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  1. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Okay so, I just messaged thier customer service and they let me know that the site is automatically renewed. 
    I'm assuming her family would have cancelled any credit cards or whatever when they filed for her death? Though I'm not sure how that works in Hanoi. That's how it's typically done in Canada, when you die your debt basically goes "poof" and any credit cards associated with it get cancelled.
    Whatever it is, means the credit card is still usable.  So whoever holds the credit card, holds the website. 
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  2. honeycrisp added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin right now:

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  3. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Yep, his fanbase seems to be debating the continued use of "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" and it sounds like they're going to use it as normal too.  Which I was iffy about at first, but after reading through several opinions. I agree they can't let the terrorist take that phrasing. 
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  4. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    I'd be scared of people too if I was as shitty towards them as she has been. 
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  5. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    new subreddit rules & more addressing of the topic: 

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  6. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I agree. He's given his condolenses to the families and he'll likely donate in private.
    He should NOT make any further statements as that's exactly what the terrorist wanted. By staying silent, he'll silence the killer. 
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  7. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    90 million people. Bigger than most countries. Do you think a single person is responsible for the interpretations of MILLIONS? Felix repeatedly condemns negative behaviour INCLUDING his own. He has asked his own supporters to call him out when he’s in the wrong and they do, and he address it and doesn’t do it again. Has he said the nword since? No. Has he made an anti Semitic joke since? No. He condemns and denounces all of it. Actions and words, his track record is proof he’s got good intentions. 
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  8. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Agreed. Just a couple days ago he literally posted a video addressing the WWII momument issue (which he donated to afterwards). He took time to speicifc tell his viewers NOT to do illegal or harmful things to anyone.

    Literally three days ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR3pamVhIMk
    The "everything is a joke" is not a narrative he pushes and I'm fairly sure people claiming he does that don't actually watch his videos.
    I've got my own issues with Felix, hence why I chat about him here. But saying he doesn't take negative incidents seriously is a balatant lie. 
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  9. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    straight-up this is what happened with my friend. It wasn't until I casually mentioned her that she went to creep her IG and was all "oh, I didn't even realize I followed her". Kenna lucked out gaining lots of subs/followers years ago, her luck is running out. 
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  10. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I've bit my tongue since the day this sub split but:
    JFC it's like page after page after page of ya'll bitching about this subforum. Take it to the fucking nitpick thread. Hiding your comments to complain about the people complaining IS JUST AS FUCKING ANNOYING.
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  11. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    A lone-wolf psychopath shot up two mosques in New Zealand. Killing 49+ innocent people and injuring 50+ more. He facebook live streamed the enter massacre and before he began he said "Remember, subscribe to Pewdiepie!" he released a manifesto and other works on 4chan prior to doing this. It was planned for over 2 years in total and 3 months for the specific NZ Mosques. If you're interested in his motives - read his manifesto, straight from the horse's mouth. He used specifically guns in order to create more divide in the USA and the media. He's blaming people on both sides of the pond, trying to create more vitriolic anger on all sides. The media isn't picking up on that so they're taking his bait.
    Basically, he's a sick racist fuck who performed ethnic-genocide in order to divide and segregate the world. He thinks he's equivalent to Nelson Mandela. He's pure fucking evil.
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  12. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    The irony is he literally just finished talking about how happy he was that the t-series battle was uniting people all over the world in a fun pointless endeavour, when the world has been so divided. TFirst the WWII memorial, then - his name gets warped into this sick fuck's choices? Dude probably cried himself to sleep last night. The killer stated in his manifesto he's trying to cause mass outrage and devision and the MSM is falling right into that trap and trying to drag people like Pewds to hell for what some sick twisted fuck chose.

    His subreddit has been put on lockdown:

    DIRECT LINK TO DONATE: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/christchurch-shooting-victims-fund
    This was posted below Pewdiepie's tweet and I think it's extremely relevant:

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  13. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   


    Video h ere

    TeaSpills video has me cracking up
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  14. honeycrisp added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Keep Pewds in your thoughts today everyone.  
    He was NOT involved in the shooting, the shooter wanted to create more division and he did. 
    Felix is innocent. 
    To be tied into this kind of thing? I can only imagine the guilt/anger/saddness he must be enduring. 
    So please, keep him in your thoughts and correct those who blame him.
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  15. honeycrisp added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Yeah. Instastory included the "music" part. (v. kelly/jackson , she probably had the ball rolling and conversation ensued) But I 100% agree the tweet was subtweeting Rin. Since all the unfollowing happened at the same time. 
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