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  1. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    This is old but lol

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  2. Negin added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

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  3. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    her new boo yoobichoi is Korean too lmao
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  4. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    ye shes a koreabo now
    also notice shes hanging a lot of korean/Chinese peeps
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  5. Negin added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    A lot of people look like cindy tbh
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  6. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   


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  7. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    I really do not like her new look lately.
    Her eyes keep getting bigger and bigger. Shes lookin real cartoonish nowadays and the pale skin + botched nose + dark hair combo reminding me a lot of Michael Jackson. 
    She looked so much prettier back in 2016 (even tho she still looked fake). Also this thread is dead rip.. she's so boring now and isnt really worth talking about anymore.

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  8. Negin added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

  9. Negin added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Really OT: 
    But how come no one ever mentions the shooter was active on 4chan and was playing a fucking meme song (Remove Kebab) during the massacre? 
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  10. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

  11. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    dont beat yourself up over it. I reckon you probably dont look as bad as you think. Most of us have something we do not like about ourselves.. even these girls who you might think look "perfect" dont look good all the time and had to spend thousands of dollars to look like that. 
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  12. Negin added a post in a topic Johanna Candids   

  13. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    funny thing is she always exposes herself on snapchat 😂

    I think her obsession with looking super skinny and tall might have something to do with her new obsession for Korean culture and trying to become a real model ?
    Anybody know what her real height is? She looks around 5'3"-5'6" range in her unphotoshopped pics. 
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  14. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    she must have body dysmorphia or something. Plastic surgery and attention is like an addiction for these people and it's never enough. She looks more and more fake with time. 
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  15. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    Anyone notices how skinny she photoshops herself lately? 
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  16. Negin added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    I think her real name is Cindy Kimberly Rubira Adsuar. And considering that her dad left her long ago, I dont think she uses his surname. 
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  17. Negin added a post in a topic Eugenia Svetlana Dmitrievna / Yoo Lana / @23.11_   

    Biggest reach I have seen today. 
    Are you aware a BIG part of Russia is in the Asian continent and considering she's in the far east of Russia there is a big chance she is in fact Asian? This girl looks eurasian to me in every single photo you presented. Even that picture of her as a child, her eyes look the same and yes her mom is white but you don't know what her dad looks like. 
    MaryamNYC and Diana Kurkonova are also Russian, are they trying to look Korean too? 
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  18. Negin added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    u forgot to mention the obvious nose job 
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  19. Negin added a post in a topic Hayley Bui (IG famous)   

    Why are y'all so obsessed with her race?
    Shes clearly mixed but identifies more with being vietnamese. Move on. 
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  20. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    if u wanna get technical about it, people theorize the origins of xmas is actually rooted in pagan tradition of winter solstice but this is getting way OT. 
    Majority of Christian sects celebrate the birth of Christ. 
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  21. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    CHRISTmas.. well yeah now it's just a commercialized holiday but it's meant to be a celebration of Jesus supposed birthday. 
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  22. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    "to be Muslim you need to have Muslim parents" - um no you dont. And in this case, it's proven that negin's parents are not believers of Islam anyway. Islam is a belief, not a nationality. Just because you're from Iran doesn't automatically make you more educated about it than me especially when you sound like you dont even know the basics of religion. 
    the question was whether she grew up a religious Muslim, not what's on her family's birth certificate which doesnt mean shit cuz like you said, many Iranians are atheist. 
    It's like saying I'm Christian but I dont believe in Jesus or ever celebrate Xmas or go to church.
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  23. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    What your birth certificate or name says doesn't automatically make you a Muslim. Barack Hussein Obama has Muslims in his family, but he is Christian. To be a Muslim you actually have to BELIEVE in Islam. 

    I found her father's Facebook and he's posting pictures of "Jesus" lmao. 
    Either way, I still find it messed up Negin pretended to be a religious Sunni Muslim to get followers. I know it's a long time ago but her character is the same, a liar.
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  24. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    When it comes to noses, I think Koreans tend to do nose implants or fillers since their noses tend to be flatter and smaller which is the opposite for Iranians. But I think even in Korea, they like the upturned nose shape. It all depends on your preference I guess. 

    Anyway back to Negin.. I don't know much about Iran but from what I heard, majority of Iranians trying to escape Iran are secularists who hate the Shia theocracy in charge right now which explains why I've never met a single religious Persian irl. Doesn't this mean that even Negin's family weren't Muslim to begin with? 
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  25. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    Wow so Negin's sister really got a nose job... 

    At least hers looks more natural than Negins but tbh I find this a bit sad. 
    Like at the end of the day, it's your body and your money so do what you want and in no way I'm saying this to shame people for wanting to get plastic surgery, but I dont think it should be so normalized for girls at such a young age to hate their natural features so much that they spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to change it. 
    Shes from Khozestan 
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