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  1. Mandy added a post in a topic The Positivity Thread!   

    I was catsitting and as I was sitting on the couch one of the cats slipped it's way under the jacket I was wearing and took a nap against my back.
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  2. Mandy added a post in a topic Who else feels lonely?   

    I feel lonely a lot, but I also find that being self reliant and getting things done makes me less lonely. Maybe it's more a fear that I can't make it on my own and need people.
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  3. Mandy added a post in a topic Introducing Myself   

    Hey there!
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  4. Mandy added a post in a topic Holly Brown/ H.C Brown   

    Nah, Mew has talent, and is sweet and positive. She's raunchy and likes to swear, but similarities end there.
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