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  1.  That's not Ilona, and she does in fact still wear hijab. Just search her up on ig


    her older pictures she did not. Her photos have been spread around before she wore it (on 4chan they fetishize her for being a white muslim).


  2. I’ve been lurking on this thread for awhile and I finally made an account.

    I’m honestly starting to think that Negin is a sugar baby or something, cuz there’s no way she can afford all these trips and clothes herself. About that Shirin girl, she’s a Iranian 

    Shiiit... I wouldn't be surprised honetly --explains why she's always taking pics in  expensive hotels. This cashxo guy is old and unattractive, corny looking AF.. In his 30s but still tryna act like he's in his early 20s, like dude wtf shouldn't u be married and take ya kids to soccer practice or some ish. There's no way they'd wanna be involved with this guy if it wasn't for his clout/money.Screenshot_20190109-184626_Instagram.thu

    ^ ew

    Anyways it seems like every other instagram "model" is an escort (we should make a thread about that actually).  


  3. This kinda looks like Ilona Bisultanova, but I'm not 100% certain.


    oohhhh actually I can see it. I dont think she normally wears a hijab so she look different in this pic.


  4. She kinda reminds me of chinese model Jing Wen (jaw and eyes). 



    I just read the whole thread and... meh. Like y'all previously said, she's just another boring girl trying to be edgy by being mean. She's not really interesting imo.

    I don't know about you but looking at her pictures, her facial structure looks really Mongolian (or Tibetan maybe?) to me.


    she just look northeast asian (bc she is). 


  5. Yeah, you could really see how awkward she was when she was in Neels’ YouTube videos with Alissa. You could tell Alissa is naturally a loud, extroverted person and Cindy was trying to compensate by being hella annoying, lol. TBH I’m not sure how much the “english isn’t her first language” thing comes into play but it might have some effect  She just tries really hard to sound native LA when she’s foreign. 


    that's just an excuse lol. The language you speak doesnt change your personality. I know a lot of people who have worse English skills than her yet they dont act like they don't act like that. If anything, I'd think a foreign accent would make u more interesting but she is simply not.

    it's so ironic too bc in her photos you'd think she was a super confident girl, in the videos.. she doesnt seem sure of herself. 


  6. Imo she uses the slur because shes just trying to be edgy. She doesn’t have much knowledge about her culture because she was raised in a white family. She’s calling herself as that “gook” (amongst always being surrounded by white people.) She also said she makes money from fetishizing just from being Asian. She’s knows it’s a derogatory term but chooses to refer to herself, except that one time where she tweeted about seeing another “gook”. But yeah, found some tweets:





    Her personality is fucking gross. 


  7. nah, she would just say she’s hit puberty!

    she’s beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with having fillers. Just be honest about it!


    For the most part, the shape of your lips do not change with puberty. Kids with big lips tend to have big lips as adults. All I'm saying is, she denies having used plastic surgery and photoshop but she exposes herself constantly -not that there'd be any need for that anyway considering how fake her newer photos look. 


  8. Hidden Content


    people will say it's ok cuz shes Korean but still kinda makes me uncomfortable lowkey.. maybe shes been called that before and just started calling herself that for shock? I mean it seems like she gets attention for being "edgy".


  9. Holy shit.. y'all sound so easily impressed lol. Nothing's extraordinary about this girl. Walk around the city for a bit and you'll easily find 10+ people that look like her. 

    I see more attractive people just riding through public transit as I write this. 


    Also , is anyone gonna mention that she calls herself gookcity ? Is she trying to "reclaim" that word like some women are doing with the word slut and how black people say the n-word? 



  10. the left was before some changes, her brows were already tattooed and her chin was done too. I couldn’t tell if her nose was done at that point.

     I tried to find some of her “before” pics, and in a video about her and her boyfriend, she showed a photo album with old pictures. Before she got a chin that can step someone



    she looked prettier here


    her eyelids look so unnatural on her

    not everyone is meant to have double eyelids sweaty





    Am I the only one who thinks her mouth is BIG af?


    Also all the comments roasting her personality loloool

    I don't really think she's "dumb", she just don't know how to act. She seems naturally awkward but she tries to act more extroverted ... and it looks off. 


  12. Her vibe reminds me of Felice Fawn, but she isn't as pretty as Felice 🙈 Felice had hella S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. facial features. Edited or not she was very pretty and aesthetic. 


    StUnNinG felicefawnislaurencookbw2.thumb.jpg.73c5


    I mean, felice defo looks better than this girl but lmao ur standards are low..


  13. She's definitely brash bordering straight out aggressive, but double eyelids are not solely European-- many Asians have them naturally so I wouldn't say that she's "giving into" European standards-- girl just wanted bigger eyes lol. But I do think that it's shady of her to not address her own PS when she does preach so much about accepting and loving yourself: even going to the extent of deleting all of her pre PS photos!! Smh


    bc they lowkey still have inferiority complexes about their natural features.


  14. Why are bitches always claiming to be bisexual for attention ?  I really don't think you should be sharing those pics of her ass btw... it's really sad these the type of people we give relevancy to nowadays. 




  15. I didn't say she was thick, she's has a normal fit body, but i wanted to say that the stereotype mostly Americans made that all European girls are tall and skinny is false. 


    shes still taller and skinnier than the average American girl.

    I seen pics where her ribs are sticking out.


  16. Does anyone know if she got an eyebrow lift or an eyelid surgery like a blepharoplasty to make her eyes look bigger and canthoplasty and epicanthoplasty so they look more angled and exotic? Because her eyes are gorgeous! Does anyone have pictures of her eyes from when she was younger? Did she get surgery or is this natural? Or does she photoshop them to look huge. I want my eyes to look like this that’s why I’m asking


    nah I think her eyes are probably the only thing natural about her. She probably just opens them wider for the camera, I know a lot of girls who do that.


  17. She boring imo


    Also her videos (the ones I saw anyway) are not v funny.. I guess shes considered pretty by a lot of people and that's about it. 


  18. Southen European here, actually from Sebia, it's as south as northen Italy but I've been to southern countries like Spain, Grecee etc. There are alot of girls like Cindy there, every 2nd girl has as dark complexion as her, plus a lot of them have a "thicc" body. The reason why Cindy is so popular besides jb's post is that she has flawless pics and is incredibly photogenic only on her insta photos.  Plus her face is "perfect", or better said trendy. She has all the features that are ideal now, but who know what will be next, remember how hipster tumblr girls looked different. 

    The Indian girl is not an instagram baddie who has flawless baddie photos and "hanging out" with fellow baddie friends. 


    cindy is far from thicc tho, she sticc.