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  1. But not the tree or something. 


    if u wanna get technical about it, people theorize the origins of xmas is actually rooted in pagan tradition of winter solstice but this is getting way OT. 

    Majority of Christian sects celebrate the birth of Christ. 



    Christmas has nothing to do with a religion


    CHRISTmas.. well yeah now it's just a commercialized holiday but it's meant to be a celebration of Jesus supposed birthday. 



  3. what ive meant was that basically all iranians are muslims according to their birthcertificates but are islamophobic secularists that fled iran due to its theocratic government that systematically pressures them and forbids them to do specific things and doesnt guarantee them  all basic human rights. reread what ive wrote in my last comment. to be a muslim you need to have muslim parents, negins family probably converted into christianity after theyve immigrated to Maastricht just like my family did. her being a christian now doesnt mean that shes never been a muslim. however its pointless to tell someone non-iranian something about iranians and their views on religions as they wont ever understand. 

    there are plenty atheist iranians and iranians that converted to other religions due to their traumatic experiences with the islam. 


    "to be Muslim you need to have Muslim parents" - um no you dont. And in this case, it's proven that negin's parents are not believers of Islam anyway. Islam is a belief, not a nationality. Just because you're from Iran doesn't automatically make you more educated about it than me especially when you sound like you dont even know the basics of religion. 

    the question was whether she grew up a religious Muslim, not what's on her family's birth certificate which doesnt mean shit cuz like you said, many Iranians are atheist. 

    It's like saying I'm Christian but I dont believe in Jesus or ever celebrate Xmas or go to church.


  4. im an iranian girl whose parents fled iran 20 years ago. saying that negins family werent muslim isnt 100%true , as i am from a secularist iranian family whose members all are muslims (at least on papers; their birth certificates). As far as I know, lures are muslims. They might be "non religious" like 90% of iranians living in Iran and abroad , but they probably are categorized as muslims in their birthcertificates. 


    And i agree with you: wanting to have a straight nosebridge and natural result or a skisloped nose has nothing to do with the skills of your doctor but with your own preferences. Just look at Lana´s nose, she got a nosejob in New York, or take a look at Bella and Noah Cyrus, Sahar Luna and FatherKels who all have had gotten their noses corrected in Europe/The US and now have that weirdly artificial look. 


    What your birth certificate or name says doesn't automatically make you a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama has Muslims in his family, but he is Christian. To be a Muslim you actually have to BELIEVE in Islam. 


    I found her father's Facebook and he's posting pictures of "Jesus" lmao. 

    Either way, I still find it messed up Negin pretended to be a religious Sunni Muslim to get followers. I know it's a long time ago but her character is the same, a liar.


  5. When it comes to noses, I think Koreans tend to do nose implants or fillers since their noses tend to be flatter and smaller which is the opposite for Iranians. But I think even in Korea, they like the upturned nose shape. It all depends on your preference I guess. 


    Anyway back to Negin.. I don't know much about Iran but from what I heard, majority of Iranians trying to escape Iran are secularists who hate the Shia theocracy in charge right now which explains why I've never met a single religious Persian irl. Doesn't this mean that even Negin's family weren't Muslim to begin with? 


  6. Wow so Negin's sister really got a nose job... 


    At least hers looks more natural than Negins but tbh I find this a bit sad. 

    Like at the end of the day, it's your body and your money so do what you want and in no way I'm saying this to shame people for wanting to get plastic surgery, but I dont think it should be so normalized for girls at such a young age to hate their natural features so much that they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to change it. 



    How do you know she is a village girl and hasn’t been to Tehran? Was she born in Holland? 


    Shes from Khozestan 


  7. Cindy looks like a normal, happy girl here BUT this picture just proves to you how much of a “normal” girl she really is. The whole bunch of them are just your pretty “girl next door” types.


    Also She is by NO MEANS “fat” or “plus sized” but is definitely not model material not to mention the fact she isn’t tall at all. 




    she is still very skinny. Shes just bottom heavy, her fat distribution is on her legs + hips but shes flat chested n some pics u can see her ribs sticking out. 

    Devon aoki, twiggy, kate moss were all around cindy's height but they're considered legendary models. 


  8.  That's not Ilona, and she does in fact still wear hijab. Just search her up on ig


    her older pictures she did not. Her photos have been spread around before she wore it (on 4chan they fetishize her for being a white muslim).


  9. I’ve been lurking on this thread for awhile and I finally made an account.

    I’m honestly starting to think that Negin is a sugar baby or something, cuz there’s no way she can afford all these trips and clothes herself. About that Shirin girl, she’s a Iranian 

    Shiiit... I wouldn't be surprised honetly --explains why she's always taking pics in  expensive hotels. This cashxo guy is old and unattractive, corny looking AF.. In his 30s but still tryna act like he's in his early 20s, like dude wtf shouldn't u be married and take ya kids to soccer practice or some ish. There's no way they'd wanna be involved with this guy if it wasn't for his clout/money.Screenshot_20190109-184626_Instagram.thu

    ^ ew

    Anyways it seems like every other instagram "model" is an escort (we should make a thread about that actually).  


  10. This kinda looks like Ilona Bisultanova, but I'm not 100% certain.


    oohhhh actually I can see it. I dont think she normally wears a hijab so she look different in this pic.


  11. She kinda reminds me of chinese model Jing Wen (jaw and eyes). 



    I just read the whole thread and... meh. Like y'all previously said, she's just another boring girl trying to be edgy by being mean. She's not really interesting imo.

    I don't know about you but looking at her pictures, her facial structure looks really Mongolian (or Tibetan maybe?) to me.


    she just look northeast asian (bc she is). 


  12. Yeah, you could really see how awkward she was when she was in Neels’ YouTube videos with Alissa. You could tell Alissa is naturally a loud, extroverted person and Cindy was trying to compensate by being hella annoying, lol. TBH I’m not sure how much the “english isn’t her first language” thing comes into play but it might have some effect  She just tries really hard to sound native LA when she’s foreign. 


    that's just an excuse lol. The language you speak doesnt change your personality. I know a lot of people who have worse English skills than her yet they dont act like they don't act like that. If anything, I'd think a foreign accent would make u more interesting but she is simply not.

    it's so ironic too bc in her photos you'd think she was a super confident girl, in the videos.. she doesnt seem sure of herself. 


  13. Imo she uses the slur because shes just trying to be edgy. She doesn’t have much knowledge about her culture because she was raised in a white family. She’s calling herself as that “gook” (amongst always being surrounded by white people.) She also said she makes money from fetishizing just from being Asian. She’s knows it’s a derogatory term but chooses to refer to herself, except that one time where she tweeted about seeing another “gook”. But yeah, found some tweets:





    Her personality is fucking gross. 


  14. nah, she would just say she’s hit puberty!

    she’s beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with having fillers. Just be honest about it!


    For the most part, the shape of your lips do not change with puberty. Kids with big lips tend to have big lips as adults. All I'm saying is, she denies having used plastic surgery and photoshop but she exposes herself constantly -not that there'd be any need for that anyway considering how fake her newer photos look. 


  15. Hidden Content


    people will say it's ok cuz shes Korean but still kinda makes me uncomfortable lowkey.. maybe shes been called that before and just started calling herself that for shock? I mean it seems like she gets attention for being "edgy".


  16. Holy shit.. y'all sound so easily impressed lol. Nothing's extraordinary about this girl. Walk around the city for a bit and you'll easily find 10+ people that look like her. 

    I see more attractive people just riding through public transit as I write this. 


    Also , is anyone gonna mention that she calls herself gookcity ? Is she trying to "reclaim" that word like some women are doing with the word slut and how black people say the n-word? 



  17. the left was before some changes, her brows were already tattooed and her chin was done too. I couldn’t tell if her nose was done at that point.

     I tried to find some of her “before” pics, and in a video about her and her boyfriend, she showed a photo album with old pictures. Before she got a chin that can step someone



    she looked prettier here


    her eyelids look so unnatural on her

    not everyone is meant to have double eyelids sweaty





    Am I the only one who thinks her mouth is BIG af?


    Also all the comments roasting her personality loloool

    I don't really think she's "dumb", she just don't know how to act. She seems naturally awkward but she tries to act more extroverted ... and it looks off. 


  19. Her vibe reminds me of Felice Fawn, but she isn't as pretty as Felice 🙈 Felice had hella S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. facial features. Edited or not she was very pretty and aesthetic. 


    StUnNinG felicefawnislaurencookbw2.thumb.jpg.73c5


    I mean, felice defo looks better than this girl but lmao ur standards are low..