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  1. Momokoq added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I'm sorry but if you don't want people to voice their opinions about your art why would you post it online, where millions of people can see it and have the right to say whatever they want/think about it. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
    Whenever an artist tells me they don't want critique, I basically take it that they don't care to improve, and if you can't even take your own art seriously, how would you ever expect anyone else to?
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  2. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Honestly, that’s probably why I find her videos to be so excruciatingly boring. She takes a simple story, such as “a kid in elementary school traced my art” or “I went to a job interview” and over-dilutes it with unnecessary details, probably because she can’t make a 5 minute video with such a simple plot line, and she doesn’t have any other more interesting life experiences. (I mean, she does have all her school stories but part of me thinks that most of those are faked) Because of this, all of her videos just seem to drag on and on, and they start to feel incredibly repetitive. Wolfy actually does this a lot, where she puts randomly detailed characters into the backgrounds of her videos. Apparently, it’s one of her Patreon rewards, where she draws her Patrons’ ocs in the backgrounds of her videos. What’s ridiculous is the fact that she’s charging 50 dollars for this reward, and what’s even more ridiculous than that is the fact that there are actually fools out there giving Wolfy 50 dollars for her to poorly scribble their characters into her videos.
    Idk. I personally feel that it looks really strange and out of place.
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  3. Momokoq added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Her same face syndrome is bad, but I find it to be worse on her males than on her females.
    In these pieces, Todoroki and Bakugo look really out of character. I haven't seen much of bnha, but I know they have lots of attitude/personality, and they seem like they tend to look a bit aggressive. In these pictures however, they just look like any other generic kpop pretty boys. It's sad. It really loses the essence of the characters. Sakimi should definitely try and start moving away from drawing all her characters' faces to resemble bjd dolls. 
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  4. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Tbh there really isn't much to say about this video. It was poorly drawn/animated, and the "plot" was  bland and predictable. Just like all of her other content.
    Also, slightly OT, but I am the only who finds the fact that she's an anime loli furry slightly strange...? Like being an anime girl is one thing, being an anime loli is another thing, but was there any reason she had to be an anthropomorphic wolf too? I'm personally not a fan of anthro characters and I know that's just my personal opinion, but I feel like her character just sticks out like a sore thumb in her videos, especially because she draws all her other characters as humans, including her boyfriend, which is kinda creepy. It feels like it's just verging on bestiality. 
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  5. Momokoq added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    I found this cosplayer on Pinterest. I did some digging but ultimately, I found nothing.
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  6. Momokoq added a post in a topic Storytime Animators (General thread)   

    Also, regarding CypherDen, there's some drama saying that her storytime videos are faked, particularly the ones about her stalkers.
    She has four videos about stalkers/creeps, and they're all quite...extreme, with one stalker going as far as (*Trigger Warning*) cutting her name into their arm. 
    And some fans are questioning the validity of her stories, as it's hard to believe that she would have not one, not two, but four creepy people falling for her and overstepping their boundaries.
    After she uploaded her fourth creep video about a grown adult man who tried to kiss her when she was 15, she posted a story on her Instagram addressing these allegations. In her story, she showed this little pink self-defense weapon thingy that she carried around on her keychain, saying something like "If these stories were faked, why would I be carrying this around??" although I'd hardly call that evidence, as she could've just bought it without the whole creepo thing happening. (Also, as I was writing this, I realized that something was a little fishy. She posted that to prove that her "old man tried to kiss me" story was real, but that incident happened when she was 15. CypherDen is currently 26. So why would buying a defense weapon at 26 years old prove that you were almost kissed by an adult man when you were 15?? That was 11 years ago. Did she not stop to think about that?)
    Anyway, I'm personally not 100 percent sure what to believe. Please tell me your thoughts! 
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  7. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Lol I love how she over sexualizes herself but then STILL claims to be "shy" and "awkward" and "self-conscious" (like in her Why I Can't do a Face Reveal video).
    Like, if you're really that self-conscious then why do you draw yourself with your tits out, with your underwear exposed and animate yourself twerking (boomx4 meme) and in lewd poses and then proceed to post it on the internet for the whole world to see?
    In a previous post, someone mentioned how Wolfychu could just be playing a character, like Kizuna Ai, and I think this is pretty obvious to us all at this point. Of course that isn't her real voice, her real personality, her real height, her real physical appearance, or even her real life stories. "Wolfychu" is really just Kayleigh's oc. Not even a persona, Wolfychu and Kayleigh Smyth are entirely separate entities. 
    And Wolfy isn't a very good oc either, in terms of character design.
     We can all see that she's trying to go for the sweet, naive, innocent anime girl, like Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star), and Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket). These types of characters are quite common in anime, but I personally believe that there has to be some kind of character development/ redemption for these "moe" characters to actually be interesting and likable. Otherwise, I just kind of find them to be pathetic and annoying (like Wolfychu)
    Madoka Kaname for example, in the beginning, she was seen as weak and practically useless, but she learns to grow and care for her friends, and (spoiler alert) she ends up sacrificing herself so that magical girls would no longer have to suffer the same pain and torture that she watched her friends go through. 
    These naive anime girls also usually have one characteristic in common, which is that they are almost always kind, and put others before themselves, which, oddly enough, seems to be the only moe characteristic that Wolfy doesn't pretend to have? Like when I first discovered her on this website, I immediately went over to her channel and started watching her videos, and I expected her to say some crap like "I jUmPEd iN FronT oF a TRucK tO SavE a KiTTeN BeCAuSE I'm SO CaRING aNd CoMPAssIonATE!!11!!1!" but there's really nothing in her videos about her being kind, which is the one redeeming quality of most moe girls (and why I dont COMPLETELY hate these kinds of characters.) I'm personally really glad I don't have a friend like Wolfy irl. I feel like they would just get really annoying after a while and become a burden, but I guess having a kind heart doesn't really matter when you're a "really pretty doll-like real-life animu loli and everybody luvs me anyway uwu"
    (Also sorry for the long post )
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  8. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I know this is slightly random, but I was thinking about the previous topic of Jordan being ok with Wolfy's online persona, and I genuinely got curious, is her family ok with it?
    In her draw my life video, I believe she's mentioned that she has a mom, a dad, and three older brothers, (I think). I mean, if my daughter/sister was screwing around on the internet like that, basically making a living off of pretending to be something she wasn't, I don't think I'd be okay with it. 
    And Wolfy's never mentioned as to whether or not she had a job outside of YouTube, and since most parents know what their child does for a living, her parents must know about her YouTube? And again, personally speaking, if my child told me that they were making a living off of being a YouTuber, I'd probably get a little curious as to what kind of stuff they were posting on there. 
    Unless she lies about it, but even to me that sounds a bit extreme (and it'd be a pretty hard lie to maintain). Besides, lying isn't very kawaii uwu animu gurl-like (even though she already does it with her faked personality).
    And it's not just her family, there's her personal friends too, and heck, even her boyfriend's family.
     Jesus, I never realized how much crap you'd have to take into consideration when making a fake online persona like that. 
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  9. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Ugh. Honestly what kind of a relationship even is that? Feels like he's just falling for a fake version of her.
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  10. Momokoq added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    (Hello! I've been following this thread for a while and I'm just gonna jump in here)
    I find it weird though how Jordan just seems to be aware of the whole thing and not even really care?? Obviously they've met irl (the pictures are proof of that) and so surely he's aware of the fact that she doesn't actually sound that way, doesn't actually look like a two year old, isn't actually that short, and probably even the stories being faked.
    But he seems completely fine with the way she's portraying herself online and even encourages her behavior..? 
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  11. Momokoq added a post in a topic Xiao Rou SeeU / 小柔 SeeU   

    I believe she also got some plastic surgery irl in addition to the ps.

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