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  1. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    i am guessing shes started deleting questions.... 
    heres more that i found to add to it

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  2. AyMiakire added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Oh my.... she's doing everything that she can to make money .... yep it won't be long before she goes into porn... her snapchat ... her undies... all stepping stones to the adult industry. I honestly am worried for this girl , just because I feel like she's not in the right mindset maturely at all. It only takes one person to take advantage of her... this is such a huge mess to clean up! If she ever decides to not do any of this anymore and wants to start fresh.... its hard to delete your reputation off the internet.... 

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  3. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

     her fans know if they rub her the wrong way kenners will backlash on them .....so yes it is very sad..... it's like kenners intimidates them with fear... such a inconsiderste person she is
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  4. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    all questions are all about LOOKS/aesthetic/what color hair dye and alot of the questions are oblivious.if they really knew her to a tee - all those questions have been answered lmao..  how bout someone comment a very intellectual question one that requires in depth thought .. nah nebermind she wont understand . She only scratches the surface of topics 

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  5. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    i love how blurry the one on the left is and how crisp she is on the right. Left is a pale ghost and right is a bronzy girl....
    I was going to point that out.... ive heard (you guys correct me if im wrong or have a knowledge of this) Well ive heard many look down upon tattoos and some establishments dont service those that have tattoos because it represents yakuzas or criminal activity.... Like Onsens, you have to have no visible tattoos. Is this a cultural thing across Japan? 
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  6. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    1 month HER WHOLE LIFE.....
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  7. AyMiakire added a post in a topic DigitalxDoll   

    hello Die Suki
    fyi this is a gossip forum. Fyi she has been mean and has harrassed people so in general she is not a good person. Fyi lolcow and kiwi Farms, if you think this forum is mean you have no freakin idea hun. I dont care if she is open about editing but its how you treat people.
    for example: a celebrity so famous and amazing but is convicted of being racist...just because that celebrity did great things in the industry doesnt give him the right to treat people mean. 
    Truth: digitalxdoll open admits to her doll lifestyle and how she has achieved this look thru trial and error BUT has harrassed many and covers it up or deletes because she knows damn well if it wasnt wrong then she wouldnt have deleted.
    If you dont simply understand that analogy : what a person perceives themselves to be vs what they actually do, then youre just as delusional. Sorry not sorry. 
    On this site there are no lies. There are receipts... receipts dont lie. On this site if anything we care for these people. Hoping they change for the better down the line. Like many times before I have stated that when PULL states something, we do it with good reason and with proof attached. And that doesn't even mean that they have to stop editing they just have to start being honest and good genuine people. 
    Now if it is true about the video of her bf, wheres the receipts... give your evidence. Links? Pics? 
    What if someone deceived you without even knowing or treated you disrespectfully? Just gonna let it be? So you dont care if it effects others? Im just trying to give you perspective. 
    Another example: xthuylee on insta.. does so much surgeries and facials and lives lavish, I MEAN ALOT OF SURGERIES... but shes open about it ANNND AND shes friendly and honest. I cant knock her for that. That makes her happy and happiness to each person is valued different. BUT if everything that i thought BELIEVED HER TO BE in terms of being FRIENDLY and HONEST, if she was racist or mean or did shady things, I would be pissed. So yeah digitalxdoll is on this forum for a good reason.... 
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  8. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Maybe ber boytoy did but I dont think so.... yet . Plus theres pics of them still up. She likes to to delete after a break up. That butt pic.was posted 3 hours ago...and I attached what she posted in the last 5 hrs of her insta story which still has her and her boytoy. When she post something in terms of poetry or something it might be that they're having issues in their relationship already thus a possible soon to be break up
    I believe some of you guys mention Give It 2 weeks to a month Max before it's over... We shall see. I can't believe he allows wylo to photoshop his face as well geez 

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  9. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    yas on point. I didnt wanna say it but she looks like pedophilic serial killer... everything shed been doing gives you that extremely uncomfortable notion 
    exactly! This is what i meant in terms of a person merging their job and real life... not being able to differentiate stage and reality..
    that shes inserting herself as one with the character. Thats my opinion for the most part.  
    Just the fact it went from wigs to covered up skin towards half naked baby clothing and no wigs...
    The milk scene where she sips and KOs or falls to.the ground almost seems like in the milk theres codeine or from what i heard, is infamous choices of some parents do is dip the tip of the baby bottle in to nyquil or some form of cough medicine that makes you drowzy..thats what i got from that short clip. 
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  10. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    her caption is so goddamn snarky... 
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  11. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Currently Reading?   

    Hi Pull. I recently discovered or more like have been highly motivated to read more. Does it make sense that sometimes I feel like I have gotten more stupid ? Lol. My baby brother gave me his library card and downloaded an app via mobile called Libby by Overdrive..... basically free access to ebooks, audiobooks and etc. No late fees and is free to use! This is in the state of California by the way. 
    Heres the link... im thinking too fast and just excited lol. It has the Q&A .
    Im sure other states/countries do the same service? 
    Anywho I glad theres a reading section on Pull, i can now post about reading. Im thinking or feeling for the author Dean Koontz to read!
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  12. AyMiakire added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Kenners is a big liar. I mean look at the comparison of these two photos.... if they arnt edited at all, no filters or anything why such a difference in skin tone hmmmm ... kenna you cant hide or lie about that fact especially when youre the one who uploads the pics lol 

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  13. AyMiakire added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Ugh again with her phishing for pity compliments..
    Again with her "witty banter it aint that serious fam"
    I never say i hate a person wholey but she takes the cake! This inconsiderate kenna of a bitch . Kenna in this world, with that attitude, even towards fans, youll never have any genuine relationships among friends or anybody because you just have no compassion for people. The only acquaintences youll attain are those similar to you. You ever heard sometimes a lost is thee victory? Step down from that pedastal you put yourself in. 
    Everything shes tried to aim to be or is so great at is all for HERSELF! Me me me. Never really caring about anyone else but herself. You never hear comments or compliments in terms of her character only about her aesthetic... Shes seriously one of thee most narcissistic bitches in this universe. She can stare at herself through heavily altered pics and be happy because thats how narcissistic she is! It ticks me off the way she is towards her actual fans. And like many of you ive been blocked because of an innocent comment... my sis is the one that updates me on her shenanigans tee hee . 
    And might I add she loves the attention ,  given the fact she always addresses things we have said and makes a so called witty "comeback" in her ig . I can say we give her content to feed off of... good or bad publicity she craves it all and uses it at her advantage for fuckn pity likes and pity compliments. Kenna is pathetic. Shes not the type id want to even hang with. I love all my girl-friends and their quirkiness but kenna her vibe wreaks of danger and utter ugliness inside and out. If she ever came my way with my friends i cant help but throw her the "you cant sit with us" vibe.
    Ps: i ranted. My bad. She struck a chord that had to be strung lol. I just really really dont like how treats people. 
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  14. AyMiakire added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Might not be relevant, but invadernoodles got shut down via insta NOT FOR NUDITY but for SPAM.... maybe reporting SPAM is more lethal. She has a huge following tho and shes well known obviously among her white knights and neckbearders... 
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  15. AyMiakire added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Ive been lurking on this thread of Melanie... finally read everything. I found her interesting because of her look, the half and half colored hair. But her vibes music just puts me off. I cant really pinpoint what exactly... but from reading and gathering the info you guys have provided, she seems to have an infatuation with the younger children... this has to stem from something, her past, her childhood, her friends... something. I mean that disturbing incident of her best friend awhile back, her reply to that was even more disturbing because she didnt even DENY it, she just pretty much said "i thought we were helping each other". There is no such thing as coincidences, sexualization, possibly evolving to pedophilia. Even her music, her image, the way she acts revolves around it... she empowers sexualized situations alot, rape and etc... 
    Then theres the analyzation of the lyrics of her music , but when you see the music videos its a validation that it is towards the sexualization of a child and fetishes....
    She has become her character, her stage name , she became her alter ago. In hollywood, or in celebrity life, anything to do with portraying a character whether it be in a movie, music, plays, broadways, sex work.... YOU NEVER EVER BECOME WHAT YOU CREATED into your life of REALITY, because then you lose your actual self. It happens alot. Empowerment from that character can be a whirling spiral of never ending identity crises. 
    Honestly, I am not trying to arm chair diagnose but she seems to play out her fantasies in music .... your thoughts become your actions, and your actions determine what and who you are ( despite what you say, because actions speak louder than words) and her actions... do no match what shes trying to say in her music at all. ( and i understand child fetishes or ddlg) but she takes it farther than that, she almost makes it seem like it needs to happen. or she wants it to really happen in real life towards herself 
    And the marijuana subject, someone here mentioned that its because she says she has anxiety and is shy. and that weed is suppose to RELAX you and its absolutely true! Melanie is not shy at all. But like all meds, it effects everyone differently because what may work for you may not work for some else, body chemistry is different from person to person.look i kno the PULL rules said no personal info BUT i feel this is relevant to the post. I am a pothead! Its my coffee in the morning and helps me sleep because I am insomniac. I also have ADHD, so i need it to calm me the fuck down, I have so much energy . I from Cali so its everywhere here, from food to skincare and etc but anyways im going off topic, she needs to be on Psych meds, or get evaluated mentally. Theres this vibe that she just seems like a predator . She seems so predatory. The more and more she gets into her "music" the  more and more it becomes disturbing. 
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