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  1. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Alright, to add on to the trainwreck, screenshots of the conversation of YanDev and EpicMealDev have come up (courtesy of DrApeis who says he's "done playing nice with Alex.", which - good for him!)
    TLDR: (From the screenshots), YanDev basically manipulated EpicMealDev to shut down WMN. I believe EpicMealDev is underage. What the fuck, YanDev.

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  2. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    TW: Implications of suicide.
    For those who don't know the situation: YanDev suicide baited DrApeis about LS. The screenshots weren't meant to be spread but I think an ex-mod spread them against DrApeis' wishes. Since they were being spread, Apeis initially said the screenshots were fake and tried disproving it on reddit (I think some mods were also involved as well). He later admitted that the screenshots were real and apologized for lying. 
    The IMO part:
    Situation was not handled well but I don't blame (?) Apeis for trying to prevent drama from happening, especially given LS history. The ex mod shouldn't have spread those screenshots if Apeis didn't want them to be made known to the public. Very shitty move from YanDev.  
    Overall: I hope DrApeis will learn from this situation and hopefully not repeat the same mistake again.
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  3. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    On another note, Cleveland Rock apologized (?) to the dev of LoveSick
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  4. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    A bit of an update in YanSim's discord... People aren't allowed to discuss the game 'LoveSick' because it 'causes drama' (Let me know if I should censor the usernames). One of the mods made it clear (the names highlighted in blue) that the game (LoveSick) is a 'cheap clickbait cash'. 
    You can't say that the developers of LoveSick are stealing YanDev's assets... Because they aren't exactly his in the first place. 

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  5. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    Ah, so the statement is "It's a lie!", despite there being screen recordings and videos of people going through the screenshots.
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  6. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Some new stuff on his FAQ on his discord server:
    I don't know much about game development so I can't comment 'for sure' on whether this timeframe of six years is reasonable or not. I can say that it's a very, very ambitious project he's decided to take upon himself to finish. Even with Yandere Simulator's many mechanics (some are useless, others not), he could have reduced the project size to make it more feasible for himself. Make it less open worldy, for example. Some YouTubers who've played the game for the first time are confused by what exactly is going on. 
    Regarding the last two paragraphs:
    There are certainly people who've been blatantly harassing him, but there are also those who criticize YanDev/Yansim itself for having a lack of planning out, YanDev's past history, and there being almost no change to what he is like presently than say, six years ago. Whether they're from a drama YouTube channel or not shouldn't exactly matter unless they're spreading misinformation and/or greatly exaggerating many details.
    However, given that there are so many people out there like ex-volunteers and large YouTubers that are talking about YanDev/YanSim, it's almost impossible to say 'They're all drama youtubers who just want to ruin me!'.
    If there are so many drama YouTubers trying to 'misrepresent' or 'villify' you, then there's clearly a problem YanDev. I've been passively keeping up on what's going on and you definitely do not have a good PR history. To me, you've clearly decided that the majority of the problem is on the world and not yourself. But if there are so many people going against you (and I'm not talking about just the 'ur a hater!!' crowd. Your ex-fans, your ex-volunteers, etc.), then consider the fact that maybe the majority of the problem is you, and not necessarily the world. 

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  7. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    Quite some people on her discord are still defending her/nitpicking the document. I'll paste some of the responses below.
    I think the last one was a response to a post someone made here?
    Anyways, regarding the response in the first image, people aren't exactly mad at her for 'lying' to them. All of us more or less acknowledge a VTUBER persona is different than their IRL persona. However, there is a line where 'lying' becomes an issue. For example, lying about their race or something else.
    "in my honest opinion things that happened in the past should stay in the past, if you call someone out, because they are successful, just to make them miserable you're actively De-faming them and that's a crime as well. so keep that in mind ... the people at work of this had the sole intention of completely destroying her when she was trying to build up something maybe to forget what she did in the past, maybe to to change personality."
    The people who made the document did not call them out for the sake of himeidol/mimi/whatever-name-she-goes-by-at-this-point being successful and they were jealous. They made the document because hime was already problematic by even the basic moral standards, not necessarily a gossip site's standards. Being toxic to her friends and trying to lie her way out of issues that some of which are against the law, just to name a few. Maybe there were some unnecessary additions here but that does not make the whole document invalid. I don't believe the document was necessarily made with the intention to completely defame hime because she became famous, but to bring awareness to her fans/other people of what she does. Had she not lied her way out and acknowledged that she did something wrong, I don't think we'd be here.
    "things that happened in the past should stay in the past" It really depends on what happened and how you acknowledge them. All of us make mistakes, some which are more severe than others. However, outright denying those things happened and calling them fake is probably the worst way to acknowledge the events that happened. The reason why people will not allow the past to stay in the past is because she's hurt a lot of people. Watching someone say 'oh that never happened, it's all a lie, it's just my haters want to make me feel like shit! >w<' is like trampling over what the victim had to go through, the emotions they had to process, etc. Some may forgive and forget, but most will want her to fucking own it up and deal with it maturely. 
    "the people at work of this had the sole intention of completely destroying her when she was trying to build up something maybe to forget what she did in the past" There is a difference between acknowledging it and trying to forget it because it's too painful and lying your way out of it. She was 16/17? When more of the concerning things (eg. incest) happened. Not a young child. She may be only a teenager, but she should have the moral standards down to know that this shit is not ok. She made the choice to say all allegations against her are a lie (in which some may be, others may not), which makes it somewhat clear that she's not trying to forget something she did in the past. 
    You have two choices, Hime; either run or own up to it. And by own up to it, I mean in a genuine fashion and not trying to victimize yourself or take things out of context. Gossip sites/haters may have been harsh on you from time to time, but you made the choice to say all the screenshots are fake and that your victims are lying. Grow up. The internet (which is your audience by the way) are not stupid as you may think we are. 

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  8. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Aren't you kind of going against yourself in this quote? You call other people's art trash ('... go improve their own trash lmao'), yet you say it's a 'bit hypocritical to roast others while you draw detached humans yourself'? Unless you're a well-versed artist who's already settled in anatomy and art style, then by all means, but I don't recall being a very good artist being a criteria in giving criticism. 
    Sakimi's issue isn't necessarily just anatomy on it's own, it's how it's being degraded over time. She's not an amateur artist. She knows how basic anatomy works. She's been making art for 10+ years and it's pretty evident from her old art to new art that the quality is going downhill. If another artist with the same issues is criticizing Sakimi, then sure, it can be hypocritical. However, I doubt every single one of the critics you find on PULL/Twitter/Whatever social media website are full-time artists with the exact same issues as you mentioned.
    Feedback from the audience, whether they're experienced or not, is important to the creator. 
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  9. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I went on the YanSim discord server and... there's a "corona quarantine channel"
    Those who can see the channel have the role "Infected"
    Apart from that, I see a lot of people get banned for asking things like "This game has been in development for ~6 years, why is there no rival", "Why are there so many easter eggs", etc. Many people usually throw out the "If you don't like the game then don't play it" or (regarding the release date)
    "It comes out when it comes out" 
    Regarding the "it comes out when it comes out", to me, is pushing it. You don't know when you're releasing the game (or at least have an estimate), which is already a 'red flag' when following game development. I'm sure it might mention it somewhere on his website, but to reply with 'it comes out when it comes out' is pretty discouraging. The reason why it doesn't work is because of the following;
    Large games like Persona 5 and BOTW were delayed because they wanted to make the game better, which is also a valid reason for YanSim. However, I believe the Dev has announced "Osana will come out this year! i just need to fix some things!" and has done so multiple times over the years. Looking at the progress/updates, there isn't... much. Most of it is just easter eggs or 'impulse additions' that contribute little the game's overall gameplay (eg. SNAP mode). That's why many people are frustrated with the development - they see Dev's promise that Osana will be released this year only to be faced with little progress on the game itself. Yes, he's fixed bugs, but as mentioned in one of my previous posts, there are still too many ways to break the game.

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  10. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Not just that, it's also breaking the game (in my opinion)
    There are too many ways to trigger a dead-alive glitch (where you're supposedly supposed to get a Game Over but then go to the guidance counselor, for example). I remember watching a video that was posted a week ago where someone, covered themselves in red paint, tried killing a student council member w/ a knife, and ended up getting sent to the guidance counselor it was supposed to be a 'game over'. As a result, they couldn't really do anything (as in, move around the school so they weren't caught by another student council member) until they were 'sent home' by the counselor since (I think, don't take this with a grain of salt) the game knows that 'hey, they triggered a game over, they aren't supposed to move or even do anything.' 
    Heck, even in Jay's "SNAP MODE" video he's managed to exploit many dead-alive glitches. Then again, he had Easter Eggs on so that might be a factor. 
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  11. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I definitely understand that suing an eleven year old might be *too* much, but their age doesn't really excuse the fact that they spread extremely malicious rumors about Jungkook from BTS and harassed Jaehyun from NCT. Under what circumstance is it okay to be posting around these malicious rumors and get away with it? This shit takes a huge mental toll on (not limited to) idols and victims, especially if they have a large presence (fanbase and 'hater' wise)
    That hashtag trended HEAVILY in Korea, meaning that they would be getting attention from it whether it be 'good' or 'bad'. If they themselves or others don't see that what they're  doing is wrong, then it's likely that they'll continue posting these kinds of rumors until something 'heavy' happens (whether that be to themselves or the victims). 
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  12. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Tried redlining the... piece? 
    there are a lot of things going on... 

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  13. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Is it just me or I cant find skylar.nate on instagram? Did she delete?
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  14. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Is anyone making a thread on "Skylar.nate"? I have a lot of screenshots of their stories
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  15. Clairvoyance EX added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Reminds me of the MC from the webtoon "Watermelon"..

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