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  1. alethephobic added a post in a topic Noodlerella   

    this looks so much different from her usual “soft, pink, kawaii uwu” aesthetic she had back when i use to watch her  
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  2. alethephobic added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    also agree, there’s many sketchy things about him that need to be discussed 
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  3. alethephobic added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    dodie got onto the youtube scene of playing ukulele and being the “indie, hip, alternative shy girl who you could relate to” early back when youtubers were starting to become more mainstream (back when having 1mil subs was a small group) so as youtube grew so did her fan base of struggling teens.
    it seems that a lot of her fans are / were dan and phil fans. i remember first finding dodie when watching vlogs of dan and phil in youtube rewind 2014. these were the vlogs where evan,her and other smaller youtubers (luke, nikki and sammy, etc) made sure to get dan and phil in their thumbnails and have them in the background or interact with them on camera as much as possible. being in youtube rewind 2014 probably also gave her a good boast of subs naturally. also i feel that it’s worth noting that the people she is now close friends with (hazel, jack, dean, tom, daniel, louise, carrie, etc) all have friendships with dan and phil that were formed before youtube became this big old money making business. (maybe it’s a big old a coincidence?) 
    there’s probably more points i could make about dodie being an oppurtunist when it comes to other bigger/ well established youtubers.
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  4. alethephobic added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    shane’s videos has a pattern:
    he sees what is popular and then mass posts that (food reviews, toy reviews conspiracy videos, shane and friends, documentary series, etc) until it stops having the views and then he goes onto the next best thing
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  5. alethephobic added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    god doesn’t she know that nobodies eye has ever looked that fucking blue naturally.... like this is stuff she’s voluntarily posting as well? 
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  6. alethephobic added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    i think she’s learnt her lesson about getting  tattoos from tattoo shops you haven’t researched 
    photo is terrible quality but this is what her heart tattoo looked like a week after she got it done and apparently she’s getting it covered up with a tree “to symbolise growth” 

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  7. alethephobic added a post in a topic James Charles   

    after all this and he still has the guts to cut trixies NY dragcon line for a picture 
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  8. alethephobic added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    alethophobia is the fear of the truth and seems fitting as most people discussed have fears of being truthful and honest
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  9. alethephobic added a post in a topic Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle)   

    nope, she’s single and seems to be fine with currently being single 
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  10. alethephobic added a post in a topic Amy Doan (aka Shrinkle)   

    “shes that kind of straight girl that sees gay man as accessories. She's only nice to the queens and important people in general (cue to their numbers on instagram). Working with her is a nightmare, don't get fooled by her cute clothes, there's nothing cute about her. She's exactly like Doe Deere and Jeffrey Starr, A HUGE FUCKING CUNT! And (I don't believe this but people really close to her said she talks about it openly) she's a little, like those in ddlg relationships.” - from tumblr 
    i don’t know if this is true or not as it’s an anon
    edit: i’m not claiming this is true i added this to see if anyone knew if it was true or someone jealous trying to start drama 
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  11. alethephobic added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    dodie got a new tattoo

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  12. alethephobic added a post in a topic Dodie Clark ( DoddleOddle)   

    after listening to the song maybe the whole “quiet” vibe is to co align with the songs meaning and how it’s a “i’m anxious/isolated” indie sad song, after all that is her brand (the romanticism of mental health) 
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