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  1. prretts added a post in a topic Danielle Mansutti   

    Yeah I agree. At first I thought it was silly that people kept coming at her for her editing but then I found a truth blog (i believe it is danimansuttireavealed on tumblr) about how she OVER saturated everything. The whites of her eyes are blue! It shows a false image of what you're trying to show espeicially  with make up and swatches. 
    And the bullying thing she needs to stop. She makes claims that she was bullied once she migrated from England to Australia but if you were bullied why would you send your fans after two young girls that weren't harassing you or stalking you? It doesn't make any sense. Once I started reading more into her like on the BeautyGuruChat on Reddit and then GueuGossip she turned me off completely 
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  2. prretts added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Danielle Mansutti
    Danielle Manutti is a youtuber/blogger. She rose to internet fame for being 'tumblr famous'. On her old blog (now deleted) she had a few thousand followers and her posts primarily of herself got tons and tons of notes. As of now she is primarily a beauty youtuber who also posts vlogs. She's a hot topic on GuruGossip, most of which the talk is how she is a fake person, alters all of her photos, how she will copy other bigger youtubers and recently the care of her pug Beans.She is a hot topic of a gossip youtube channel John Kuckian where he has made several video about her. 
    Youtube Channel Twitter Instagram
    I'm including the FAQ page on Guru Gossip as well. FAQ
    I used to be a big fan of her back when she was on tumblr but after starting on YouTube she seemed to have changed into a whole different person. Here are photos that are from the FAQ page on Guru Gossip by the user Sparkle that I have included. 
    This was my first topic so I'm not sure if I added enough info or too much for an Online Personality but I would love to hear what you guys think!

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  3. prretts added a post in a topic Bananaman & Friends   

    I think what he meant in the facebook comment is that him and Wylo is a "one of a kind"'love story and it's even better because she added him on facebook ( which I'm guessing she added him on facebook which started their saga) that's what I tried to get from it 
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  4. prretts added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    Huge fan of Cry, I watch all of his videos and try to catch his streams if I'm not working the next day.
    However, not a fan of Chey. After reading the lolcow thread she really turned me off. I think she's very nasty and it bothers me she treats Cry and says its joking. 
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  5. prretts added a post in a topic aliciaaadani   

    I love Alicia!! I've followed her on tumblr for about 5 years?? I always thought she was pretty and so interesting. I still follow her on her social media and even her dog Noodle on her own Instagram. I never would have  thought that she shooped her face just because I was blind to it but the skin smoothing I can tell. 
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  6. prretts added a post in a topic Joanne the Scammer/JoannePrada   

    I personally love Joanne the Scammer ( i always say to myself "im a messy bitch who lives for drama"  mostly when reading this site)
    However, I've heard he is transphobic? (if thats the right word for it) because there was a picture floating around of him saying he just "dresses up as a tranny" and makes a joke of it or something along those lines. I'll go find the images and add them to this post!
    EDIT; here is actually a Twitter Thread/ Masterpost  could find of him being problematic.  (just click on photo it direcs you to the thread)
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  7. prretts added a post in a topic PULL is here to stay!   

    Thank you so much Nyx!!  am so happy my favorite site is now able to keep running! 
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  8. prretts added a post in a topic The asshole.   

    pls do, I'm more of a lurker but Satanic is my own personal fave 
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  9. prretts added a post in a topic Extensions?   

    When my pixie cut was in the process of growing out I used clip ins. My first were an old pair that I had gotten from Sally Beauty Supply and I think they were 99$ ( I was a high school student so I was given a discount). However because I wore them almost every day there were shedding like crazy because: A) they were old and B) as much care as I've given them, the care was more damaging that good. So after saving up a bit of money I purchased Bellami extensions. They come in 3 or 4 different thickness, and I believe their shortest length is 18''. I got 160 grams in 18 inches in a very dark brown color. They came with in a week and they even seperate a single clip to make sure the color matches, if it doesnt then you can send it back with your desired color!
    For me, Bellami did it's job however, I should've gotten a thicker set because of how my hair was growing at that point, even teasing my hair it would look kind of off! 
    Kale is right, for best extensions you're better off looking at a salon but be prepared; if you wear your hair up a lot I wouldn't recommend tape in extensions as they sit right on your scalp, and for microbead extensions many of my friends from beauty school have experienced hair loss, and it is difficult to wash because of it.
    Hope I helped in some way!!  
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  10. prretts added a post in a topic Roosh V   

    Oooh, this guy! I was so scared for my mother and sister when they were planning that "international meet up" because they work in the city.
    I might be mistaken, but wasn't the cops called to his place or Anonymous doxed him and he was scared for himself? It was something along those lines because I remember pictures popping up of his sleazy self  standing in front of his house with law enforcement after he canceled the events.
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  11. prretts added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    her over editing her selfies make me feel a second hand embarrassment, she abuses the blur tool WAY too much, and when I saw her most recent pic on my explore page it didn't even look like her? I honestly did not know it was her because it seemed so edited to me.
    theres no way she's over abusing photo editing apps on accident, like how can her "fans" not see how bad the edits are /end rant 
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  12. prretts added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    I'm surprise that Wyatt is back and is answering politely! Thank you for proving it's you and for answering the questions that PULL members are asking! 
    I guess the only question I'm curious about but not sure if you're going to answer is if Bon has ever or is buying followers?
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  13. prretts added a post in a topic Soren Daniel Hayes   

    it's still sitting unwell in my stomach about the type of person he is. I really believe now that he isn't mentally stable just from all the evidence surrounding his story/internet tale. He really doesn't seem to have any sense of guilt about what he's done. I was lurking on the tumblr user honeybottledrip because at first she would shoot down any one that tried telling her he wasn't dead and now she knows the truth and said that she talked to him about it but like?????????? She's 16 years old, at first the posts she was making it seemed very nonchalant but when I kept going back to look I could tell she's really fucked up by the entire situation. He seem's extremely manipulative and and a dangerous person to be around. 
    -- also @Lolicious i just clicked on the sock puppet account and read through, I have a suspicious feeling that he knew his shit luck was running out and is now hiding out or possibly making a whole new tumblr or story
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  14. prretts added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    it says link broken for me, what was it of? 
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  15. prretts added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    new post! 

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