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  1. Hyunah added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    #teenproblems lol warning 
    My mom asked for help with her homework, but of course me "helping" is really me just doing all the work. She kept complaining about how I do it, so I told her to do it herself since I don't know what her teacher wants. She tells me "Okay well don't ask me for any favors because I won't do anything for you."
    that shouldn't bother me since she doesn't really mean it, but its always over the dumb stuff and annoying.
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  2. Hyunah added a post in a topic Artist and Drawing Thread   

    Would someone PM me and be willing to red line one of my drawings?
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  3. Hyunah added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Spray tan and using foundation color that is too dark. Also, I'm not completely sure but I think I read she could also go to tanning salons, so.
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  4. Hyunah added a post in a topic Maryjane Byarm   

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  5. Hyunah added a post in a topic Ember Whann   

    Are people actually buying that merch? Lol I can't imagine someone wearing that in public. 
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  6. Hyunah added a post in a topic Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn: daelien_   

    do you have it or can find it? I feel like it's most likely not hers, but I wouldn't put it past her.
    a few months back, she also posted a story of her boyfriend's neck with hickies all over it. Classy lol
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  7. Hyunah added a post in a topic Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn: daelien_   

    Old post, but the difference...
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  8. Hyunah added a post in a topic Dallas Jacobi Niswanderwynn: daelien_   

    Out of all her pictures, this creeps me out the most. Wide eyes plus stiff pose. She looks uncomfortable 
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  9. Hyunah added a post in a topic Grazy grace   

    I kind of llike her. Style wise and the first story time I see that wasn't overly dramatic lol. Her songs are good to me too. Her rap on the unprrapstar one take opening was kind of eh though.
    does anyone know what groups she's talking about? I'm curious, but not that much to where I'd look into it.
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  10. Hyunah added a post in a topic (PC&Console) Gaming General   

    Just finished Gravity Rush 2. Will always be one of my top games. Just wish they'd do something about the camera angles. I have the same sad feeling after finishing the first game, I wish there was more. Doubt that will happen, but one can always hope
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  11. Hyunah added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Probably late and has already been said. But i was scrolling through my insta, saw a snippet of bp. The choreo for Blackpink's doo song is really weak/boring. Idk all the better things they could've done and they gave them that lol, especially compared to their old stuff. 
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  12. Hyunah added a post in a topic Ksenia Soyfer   

    ^ Most likely a self post, joined same day of making this thread and never to be seen again. Same with the cassiope person. They have quite a few followers, but I wouldn't doubt it.
    Also, after checking her page I don't like her makeup where she tries to make her bottom lid more noticeable (aegyo sal?). It's okay in some pics but in others it's like those gangnam unnies lol
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  13. Hyunah added a post in a topic The worst thing a ex has done to you   

    Already posted here but the person I recently broke up with tops my last post. 
    Sexually assaulted me because I wouldnt do his laundry
    Would show up to my job after I said I didint want to see him and would harrass my coworkers.
    I don't know if his counts but after I broke up with him he kept showing up at my mom's house at 3 am while I was sleeping. He kept changing his story to make me seem at fault; first it was "I was worried about her because her line was cut" (I changed my number), then it was "she asked me to come over", the last one was "I was going to check up on her but caught her cheating on me" it was funny at first but now it's annoying. I think he actually believes his own lies now.
    After I moved out, my brother told me he showed up at my mom's house 6 more times.
    Keeps making youtube videos where he calls my family members, and just talks about me. Also kept threatening to kill my brothers. 
    Hes stopped bothering us for now but I feel really bad. My mom got so scared she , started taking the night shift. She was scared to be home alone at night since I left.
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  14. Hyunah added a post in a topic smallbootymary/trn.mry   

    Also odd considering how she commented her being bothered at people trying to "dig in deeper". So does she actually not care since someone would've found it anyway, or does she actually like the attention?  
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  15. Hyunah added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    @ icecreameaterrr on twitter 
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