough to have a decent audience. If in your opinion someone who has been hard stuck in gold for few years and doesn't even take gaming seriously is a great representative for girls on Twitch then good for you, but I don't think if every girl streamer would serve the same content as Lily does that would raise the amount of respect girls get on Twitch. I don't consider Valkyrae as the best representative for girl gamers but at least she can hold her own in professional tournaments (I know there are plenty more skilled girls than Valk but they don't get that much viewers and doesn't seem to have the personality factor to attract people)  and is one of the very few girl streamers with bigger audience that is respected in the community and people don't consider her as an "e-thot".  If Valk  will keep on getting better at Fortnite and won't go the same path as Poki then she might inspire some girls who are good at games but don't feel confident enough to start streaming and the situation of girls on Twitch will get better. At the end of the day all of the biggest streamers are still pro or retired pro players  so I'm not sure why do you think talents other than gaming should be higher appreciated than being good at games.
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  10. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    looks like Poki's subscriber count is  decreasing a little bit, she's still making good 15-20k monthly from them but seeing how she peaked in July and now is slowly going down gives me some hope lol  
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  11. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I find it funny that she posts her gameplay highlights and tries to prove to us that she knows how to play and has a pretty decent kd but when you watch her stream it's clear that  her minions basically stream snipe her and give her free kills to make her look like a better player than she is and on tournaments (though I know tourneys are harder than random games) she looks like a COMPLETE noob
    like, if you look at fortnite tracker she has the same kd as Valk, Alexia and Kitty, who is she trying to fool??
    also, has anyone mentioned that she was supposed to participate in Fall Skirmish, she was in a team but never played?? like, she was hyping up being in a team with Myth and Valky so much before the tournament started but then she never played in it. getting the perks of taking part in a professional tournament but at the same time avoiding self-embarrassment because of her shit gameplay, that's kinda smart
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  12. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Shane brings up the kings of manipulation (aka the Pauls) and he expects what? That they are going to be honest? Lol. Everyone is shady af and uses Shane to clear their name and make themselves the victims. Nick and Alissa may not be with team 10 anymore, but they know the tricks.  This is 7 hours of content and NOTHING was uncovered. No truth. It's like watching a tv show, everything is staged and doesn't lead up to anything. It's like tanacon 2.0 but even worse because its 3x longer and at least in Tanacon there WERE some new facts, footages and numbers (that had no impact anyway but at least that) but it's still 2 sides blaming each other and writing a damn script before being interviewed by Shane. So pathetic. 
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  13. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    this series would be so much better without Kati...like yes, Shane definitely needs a third person to give him advice and look at everything rationally but Kati isn't the right person, she's as overdramatic as Shane, but she's even worse because she's supposed to be the specialist...
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  14. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Tbh I understand that Jake can be concerned about this series (though I'm surprised that he didn't saw the entire footage before it got posted?) because when Shane said that he's not sure if Jake knows what this series is going to be about we all thought Shane is going to drag him down and expose him but he's literally trying to PROVE that he's a sociopath (and also make sociopaths look like serial killers from horrors) just based on his social media act?? 
    Shane has made a mess and now he has to clean it up, but he's trying to hide instead lol. The fact that this series is all about Jake and his name is in every single title and even Jake himself is disappointed in how this turned out says a lot. 
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  15. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Also, maybe I'm wrong but I feel like the main reason his documentaries are so appreciated is because he has insides and he can reach out to ANYONE and ask them the questions we all wanted to know. Like he interviewed Tana and the guy who organised Tanacon, even though that didn't solved anything it still put some new light on the case, and we were all just super curious. Same thing with Jeffree series. I just hoped the series will be about him talking to people from team 10, Logan and Jake himself and asking some spicy questions that has been going around unanswered. And yeah that will probably happen next episode but this entire sociopath fiasco is so unnecessary and dumb. Also why would we even care if Jake Paul is a sociopath or not?  Everyone has some issues, he's an asshole and that's it. This is just a mess. 
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  16. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I hate this entire sociopath thing (not to mention that this past week I've heard this word 3x more times than I did in my entire life lol). Shane had some serious controversies with stuff like suicide, pedophilia, racism etc and he clearly haven't learned anything and he's back at it again. I think his videos are amazing and he's talented as hell, but he has absolutely no tact (and never had). He has no idea how to address sensitive topics (mental illnesses are one of them), he's "apologizing" but doesn't think he did anything wrong. These past 3 videos were a mess, but I'm actually looking forward to the video with Nick, because they will FINALLY UNCOVER SOME NEW STUFF ABOUT JAKE PAUL instead of speculating some bs about his&his parents' mental health. 
    I don't think Shane will ever change when it comes to how he treats sensitive topics, but he should just avoid these things. Series with Bunny and Jeffree were amazing because they were about THEM showing their life, sharing stuff that were never exposed to the public before with Shane's funny commentary on the side. That was entertaining. And I'm pretty sure I will also enjoy the parts of this series when he uncovers some new stuff about Jake, team 10 drama etc but he needs to leave this sociopath thing. Shane has stepped into new territory, but it just doesn't work with him, his morality and editing style.    
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  17. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't know Cizzorz but I really hope my biggest nightmare about Poki isn't coming true and she won't get into Faze Clan... they are literally the last leeching point for her to become even bigger (because playing with Ninja obviously will never happen loll) and I DON'T want that to happen. I don't worry about Nate because he for sure doesn't care about Poki at all but her relations with Cizzorz are questionable I really hope he's not that dumb and won't help her reach Tfue, Banks, Rug etc I swearrrrr
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  18. saina added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Nothing annoys me as much as people using "BTS" as a clickbait because "hehe but I meant behind the scenes ;D" You can clearly tell when someone is using that phrase unintentionally and when someone knows what hes doing and does it on purpose. Coco is so obvious here lol such cheap& tacky clickbait
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  19. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Something that popped up in my head yesterday before the video got uploaded was...what if JP actually asked Shane to make this doc about him? Maybe he offered something to him and we know Shane isn't really assertive. Like, I honestly still don't understand Shane's motivation in making this series (and it's 8-damn-part!!!). His documentaries are extremely popular and despite what the outcome will be, it's still a win-win situation for Jake while Shane is getting mixed responds. I actually loved the idea he mentioned about making a series on youtubers mental issues. I wouldn't even mind a separate episode about Jake Paul because he fits this concept. But 8 episodes about trying to prove that he's a sociopath?? Really?? Like, that still doesn't make sense to me that Shane would come out of his own way to make this documentary and make it SO LONG.
    Also, I wish he would include both the talk with this british guy who was explaining what happened on Team 10 and interviewing the psychologist in one episode instead making it into two separate. Like, I get it how these parts are important to the story but I think we all just want the part when he interviews Nick and other people connected with Jake Paul and the Jake Paul himself...like Shane is trying to make this series so deep but we all just want the tea lol  
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  20. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Whether you like it or not, Poki is a huge representation of female gamers and streamers and because there is not much other girls on this platform, the majority of viewers that aren't super involved in the Twitch scene and doesn't know people like Valkyrae, Loeya etc will actually form their overall opinion on girl gamers based on what they see on Poki's stream. Also, I don't think the problem is necessarily guys thinking that every girl is bad at games but the objectification and sexism going around that Poki instead of fighting uses and takes advantage of it. As much as I don't consider this as a problem in the irl section because it's not like I don't watch any entertainer or actor just because of his looks but Poki labels herself as a gamer, she's sitting mostly in the Fortnite section just looking cute, flirting with viewers and jammin to rap songs  
    Also, because she got so big by pandering to guys and making her entire brand about her looks and gender makes girls think that this is the only way to become big on Twitch, so they take example of her and the girls who provide gameplay instead of looks do not get noticed because guys will see Poki or xChocobars and they will get into the habit of judging every girl streamer based on looks because they won't expect any gameplay from any female.
    It's not like I think Poki is a complete shame to the girl gamers community, I would rather have her as the top female streamer than Pink Sparkles or something, but you make it seem like her success is a pride to all the girls and we should appreciate the fact that she is successful - but she achieved it literally by shipping herself with Myth when he was in his prime, how can I consider this an achievement?
    Men on twitch (and in real life) usually do not become successful because of their gender and milking clout from other females, if a random male youtuber is dating a famous beauty guru and he gets a massive following due to it other guys aren't like "wohooo you made it bro!!! u da real role model for all of us male youtubers!!", but if a guy creates his own brand and grinds his way into success, then yeah, a lot of people will worship him and call a role model.  
    Also, you compare Poki to Reckful who is an irl streamer, and maybe yeah, if she was a huge irl streamer I wouldn't care about what she does and her ways of earning viewers wouldn't be a big deal but she considers herself a gamer and promotes gaming-related stuff so I have to compare her to other Fortnite streamers and her being here around other streamers who went through different path to success and are on significantly different skill level than Poki isn't that cool. It's a completely different thing to look at Poki overall as a  streamer and compare her to irl section than to look at her as a gamer. I think we just have different points of view.
    Poki as a streamer overall is not bad, some people may find her entertaining, but Poki as a gamer and representation of female players is actually super problematic and toxic.  
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  21. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You are saying it as if Poki was on the same page as every other successful male streamer, but in reality the only thing she has in common with people like Myth, Daequan or HighDistortion are numbers. Poki does not pave any path for girls who enjoy gaming - in fact, she makes it even harder, because she's taking advantage of the fact that Twitch is male-dominated and keeps giving the impression that every girl streamer is just supposed to look pretty, show cleavage, flirt with every viewer or guy she plays with and the last thing you want to see if you tune into a girl's stream is to see her gameplay. Is this really how you want the direction of female streamers to go? I thought our role model would be a girl who plays on a pro level, is respected by other high-level players and is able to provide entertainment that doesn't refer to her being a female. Not to mention Poki caused Ninja to refuse to play with any female - do you really consider this "help in paving the path for other girls"? 
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  22. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's so fishy that Poki, Myth, Cizzors and Valky all got invited to the same team in Skirmish. I would believe that these three could end up in one club by accident but with Poki I'm 100% sure either she contacted Epic that she wants to be with them since she sticks to these people all the time because she has no friends or this manager (sorry forgot her name) arranged it to have all her clients in one club so they will keep pushing this "best friendzzzz we are inseparable <3333" thing. Anyway, I'm kinda annoyed by this. I would rather have all of them in separate clubs.
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  23. saina added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    this is exactly what I've been thinking. 
    @RiceCake24, your profile photos are Poki's derps, u post comments only on this thread and you defend Poki in literally every topic that is being brought out here but you also bash her in a weird way,  like ur here to wk her but you also write something negative about her once in a while to not get exposed? like, you tried so hard to defend her when we were criticizing her fashion sense by writing 2 separate posts about how u love one of her outfits that looked horrendous (yeah fine everyone has their own taste but the way you were trying so hard to show your appreciation for that fit just seemed strange) , you also tried to stop us from commenting on her nose and body by saying that talking about her appearance is BORING and we should stop bodyshaming and leave her appearance alone and talk about her ugly personality instead (?) 
    and ur defending her now in something as controversial and bad as racism. we are not Poki's haters, we just discuss her actions like we do in every other topic on this forum, but it's like you want to come off as Poki's hater in order to "blend" into the discussion so you can wk her without being called out for that? I'm sorry I'm just sharing my observations. 
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  24. saina added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    this series is a really bad move from Shane. He was always smart with his content, knowing what is hot these days and always dropping the right content in the right moment (like Tanacon, Jeffree series was also great move because beauty community makes crazy amount of buzz these days), but Jake Paul is irrelevant as hell lol. I would be interested in this series maybe 1,5 years ago when Violet and Martinez Twins exposed Team 10, these shitty songs like It's Everyday bro came out and basically anyone gave a damn about the Pauls, but today? So much stuff happening, so many personalities that are at the peak of their career (especially in the beauty community) and Shane does a series about irrelevant scumbag. I'm not even sure what is his goal here - he won't be able to clear his image or make him a victim or some shit because Jake Paul IS a trash, we all knew it for ages, Shane didn't even managed to clear Tana's image completely and what Tana did with Tanacon isn't even in 5% as horrible as what type of person Jake Paul is. And if this series is going to be Shane dragging him down then....that's also pointless, because he's already deleted since like 2016 lol. His viewers are brainless 10 year olds who will watch him despite anything and  normal people and Shane 's viewers already know that Jake Paul is shit, so why waste effort on proving something that has already been known for years?
    I honestly thought he will do a Jojo Siwa series and even tho I don't care about her I would still probably watch because she's pretty famous these days and Shane makes constant jokes about her so it could be a fun little series featuring his squad, but Jake Paul is the worst thing that could happen omg
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  25. saina added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    I can't tell which one is more cringy, the video or the caption loool
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