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  1. Nausicaä added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    Many bands I you named like ,but I love to be punk not necessarily sound but the style , letters , attitude, Bjork I think it is a clear example , and Asian artists not many like me , but I like Suneohair , Etsuko Yakushimaru mmm that style !
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  2. Nausicaä added a post in a topic Hi there!   

    Welcome! I am also new!
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  3. Nausicaä added a topic in Music   

    What are your musical tastes ?
    Personally I like Celtic music , folk , indie , indie rock, punk , folk metal etc ... I will show you some videos! We all have different or similar musical tastes would be great to share your tastes !!
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  4. Nausicaä added a post in a topic Let's share our favourite Japanese songs!   

    💝Lately I'm not listening to Japanese music , but I will put that I really like ...💝   
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  5. Nausicaä added a post in a topic Photo comparisons   

    I do not understand , pictured on the right is very nice, prhotoshop necessary ?
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  6. Nausicaä added a post in a topic Hello   

     Your dog is very cute !!
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  7. Nausicaä added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

     Hello readers , I will present me . My name is Neusicaa , I have 19 years , I live in Argentina , my English is not so good, but I can handle it haha. I am interested in the subject based on the " beauty " because I have low self-esteem , and I understand how you should feel the girls in this situation ; Sometimes the problem is not human , these " perfect but imperfect " human self is sometimes the problem and have to deal with this problem because you're deaf and not listen to others , what happens to me is that I do not feel ugly nor beautiful , they tell me I'm cute, but then because of my low self-esteem ? oneself. I wanted to express a little of what I think about it. Greetings ! 

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