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  1. sglurkin added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Her boy actually went around telegram groups (essentially strangers) asking for free guestlist so....she most likely didn't go 
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  2. sglurkin added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Saw her again outside a nightclub. Same night she posted the supper story. I’m confused  

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  3. sglurkin added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Loooong time lurker. Seen her a few times in public since her goth phase but never thought to join in the conversation. She had a reputation amongst local scene kids (2011~) back then for being internet famous, after Toby the reputation around her turned into a term locals call "Lapsup". Direct translation from the Hokkien dialect: Trash. Used to describe trashy looking/trashy behaviour/dirty in a sexual sense or "passed around" within a circle friends, applicable to both males and females. 
    Signed in just to say I saw her two days ago at a local club Zouk (for the record, I saw her OUTSIDE the club at the smoking area...door tickets for ladies there are SGD$35). Same white singlet and blue tight jeans with her hair tied up, spoke rather crudely. Her hair was greasy even when she had it up and what caught my attention initially was her voice. Her voice and laughter sounded almost horse-like (?) Nasally but deep. Pretty nightmarish.
    First thing that came to my mind after registering that she's Wylona: "butt. look at her butt"
    None. Zilch. Flat.
    She had some items in both her back pockets, probably a small wallet/cigarette box but still flat.
    This is coming from a bony local girl who has no butt of her own, I would say our butt's are equally flat when in jeans and no where in paradise she could wear anything/pose/angle the camera to make it seem THAT different from her real butt size without severe photoshop. I know because I've been trying my entire life lol 
    I flipped my phone out wanting to prove her true posterior after registering her presence but I was pretty tipsy myself by then and the pictures turned out hella blurry, nothing substantial to offer really. She ran off with her latest boytoy about a minute after   oh and she was standing right next to me and she smelled a little weird. Benefit of doubt; we all smell a little off after a long night out but it was only 1am-ish and it was the kind of....sour smelling breath kinda smell.
    Also seen her a couple times at club envy (where an acquaintance of mine was grabbed to take a photo with her and got her own face edited to no end by wylo to post on insta) with her previous boytoy, golden mile (where she took pics and vids of thai food) in recent weeks but never bothered to acknowledge her presence. Generally the "lapsup" girls in this scene don't pay anything for these nights out. They get free alcohol and free food. Easy to acquaint people when everyone is intoxicated on alcohol as well. She's barely scraping the tip of the night scene in sg, but there already seem to be a pattern in the boys she chooses.
    I'm glad she's no longer holing up somewhere doing drugs tho that's for sure. 
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