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  1. closet.lolicon added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I just realized that on her cotton.candy.bunnies account, she archived or deleted a majority of her photos displaying/showing cute (sometimes pricy) items.  shes definitely self aware of what she puts online lmao. At this point I feel as if the things shes starting up about with the whole "artist criticism" is something to latch onto to gain attention and sympathy. 

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  2. closet.lolicon added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Did she ever mention taking down her witch account? Its suspiciously gone without any attention?  All tagged posts are gone as well.  usually shed make an entire story about something this "dramatic" proof that she can keep quiet about some things, but chooses to blast it out for attention 

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  3. closet.lolicon added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Bruh she's got you. I'm new with the whole thread but I totally agree that there are some things she can let go of and the financial things make me suspicious because I know this one chick (which will not be said due to privacy, but if you know who I'm talking about dont mention it) who's into the cutesy stuff too but she has sold some of her clothing items and nick nacks, and managed to make it to a trip to Japan. I've been looking at her (cyome) for a while and observed that we both have kind of the same hoarding tendencies (though I may have much more or idk considering the situation shes in). There have been a lot of suspicious things that made me question the amount she has saved vs the amount spent, I know not everything is shared to public due to personal reasons and still be able to maintain a sense of pride, but sometimes you cant help the way on how others think. She sometimes takes thing out proportions and it makes me scratch my head like huH?? (This isnt to refer to the whole unwanted critique thing but other situations can be taken note of).
    IF ANYONE HAS THIS, can anyone discuss or have the art theft be brought up to attention more? I'm not a fan of this shit and idc what the (her) situation is. Same results, but process shows what kind of person you are and doing loopholes isnt the way to go. Especially when you know what you're doing is downright wrong and it's worse when you preach it and do the same. 
    Now if you're stalking this cyome, this isnt mean to attack but if you're well aware of the situation, regression, rationalization or even projection as the automatic defense mechanisms will not help improve. I'm glad you've gotten a job and health issues are going to get into the way if you do anything "rough" but sometimes toughing it out is the way to go and it shows improvement and any side (whether against or with) thrives on that. I suggest a mentor other than the bf, its person yet professionally kept in a way, imo. 
    Havent posted in a while and planning to do so, Its not very organized since this is on mobile so it's a bit hard oops. Thanks for reading yall. 
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  4. closet.lolicon added a post in a topic Yua Mikami (HONEY POPCORN)   

    ((nothing juicy)) here are some of yua videos i just found randomly after a quick search if anyone was curious: the 2nd video is her actually singing while the 1st video shows her dancing to Mr. Chu by Apink
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