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  1. Negin added a post in a topic Rada Ataeva   

  2. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

  3. Negin added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    her older pictures she did not. Her photos have been spread around before she wore it (on 4chan they fetishize her for being a white muslim).
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  4. Negin added a post in a topic General Escorts On Instagram Thread   

    Yeah so you admit yourself it's dangerous so why is it seen as OK to put yourself in that situation where you can possibly get murdered, raped, robbed or get an STD? It has a stigma for a reason and these girls choose to degrade themselves, not me. 
    I'm not obligated to support your choices just because you are a female. I'd say the same about a male prostitute. 
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  5. Negin added a post in a topic General Escorts On Instagram Thread   

    Yeah it was Taz's Angel's. 
    I don't know much about Shirin Hossein except what was mentioned about her in the Neginvaand thread.
    She got caught using a stolen passport trying to get in the UK so she's definitely sketchy but I don't wanna say she is an escort without proof. In her IG bio, it says she's "taken". Recently she was in Saudi Arabia for umrah/lesser pilgrimage.. Umrah is actually quiet expensive for people outside Saudi Arabia and females aren't allowed to go without their husband or other male relatives. I'm going to guess she's probably a rich Gulf Arab's second or third wife.
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  6. Negin added a post in a topic General Escorts On Instagram Thread   

    I mean this whole website isn't necessary in the first place, it's all just gossip so I'm not really doing anything that different. As far as misleading goes, yes they do give the impression of living a glamorous life and many people will be jealous wishing they had this life without knowing what those girls had to do to get there. Often times, these girls are asked to do nasty work like getting pissed on, having sex with much older men, etc.. like you can say it's their choice but you can't argue that there's nothing seriously wrong about doing all that just for money. 
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  7. Negin added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    General Escorts On Instagram Thread
    [Disclaimer: I do not want this to be a debate on whether you think "sex work" is ethical or not.]
    With many instagram "models" exposed for actually being escorts who sell themselves in Dubai and hashtags like #TagTheSponsor, I was curious to see how many of these IG girls I know are doing that for a living too ... I'm not making this thread to "slut shame" any girl that's openly admitting what they do for a living, I'm talking more about the ones that mislead you to think their whole life is glamorous without revealing what they really do to be able to travel and spend so much money all the time (just like the special snowflakes that lie about photoshop and surgeries). 
    One example: Ruby Sayed 

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  8. Negin added a post in a topic neginvand   

    Shiiit... I wouldn't be surprised honetly --explains why she's always taking pics in  expensive hotels. This cashxo guy is old and unattractive, corny looking AF.. In his 30s but still tryna act like he's in his early 20s, like dude wtf shouldn't u be married and take ya kids to soccer practice or some ish. There's no way they'd wanna be involved with this guy if it wasn't for his clout/money.
    ^ ew
    Anyways it seems like every other instagram "model" is an escort (we should make a thread about that actually).  
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  9. Negin added a post in a topic Kiki's Twitter/Instagram   

    She doesnt look beat, she looks like a normal person. 
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  10. Negin added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    oohhhh actually I can see it. I dont think she normally wears a hijab so she look different in this pic.
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  11. Negin added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    Shes not basic cuz shes asian, shes basic cuz shes a basic boring ass bitch. Theres hella Chinese models who are more aesthetic than her.
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  12. Negin added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

  13. Negin added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    She kinda reminds me of chinese model Jing Wen (jaw and eyes). 

    she just look northeast asian (bc she is). 
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  14. Negin added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    that's just an excuse lol. The language you speak doesnt change your personality. I know a lot of people who have worse English skills than her yet they dont act like they don't act like that. If anything, I'd think a foreign accent would make u more interesting but she is simply not.
    it's so ironic too bc in her photos you'd think she was a super confident girl, in the videos.. she doesnt seem sure of herself. 
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  15. Negin added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    Her personality is fucking gross. 
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