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  1. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    I'm really not surprised Venus ended up like this, though. It's not uncommon for victims of psychological abuse from a parent/guardian to mirror their abusers' behaviour later in life because that's all they've ever known. I'm thinking about the case of Gypsy Blancharde (victim of Munchausen's by proxy who murdered her abusive mother to escape), who apparently displays similar manipulative behaviours to her mother.
    If Venus had ditched Margo and then actually had intensive therapy and built up a good support network, she might have turned out differently. But unfortunately she ran away to Japan, where mental health is still stigmatised and good mental healthcare is hard to find, and most of the "friends" she briefly made were shallow influencer types who I suspect probably enabled her unhealthy mindset further. She's been getting involved with steadily seedier and seedier stuff over the past year or so, and I really don't see her managing to turn her life around without a serious intervention; but I doubt anyone in her life actually would intervene at this point since she seemingly burned bridges with all the people who could have been a good influence.
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  2. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Pretty certain Venus is hypersexual in the clinical sense, probably due to past trauma, especially if it's true she's fantasised about this sort of thing since she was young (although I suspect she was talking bullshit with that one). Hypersexuality or sex addiction can be a symptom of conditions like BPD and C-PTSD, among other things. 
    For some traumatised people, it can be good and empowering to reclaim their sexuality if it's done in a healthy way, but some others (consciously or not) use it as a means of self-harming, for example by having a lot of reckless or unsafe sex, sleeping with people they aren't attracted to or who take advantage of them, engaging in kinks way outside their comfort zone, etc. 
    There are also people who are convinced what they're doing is empowering (often due to social influence from peers), but haven't worked through their trauma enough to approach sex in a safe or healthy way, and I suspect Venus falls into that category. People who were sexually abused or exploited early in life (which you could argue Venus was, given her mother parading her around as pedo bait on the internet when she was 13) often grow up with a fucked-up view of sex and relationships too, which would explain a lot. 
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  3. braginskayas added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Honestly, it seems to me that Mikan and Yasu are a good match considering how they're both as shallow and narcissistic as each other. I can't see it ending well though if they're moving in together after, what, 6 weeks of dating? That's a terrible idea under any circumstances let alone when you've just dropped out of college and might have issues renewing your visa.
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  4. braginskayas added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    As a British person, even I find Mikan rude. Like, yeah, British humour does tend to be on the dry and sarcastic side but insulting your friends in front of others (or the entire internet) and then going "hehe just kidding! :3", or showing them off on camera when they're clearly uncomfortable is still cruel. Saying it's "your sense of humour" isn't really an excuse - I can bet Mikan's friends probably hate it but she either ignores them when they call her out, or they don't mention it for fear she'll start vagueing them online. I had a really shitty friend who treated me like that as a teenager and you can bet I dropped them like a hot potato the second we left school.
    Sidenote: I've noticed Mikan seems to hang out with a lot of people who seem more shy/less outgoing than she is. I wonder if it's because she likes being friends with people she can push around because she always needs to be in control...?
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  5. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Venus looks super thin in that photo. I know she's infamous for editing her pics but I'm guessing she hasn't been taking care of herself. 
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  6. braginskayas added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    Ruby comes across as a really sweet person and seems to mean well, but my main gripe is that she seems to have a very sheltered worldview. She obviously comes from a wealthy background, and dresses/acts younger than her years despite her obvious intelligence. She seems a bit oblivious to the issues a lot of students from other backgrounds face too, especially from a financial standpoint (e.g. that video she made about university accommodation with absolutely zero mention of how expensive the studio flats she was plugging really are).
    I get the impression - like other people have said - that going to university (and one other than Oxford, at that) has broadened her horizons a little, but she still seems like a workaholic to an unhealthy degree. I was obsessive about grades and studying during university, too, but I definitely did not wake up at 6am to study before classes or do 12+ hour cram sessions on the regular. If it's what she enjoys doing then fair play to her, but I worry that she'll burn out eventually, or struggle to adjust to life after graduation when there's no lecture/seminar prep and assignment deadlines to structure her life around. 
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  7. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I wonder if Venus is actually homeless or something...? All the places she's been vlogging/streaming from look like cheap AirBNBs or somebody's spare room. It wouldn't surprise me if she's couch surfing and doesn't have a permanent place of her own.
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  8. braginskayas added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Honestly, Mikan's attitude kind of reminds me of people in social justice circles (especially on Tumblr and Twitter) who make ridiculously vague or overcomplicated posts about racism/homophobia/etc. and then go "It's not my job to educate you! Quit acting entitled to the time and energy of marginalised people! Google is your friend :)))" when people ask them for clarification. Like, if people are constantly sending irritating messages or asking questions which you're not comfortable/can't be bothered to answer, just delete the messages? Turn off DMs and comments instead of posting rants about it? Otherwise you look like you're just deliberately being rude for clout.
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  9. braginskayas added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    To me, Mikan's brother seems to have more of a European-sounding accent than she does, which makes sense if they grew up in Sweden with Kurdish parents - there's probably an influence from both languages there?
    I also think Mikan's accent, while it does sound a little exaggerated, makes sense given that she's a native Swedish speaker who lived in the south of England for a long time - she actually has a similar accent to my Danish friends who moved to the UK to study. A lot of Scandinavians who learn British English (as opposed to American English) speak with a mostly native-sounding accent given that the languages use a lot of the same sounds, but tend to enunciate the vowels more clearly than the average English person which can make the accent sound more "posh."
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  10. braginskayas added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    As a native speaker, I think that's just how Venus talks. Her English has improved a lot since she started making videos in terms of grammar and natural-sounding speech, but her pronunciation has never been very good and she's always spoken with a kind of slurred accent. Her accent does sound stronger in that video, though - maybe because she's unwell, or maybe due to lack of practice if she hasn't been in contact with many other English speakers?
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  11. braginskayas added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    The thing is with Rachel and Jun, they seem perfectly harmless but just kind of boring? I'm sure they're nice people and I do find some of their videos relaxing to watch (plus their cats are very cute!), but like... it isn't particularly interesting, especially their more recent stuff.
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  12. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    This is totally incorrect though? The main difference between them is that bisexuality involves being attracted to more than one gender (not necessarily just "male or female"), while pansexuality is attraction to people regardless of gender. Bisexuals can still be attracted to trans/nonbinary/intersex people.
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  13. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I get the impression wherever Venus is living just has really shitty internet. Either that or she's making up excuses.
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  14. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    The thing is, Venus is acting a fool, but people are the product of their environments - it's becoming apparent that Venus has basically never had any good influences in her life and we're seeing the fallout from that. Like, she basically only had her mother for company for pretty much her entire childhood (and we've seen how things turned out for Margo), and most of her "friends" in Japan seem like shallow influencer types who just use each other for increased social media traffic via collabs more than anything else. Manaki seems mostly harmless, but I guess we'll never know the full story there either. Like, I'm seeing a person who wants to sort her life out but has no idea how to behave like a functional well-adjusted adult because this is basically all she knows. She needs an intervention but I doubt anyone in her life would actually do that. 
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  15. braginskayas added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I wonder if this new ‘business’ Venus is starting is some kind of pyramid scheme... Like, one of those of multi-level marketing things where you call yourself a business owner but really you’re just running your own subset of a wider organisation with a few underpaid staff members who all work commission? It would explain how Venus is suddenly able to start her own business despite having zero formal qualifications, since they’ll take on pretty much anybody who’s desperate for money and gullible enough to fall for it.
    I had this really shady “marketing company” try to recruit me once where they claimed you could work your way towards being a CEO of your own company within a year - and all the staff were paid commission (i.e. basically nothing) and were classed as “self employed” to avoid having to give them any actual worker’s rights. I don’t know how common they are in Japan (although I guess it could be international) but it would explain a lot if it was the kind of thing Venus is doing.
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