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  1. animedreaming added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Glad somebody sees where I'm coming from! Her creativity is the reason people liked her and came to her channel in the first place.
    I am no hater! I can give someone I don't like their props. She is an incredible artist with a lot of skills and talents. And she is a remarkable painter. She would get more subscribers and traffic to her YouTube channel if she would stop with these awful Larping videos and her bitching and complaining all day. And stick to what she is made to do: BE AN ARTIST!
    If she showed the world her amazing artistic skills and kept her attitude to a minimum, she would have already surpased 1 million subscribers. Her content is getting boring!
    I understand YouTube is your job but shut the fuck up already! How many more depression videos are you going to make? And this is coming from a person who battles depression.
    In all her videos she complains about everything. Like bitch you are blessed to have YouTube as a career. Do you know how many people aspire to become content creators but have a hard time. You have 200K freaking subscribers, be fuckin grateful and thankful. It's like you're telling your subscribers F YOU, I JUST want your money.
    Kelly has BEEN jealous of Dre, and honestly, I can see why. Dre is more confident than Kelly. And Kelly and Dre's episode on Amazing Interiors on NETFLIX proved it. She had a fake smile, and attitude whenever she was in a clip with Dre. I believe she is jealous because Dre is younger, she feels she is prettier and she has WAY more confidence than Kelly will ever have.
    You can see it in the way Dre carries herself. Not saying, Dre, is an angel, we all don't know what she did to Kelly offline. But Dre is WAY more likable and has a better personality by a LONG SHOT.
    I also believe she might of had a crush on Chris Villian, but got rejected or something. Cause every since they started getting him in her videos, Dre and him have been together more like a couple.
    This Easter vlog will be everything cause Courtney and Dre are not going to be there. Mark my words! And if they do it is only to keep face. Kelly doesn't like Dre AT ALL, and Courtney I feel she is just done with this cunt. She couldn't even be happy for her at her own wedding.
    And Lastly, for Phi. I believe she is growing a backbone, and mark my words she will be moving out in the next few weeks or months. I believe they are eventually going to get in a really bad fight. Phi always looks miserable next to Kelly.
    WOO SORRY FOR THE LONG RANT LOL ungrateful cunts just get under my skin! 
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  2. animedreaming added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    It is not as interesting as it used to be. I followed Kelly back in 2015/2014 when she seemed to be very humble and likeable. I loved the Dre and Kelly theme that was going on. Dre was the laid back Gothic chick, and Kelly was the pastel princess chick. And I thought this made them unique on YouTube and it was an excellent look for them. Unfortunately, when Dre started getting more subscribers than Kelly than she became a complete and total bitch to Dre. I strongly dislike insecure people, especially females.
    We all have insecurities, and that is fine and dandy. However, for you to behave like a spoiled, entitled little brat is ridiculous! It is social media, and both of you are getting paid for doing what you love. She pisses me off, and I had to unsubscribe to her because her content and her personality annoy me. And as far as her new roommate Phi goes, that girl better watch her back! Courtney Dawn unfollowed her, and Kelly unfollowed nearly everyone. The only one she was following last was Stephanie *eyeroll*
    Phi seems like such a nice girl, and she is very beautiful. But she needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself. Kelly treats her like a human doormat like she is some rug or something. I'd leave like Davey Suicide did this girl is such a narcissistic piece of trash!
    EXACTLY! The broad is a narcissistic piece of trash! She only cares for herself. and if she is not willing to compromise or get her head out of her multicolored ass than she will never find her "Prince Charming"
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  3. animedreaming added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    She has unfollowed Dre and Courtney. It's pretty obvious she was and probably still is extremely jealous of Dre. When Dre was her roommate Kelly would say little slick shit about her on camera and on her IG stories smh
    Kelly....in my personal opinion needs to stop LARPing, vlogging & blogging and just stick to doing DIY and painting tutorials ONLY on her channel.
    Even though I dislike her personality, I will give her, her props in the creative & painting department. The girl has talent when it comes to original home decor ideas for the alternative community. And i'm sure people would much rather see her artistic skills than her unlikeable personality
    And If it wasn't for her aesthetic i would have paid her channel DUST.
    Kelly is the type of toxic female I'd avoid at all cost. She looks like the type to talk shit about you behind your back smh insecure ass 
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  4. animedreaming added a topic in General Discussion   

    Dre Ronayne and Chris Villian a couple?
    YouTubers Dre & Chris....I believe they are dating despite what they’ve said publicly on YouTube.
    I follow both of them and love their cosplays. However, I was born a night NOT last night and I don’t care what they say I strongly believe they’re dating. And if they’re not dating best believe somebody is getting smashed, because I can feel the sexual tension through their pictures
    I saw on their “Shipping” video addressing people routing for them to be a couple and saw a factual yet hilarious comment. I’m not sure if it’s still up but they said “Come on, we all know you guys are F#%^%#.” I fell out because it was sooooooooooo funny but its so true. Like what do you think we are stupid? We can see it as clear as day. don’t believe them when they say they’re “just friends.” I think they’d make the most adorable couple

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