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  1. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    recovery time probably deters her. She wouldn’t be able to post for a bit. Also, if she was on her parent’s insurance, maybe they don’t approve? 
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  2. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    so this probably is about her friends/sisters having partners and having a life outside of her interests...Kenna, go TALK to your friends about feeling left out instead of vague posting about them. 
    I mean, I’m sorry if people feel like this, but honestly — you are not going to always be someone’s number one priority. That space is usually reserved for a romantic partner. If you can’t let your friend be infatuated and in love without being jealous...you’re not really a good friend (& if you ditch your friends for your partner, you’re not a good friend either.) But, it’s extremely selfish to assume that someone has to always keep you as a priority over every person in their life, especially if you are fully aware that person will likely get a romantic partner. I mean, for the commenter, it’s fine to feel that way (jealousy is natural and normal as long as you don’t let it make you be a dick!) — I don’t shade them. I shade Kenna because she is doing this in the full view of someone who has opened their home to her, and to a woman who has dropped everything multiple times to spend time with her. After she left these people for months. And claims they are NOT her priority (but expects them to treat her so.) That’s just mean. 
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  3. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    why is she always ... so damn rude & spiteful ... 
    She could just explain herself without the malice and sarcasm, but apparently that’s just not an option? 
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  4. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Kenna is expecting people to drop everything and focus on her, but she does not give that same attention to anyone else...not surprised...
    also, back to this post: do she give too much while not having anyone she is dedicated to? It’s like she wants to both be the sad, overcommitted friend and emotionally distant at the same time
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  5. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I'm honestly surprised she hasn't gotten a nose job yet? I feel like she has the means to, and the changes she wants are not too terribly dramatic? 
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  6. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    Anxiety is an emotion. You can say you are (currently) anxious with no claims to having a clinical anxiety disorder. Stress, anxiety, and nervousness are different emotions. I’m sure Kenna probably will claim to have clinical anxiety lol, but saying you are feeling anxious & need something to relieve it isn’t  overdramatizing. 
    Does anyone feel like moderation has gone up in Kenna’s comments, but interaction has gone down? I feel like I don’t see quite the same amount of “hate” comments, but she also rarely replies. Has this been a trend to clean up her image, or just a natural progression as her photos are very provocative? 
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  7. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    She could really benefit from abandoning cliches and using any words like soul, love, galaxy, etc. and focus on creating vivid imagery regarding a feeling without actually using the word. Honestly, she just needs to read more actual poetry, not Tumblr poetry. Sticking to online amateurs and the likes of Rupi Kaur & friends aren't going to help you improve much, since their poetry is so minimalistic and reliant on cliches. It's going to sound samey. 
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  8. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I wish Kenna would actually dedicate herself to forensics or botany or whatever other aesthetic academics she's into, rather than just doing it for show. Those are REALLY cool fields of study, and if she actually got a degree, she could have something to do once being an influencer peters out. She could also have her dark academia fantasies of staying up late pouring over skeletons and leaves. Two birds, one stone. 
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  9. darlin added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I first only found the "Audacity of Hope" by Obama lol
    But, I agree -- there's some song or internet quote or something that has very, very similar wording. Something like, "I had the gall/audacity/daring to live" -- kind of a weird use of the word? I can't quite put my finger on it.
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  10. darlin added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

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  11. darlin added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    I actually rather like her hair now — and I wouldn’t be surprised if she mentions more about her mental illness affecting her socially now
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  12. darlin added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    Maybe it's from the spike she experienced in May, people are now unsubbing since the drama is over?
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  13. darlin added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    Is it this same woman? I feel really terrible -- I wish people could see how they look to the rest of us before it all. 
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  14. darlin added a post in a topic softcozywitch (Serena Lin)   

    Oh, damn, I actually feel really bad if I am contributing to her feeling ugly about herself.  Serena is cute and I like her style (aesthetic and fashion.) She photoshops too much is all, but I really have no ill will towards her. 
    When you photoshop your face to looking barely like yourself, you kind of open yourself up to criticism. If she always showed her real face and body with a few minor edits, I highly doubt she'd be on here in general. 
    I hope she's taking care of herself, gains the confidence to embrace her natural features, and just stops reading this thread and just lets us gossip without letting it affect her, because as far as I've seen we're not really saying anything helpful, just gossiping lol (not that there's really anything wrong with that.) This doesn't seem like a Lunastelle situation, ya know, "Girl, read your own thread and get your own style jfc we're rooting for you" type situation to me.
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