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  1. Kasanui added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    When you first look at her pictures, she seems to be a kind and nice person, especially on her older pictures (at least that's my point of view).
    But once you go to her twitter, it's a whole another person. She seems to be so distant with everyone, full of herself, always criticizing things or complaining about things (like the birthday thing in Germany, people talking in her back and all). It's basically problems we all have in our everyday life, but it feels like she's using her position to seek attention from her followers. I know it's an evidence lol, but I mean, overall that's a bad feeling that you get from her.
    But that being said, when you watch the video, I agree with Misskek : She just looks like a regular girl with makeup. I'm not gonna lie she looks way cuter in this video than in any of her pictures because she looks more natural. And honestly, I feel like it's a waste ... I'd rather love to see the real Saya, and have a look of her personality through her instagram, with her insecurities and everything.
    I believe some of you are right when you say that she would need a therapist. I'm talking only about Saya because she's the one I know the most, but maybe it does apply to a lot of other cosplayer and insta-girl : She just looks like an insecure girl to me, a girl that felt so bad about herself that she did a lot of things to improve (not necessarily in a good way) and now that she kinda achieved it, she has to lie everytime to maintain her form, while knowing she is only playing a character and she can't be herself anymore, thus could explain why she is still "unsatisfied" with everything she did to her body.
    I'm just sad though. Even though her actual body and appearance is quite appealing, I kinda prefered the old one, the round, curvy Saya ahah
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  2. Kasanui added a post in a topic sayathefox   

    Did anyone see her new post about her waist ?
    She says she's having this waist by training but she's still not having any muscles, and her trainer said she can have an even smaller waist. 
    To me, she just looks like she got ribs removed  
    I don't really know if she has an ED or anything, but I guess she edited the picture, because it really doesn't look natural to me, even with training.
    Also I've been thinking about something else recently, I really dislike those kind of pictures actually, but mainly because I'm jealous. I mean, Sayafox is pretty much the best girl for my beauty ideal, but I know for a fact that it's prolly fake. Just something I wanted to add on the whole topic "insta girls are making other girls jealous and feeling ugly". I feel like even as a guy, it can do some harm.

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  3. Kasanui added a post in a topic About Insecurities   

    I don't have many physical insecurities, beside not having the body I want of course. But overall, I'm satisfied with what I have and I believe I have some potential. My only concern is that I don't follow trends at all and I'm kinda "out of" the society' beauty criteria.
    But all of my insecurities goes to mental behavior and relationship. I tend to be a bit too kind, too nice. I always worry for everyone and always want to help everyone. I hate offending people and I always try to choose my word very carefully to avoid that. Im always giving myself too much and sometimes sacrificing too much things for people I thought were my friends.
    Actually Im fine with that, because that is how I am and I dont really wanna change my behavior. But the problem is that now, somehow, I ended up with literally no friends.
    My family is tearing appart, and the only friends I cared the most about dumped me because I was feeling a bit sad in my life and seeked help. 
    Now I struggle making new friends, I dont really feel at ease with many people, and I always feel like I need to do "too much", to change myself too much to please them and befriend them - which I dont want. I sometimes find no opportunities, despite all my efforts.
    I admitted suffering from depression 3 or 4 months ago. I try to tell myself that its not entirely my fault, since I did everything I can, but in the other hand I cant help thinking im the only one responsable and that there is things that remains that I could do to improve the situation.
    I try not to be an attention seeker like a lot of people are. I sometimes believe that lot of people on IG or elsewhere are looking for so much attention and they have it by unfair meaning that people are now used to it. If you need attention but you dont have a perfecr body like on insta or some other things, you will remain unnoticed. You will be told that its your fault, life is unfair and you will have to live with it. But if you are a cute girl with a nice body and you like to show it to people, everyone will follow you and tell you how perfect you are and that people are stupid not liking you.
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