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    Uff, this was the same thing that made me love this site. I've always envied some people online looks (that also made me feel horrible) and now that I've seen that they're just people without all that ps on them I feel a ton better. 
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    Hello there!
    Hello there! I've decided to join after lurking the site for a while now. I've been able to open my eyes about a lot of "insta-perfect" and youtube personalities out there and it helped me have a new perspective on a lot of things I see online. (Whether it's looks or personality of some people).
    A lil about me? I'm a multimedia design student, lived in Japan some years, now I'm back home. I have many hobbies which include learning new languages (5 atm), baking, gaming and poledancing. I hope to get along with everyone! (*´∀`)ノ゚
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