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  1. Tsunami added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Guys....I don't think she puts a lot of effort into her art. It's lazy and fast. And her attitude isn't admirable either.
     But she's still not forcing anyone to buy it, and lets be honest, while 17USD is a bit much, it's not like it's absolutely atrocious either. Anime style artists do commonly charge between 12-20 USD even for simple headshots. Some more, some less, but mind you, an actual professional illustrator would charge 40 USD PER HOUR minimum. If these do indeed take her an hour and a half, she's not paid even half that, not even close.
    I think a lot of hatred for this girl comes from envy and it's honestly a little lame. Whether you like it or not, fame and efame do come with certain benefits, one of them being the fact your name means something. And so, her name means something to her fans - it means something to be able to get something from her specifically. Some won't like her price, but many others will be happy to pay that price to get a sketch from someone they admire. If you don't like that, it still doesn't mean that she (and similar people) are in the wrong. You are all (and me myself, and my small following included) cordially invited to go ahead and get famous and then get "ez $$$".
    If anything, one of the biggest and worst issues of art communities online is the underpricing. If you don't want to support someone, then don't, but think about all other artists who might finally understand they don't have to charge $5 and cry themselves to sleep every night wondering if they can survive the month.
    I think a lot of her fans are also very young and I'm sorry to say but a 14-year old cannot possibly know how much things are worth in reality. If they can't afford it because their mommy didn't give them their monthly allowance yet, that's not the artist's problem. People don't walk into a grocery store and tell the cashier that the bag of crisps isn't worth $1 but 0.20 because that's how much it costs to produce one. People don't get to decide prices of things - they only get to decide whether to buy it or not. This isn't healthcare or some other essential life thing - I cannot stress this hard enough. Art is a LUXURY good, something that you do not NEED. It can cost whatever the artists want to price it because of that reason. 
    Also - you can't use word "scam" to describe everything you don't like. I get not agreeing with someone and their life choices and their pricing, but that's not what scam means. It would be scam if she doesn't deliver what people pay for (see: cyome thread). People getting exactly what was advertised is hardly scam.
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  2. Tsunami added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Not saying their art is worth $17 for that sketch, but also, I wish people stopped acting like artists owe them something in this sense. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Buying art is a luxury and it's a product of someone learning and practicing a long time to be able to produce that sketch (even if it is in 10min now). The ridiculously low prices give people unrealistic expectations of how much time and effort art takes. I know it's simple and I don't think she's a good artist, personally, but if people want her art, then they should pay her price. If they don't wanna, they do not have to. No one is holding a gun to their head.
    Art isn't supposed to be affordable to everyone.
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  3. Tsunami added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    What I don't get is: If she doesn't want people questioning her for buying expensive things and calling her out on it....why doesn't she stop posting them? Like? Pretending you're a poor sad little thing is a lot easier if you don't flex your newest clothes and tech on your social media
    Is she just dumb?
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  4. Tsunami added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Yeah I don't see why people jump to conclusions pretty fast on this site. This is how we gained reputation as jealous bitches.
    If you wanna post uwu selfies then go ahead.
    It does make sense a lot of people won't respect that, but I don't see a problem with it personally. Making money off people who know what they are buying is fine isn't it? It's hardly scamming if you post pictures of yourself. Thighs or a face or even lewd content, no one should care as long as you don't lie, or steal content, or scam people.
    I do feel like often girls around here a bit bitter - not as much as people claim when they find this page but enough, over the silliest things sometimes. There's a lot of pretty girls and a lot of them use their looks one way or another, it's not a reason to attack them.
     However, this is just a discussion thread, it's not a diss thread or whatever. Don't think you need to take it to heart a lot, the moment you gain popularity, people will talk. (You don't know me but we have a mutual friend and I see nothing incriminating on your twitter, so I figured I'd chime in this time)
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  5. Tsunami added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Not WK-ing Mikan and I'm not really her fan, but let's not judge someone else's relationships with their parents so quickly and easily. Those bonds can be and often are insanely complicated, and a mother very much can be abusive, shitty or neglectful and still very invested in her child, going as far as googling her child etc. Of course we do not know if that is true, and we do not know what her mother really is like, we only have Mikan's word, but assuming it's impossible to have a mother give money or food even when tensions are high is perhaps a bit ignorant. Families are different, and understanding the inner workings of someone else's is not to be judged by a couple of posts on an online forum. If Mikan has to walk on eggshells to keep her fragile relationship with her mom from exploding, then that is a possibility I can believe potentially.
    That aside, I absolutely support critically thinking of everything, especially something that's coming from a snowflake with 93 pages on this forum. I just don't wanna assume either way.
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  6. Tsunami added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Not on topic of makeup but... I watched a bit of the video and caught this:

    I mean, we already all know. I just don't get why she tries so hard to present herself as skinny af when her fanbase seems to like the fact she's "T H I C C". 
    I'm just mad, I'm really mad, because there's nothing wrong with her body type, but she will do absolutely everything besides actually working out/eating healthy, to present herself as something she's not. Typical. Like can you imagine how exhausting it must be? To suck in your stomach for all the photos, fix your waistband 10x, go through 10000 photos before picking one and editing it, just so you can then post it and pretend you're being casual af? It just makes me sad at this point. 
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  7. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    That aside, I have a question since I don't really read about BD elsewhere - what do her beta orbiters say when pictures of her with that Joshua guy pop up? Like what's their reaction? Cause I mean, wouldn't they be the first ones to be suspicious about any men around her? I'm super curious tbh
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  8. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Yeah, I second that. There's been a LOOOOOT of speculation about her having herpes here, but I don't see why y'all are treating it as a confirmed fact! Guys, mouth herpes is NOT necessarily the same as genital herpes! It can be transferred, but just because you have the blisters on your lip, it does not mean you have them on your genitals. That aside, the whole theorizing about who gave who herpes is redundant and pointless, as two thirds of the population under 50 have herpes. It is a super, super common virus, and even if you do not have the symptoms, you probably still have it. (I am sure I have it but literally never had symptoms, for example, but I'd be shocked if I didn't have it.) Just because two people have symptoms, it doesn't mean they gave it to each other, either. I'm not saying it's impossible, but theorizing about it as if it was fact, and coming up with complex theories on why they are together based on it, really is just gossip and nothing else. All is good and fine with that, but it's not such a shocking or shameful thing to have it to have to ....stay together over it or make a big deal out of it. Additionally, I doubt that is the reason she doesn't strip fully on camera - I can only guess but my thoughts are, she's probably thinking that not going full nude gives her a moral high ground above actual sex workers, and also "protects" her in a way, as in, "Well there's no REAL nudes of me on the internet". Though, that's also an assumption of course. But even if she did have genital herpes, there is times where the symptoms would not be showing, so no reason not to strip then.
    Additionally, I think the "I can't get in pool" thing she said, she meant it like "Oh I hate it when there's a pool and no one told me so I didn't bring a swimsuit" ??? It looks like that, but she writes like a grade school kid so it's hard to say LOL
    Sorry if it looks like I'm attacking anyone - everyone really is entitled to their opinion, and to posting it here, but this discussion has been going on for a while and I just wanted to help everyone with some facts so we can move onto juicier tea.
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  9. Tsunami added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    You (and others defending her) are obviously really nice people, and I respect that, and I also definitely respect people trying to learn languages, but lets not forget this is Kenna we're talking about. The very same Kenna who goes full grammar police over people (when in reality, she herself should sit down and learn her own native language), and she even made fun of someone on her story, in front of all her followers, for misspelling eyelash a couple of months ago (when they were clearly not a native speaker of English!), if anyone remembers.
    I'm going to quote someone from the Pokimane thread here because it's relevant: Good people deserve to be defended, and I think all of us here in this thread can agree: Kenna is not a good person. I see no reason why not to make fun of her for something she's been claiming she is good at. Rewind to spring 2018 and her bragging she ordered meals fully in Japanese - she was, as always, full of shit. I am glad she's actually trying now but I see no reason why we, here on this forum, couldn't make a couple of jokes about it. Just my two cents, nothing wrong with y'all being kind and considerate 
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  10. Tsunami added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Guys correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she literally say she dyed it brown so she can go a long time without dyeing it again.....it hasn't even been 2 months?
    Do you guys think she's dyeing it brown again so it can be *~*~* O M G  so soft after dyeing!!! *~*~* and she can continue fooling herself that it's healthy lmao
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  11. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

  12. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Again, not saying what she did was right. If Minty wanted to sue her or something for selling her nudes, then I'd support Minty. But then another question is how legal it was that Minty was selling nudes as well, was that taxed? Probably not. Might be the reason why Minty didn't want it to be a big deal either. If Belle was fined (probably not imprisoned? She was literally underage when the crime was committed) that would be fine by me and she deserves to pay for her actions.
    All that I'm saying is that reading too deep and saying that Belle is manipulating and scheming when she's probably just a not super smart girl defending herself (which I would too if someone treated me like that) is a stretch. And this is a drama orchestrated by someone else - someone who's just sticking their nose into something that smells of attention and drama. Unless Belle knew that and messaged her EXACTLY because she knew what would happen, this whole shitstorm has not currently been caused by Belle.
    She's not excused for her mistakes and I never said that, neither did anyone else here. I dunno where ya'll be getting this from - all I'm saying is that this drama is exaggerated by someone who clearly benefits from trying to sink Belle. I don't give a single shit about this girl but fair is fair and that's why I wanted to see Katarina's posts, only to find exactly what I expected. I still do not in any way think that this should have been a public matter. 
    If I were Belle (and thank fuck I am not), I would have found out exactly who the girls on those pics where, I would find them, explain, and formally apologize. Offer them money, not to shut them up but because it should have been THEIR money in the first place. Apologizing doesn't make it okay, but people are acting like apologising and reflecting on past actions means nothing. I'm sorry if you disagree but this promotes a culture of hiding things and sweeping them under a rug because nothing, ever, is let go of, no past mistake, no place for improvement. 
    I don't think this should be kept a SECRET, but I hate it when people just jump on hate bandwagons and take sides because it's, well, popular to hate on someone. It's just not something I support. And that's why I'm "supporting" Belle - not in her actions or behaviour but because I dislike the callout, "exposed, cancelled" culture. 
    To clarify one last thing, I do not feel bad for Belle because she was found out and is now "paying" for it. I feel bad for her because someone is straight up using her (and possibly Minty, who might not have wanted this attention) for clout, and because that someone was shitting on her and everything she said through that entire conversation, changing tone a million times from "I understand and respect you" to "you are awful and horrible". Sorry, can't stand for that.
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  13. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I won't go into essaying again but my personal opinion is that it's...not so deep. Don't think Belle is smart enough to manipulate imho, if she was she would have done so from the beginning and wouldn't be in this mess now. She did something shitty and she tried to explain it to a friend. Friend wasn't listening. That's about it. I think she gave up rather than tried to manipulate her, after Katarina simply wasn't listening.
    I don't care for her, but I also don't care for people trying to bring her down no matter what. It looks like a nasty mean girls fight and people bringing up things from years ago definitely usually have motivations other than "Omg guize you all deserve to know about this horrible person", acting like they are doing a favor to the general public while setting up the drama entirely for their own purposes lol 

    It just makes me want to defend Belle, whether it's right or wrong, because this doesn't seem to be a case between Belle and victims of her scam, but Katarina fishing for attention. I guess in THIS moment, Belle's best bet is to come clean after all, since now there is no info from her perspective. She's right, people who will hate her, will hate her anyway. But a bunch of people might also be able to forgive her and agree that she has learned. 2 years can be a lot of time for a change when you're a teenager.
    My opinion? If Belle did manipulate this whole thing to look slightly more innocent then I'm honestly impressed - that's some 300IQ plays right there. She'd have to be hella smart to predict what Katarina will do.
    And just a disclaimer, I don't think what Belle did was okay. At all. While I do think she WAS manipulated to a large degree (just look at how PUSHY the guy was and he keeps insisting she doesn't have to do anything), she still should have blocked him and backed off - she literally said "Dude this makes me uncomfortable" but her greed kept her interested in what he had to say. That's on her, entirely. She did fuck up, I just don't think it's Katarina's problem....or millions of people who are thirsty for tea for no other reason than boredom. The comments on Belle's photos are downright toxic, death threats and so on. I just don't think anyone deserves that.
    I hope she receives appropriate backlash and is then able to move on with her life, but we all know how things go on the internet....As I said, sometimes I feel like people on PULL are the only ones who actually feel happy when people better themselves (just look at the levels of hopeless optimism in Kenna thread, most of us still want her to improve herself, keep giving suggestions, keep complimenting her for small things that she ACTUALLY does right).
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  14. Tsunami added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I am so going to get downvoted for this but....
    Honestly, I think Belle is plenty guilty for a lot of things,and I am not a fan or supporter of her.
    But this? This is too far IMHO. That Katarina whatever person looks like a drama seeking snowflake herself (not that I'm surprised) and half of the convo she's just shitting on Belle. Not to WK but I'd get defensive too if someone I previously considered a friend treated me like this. And I also get Belle not wanting it to be public. Owning up to it doesn't mean making the entire world know about it. She, from what I can see, was actually trying to set things right and I get how scary it is to have a presence like that guy still...looming over you.
    I'm not saying she should be FORGIVEN, but I hate the damn "X iS CaNcElLeD!!!1!!1!!" culture. It's gross and makes people more likely to try and hide their past rather than admit it since nothing is ever let go of (honestly, that's why I love this forum. We are observers of the snowflakes who can see when people improve and change. Literally the only gossip-y place where I've seen this, ever. Most people here actually like seeing people grow).
    It also really rubs me the wrong way how this Katarina goes from like "I respect your decision" to "FUCK YOU I'm posting this everyone deserves to know!!!". I literally went from being super amused over Belle as a snowflake and wanting to see her fail, to becoming almost defensive of her because imo no one deserves this. She messaged a friend or acquaintance to try and set things right with those involved and got shut down (just look at how this person literally never replies to what Belle says, just changes topic) and even Belle doesn't deserve that. She was 17 and dumb and she admits her fault plenty enough from what I can see. She doesn't try to sugarcoat or make excuses - "I was lazy and unwilling to work" sounds bad but it's the truth and I can respect it. She's not trying to hide it.
    Maybe it's just because I know how it is to be manipulated and convinced that something is "not so bad", but I understand her to some degree. It's absolutely wrong and disgusting and she absolutely knew that from the beginning....She clearly snapped out of the illusion the moment someone she knew got involved (Minty's pics) and started to try and undo the damage and I don't think she should be punished for that. I don't see it as "she stopped cause she got caught" as much as ....she wanted to get out of it for a while. As I said, plenty of things wrong with Belle, but this is a mess for so many reasons and the "You have so many followers" miss Katarina looks....welll...... jealous. Of Belle. And she wants to make this a big deal to bring attention to herself.

    Like what is this? This is a jealous dramatic girl trying to sink someone else. Who does she think she is? She betrayed someone's trust too, going directly against Belle's wishes.
    (For those too lazy to stalk, here's the text Katarina posted alongside with the screenshots, enjoy)

    God, never thought there'd be a day when I'd defend BELLE DELPHINE out of all snowflakes but this is blown so ridiculously out of proportion by this chick...it's insane. I hope for a day where people can actually own up to their mistakes and pay a price that's proportionate to the crime. But the truth is, as with many other dramas online, people use someone else fucking up to give themselves some sort of justice points (an example that comes to mind is Holly Brown, another person I strongly dislike, and how by the end I was more annoyed with 32824389423 people "calling her out" on Youtube when in reality they just jumped on the bandwagon for the clout). I also don't think Belle should post this publicly? Would it resolve anything? I'm not a fortune teller but I don't think it would. 90% of her current followers didn't follow her then, so it really does not concern them. Being transparent with your fans is one thing but airing out your dirty laundry from years ago in front of a million people who have no idea what's going on just seems redundant to me. Not to mention that then someone would probably be like "Oh she fucked up but now she's seeking out pity from her followers"....I think Belle just can't win here.
    P.S.: Sorry for essay ladies
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  15. Tsunami added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Ah....yes....the typical "if you can see things wrong with others it means you're jealous of them"...go WK somewhere else. 
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