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  1. satsuki added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Here is a breakdown of where Knitemaya tapes their eyes relative to where their eye line is, and comparison pictures to a famous drag queen, who tapes their face to use as a face lift. Note that the drag queen does not tape at the eye line.

    Also, Knite is believes that some Eastern Asians and his Asian friends are okay with it, therefore, no Asians are offended by it and it's okay to eye tape. Knite, I'm sure you love to lurk on your PULL thread, so here it is: I am Asian and I'm deeply offended by your actions. It's not the first time you tried to justify your eyetaping, and you are just ignoring some of your past offensive actions and comments by deleting them or pretending they didn't happen.
    Also, Knite is just bandwagoning for Hypnosis Mic right now, because it's really popular, especially in Asia. I bet Knite is just going to bandwagon on 魔道祖师 (Mo Dao Zu Shi/Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation) next, because it has a lot of pretty boy characters and the animated adaptation recently aired.
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  2. satsuki added a post in a topic Olivya Nora   

    guess she's still looking for a job because her friend tweeted her resume
    I covered up her real name, since I'm not sure if it's publicly known and any other sensitive info (education, professional/work email). 
    Yikes, I saw this when scrolling through my Twitter feed, because someone reposted it and it's probably not hard to find. Personally, I wouldn't want my info or resume floating around on Twitter, much less a friend posting it. Also, putting "Social Media Influencer" at the top of your resume for work experience is a choice.
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  3. satsuki added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Miyoko.Cosplay aka Rhodochrositye
    Cosplay Instagram || Rhodochrositye Instagram || Twitter

    Miyoko is a cosplayer and self proclaimed make up artist.
    She has over a 10k following on Instagram on her cosplay account. She was outed for making an Instagram account (@rhodochrositye) to spread hate and "criticize" other cosplayers. On this "criticism account", she also self-posts, calling herself "the worst cosplayer" (see the bio). Her "criticisms" are nothing more than pointing out people's flaws and insecurities.
    Some cosplayer exposed her for self posting, since a screenshot she posted on her hate account still showed her cosplay account's profile photo in the bottom right corner. See the image below, you can see that although the story post is from @rhodochrositye, the screenshot was taken while logged into the @miyoko.cosplay account, which is why it's on the bottom right corner
    Here is one instance of Miyoko self-posting. 
     Now that Miyoko was exposed, she made her account private. 
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  4. satsuki added a post in a topic Guillermo Del Toro films   

    My favorite of his is definitely Pan's Labyrinth, I just adore the lore behind it and how you can interpret it in different ways. I do like Crimson Peak, the first Pacific Rim, the Hellboy movies, and The Orphanage, he only produced this one though, I believe. I still haven't seem The Shape of Water yet
    Have any of you guys been to his exhibit "At Home with Monsters"? It's pretty cool, you get to see a lot of the movie props, costumes, and other memorabilia, but up close, in person. The dresses used in Crimson Peak are displayed, the faun and pale man from Pan's Labyrinth are on display too. There's even his journal and various sketched with the designs of the monsters and settings he's come up with. It was super neat to see all of it and experience it in person.
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  5. satsuki added a post in a topic The weeb among us   

    Oh dear lord, where do I even start. I think I set myself up for some of these situations though.
    Back when I was still in high school and one of my friends was the president of the anime club and her cabinet didn't help her, I used to help torrent the videos for the anime videos to show during the meetings. Occasionally, I would sit in just for shits and giggles or because I needed my flashdrive back immediately after. Don't get me wrong, I like manga and I cosplay at conventions and meet ups (well, I didn't start cosplaying at the time), but these people in the club took it to a whole other level. They would do cringey things like try to speak in Japanese incorrectly, throw random Japanese words around without context, wear cosplay to school when it wasn't Halloween.
    Skip forward a couple of years, I staffed at an Anime convention, because I was broke at the time and I wanted to get in for free, plus these was free housing and a food stipend. At this point, I learned a little bit of Japanese from college, mainly because I still really liked Japanese music at the time and I wanted to know how to read a little bit from the Japanese mobile games that I played. Back to the convention part, some random neckbeard came at me and tried to speak to me in really bad Japanese. It was terrible and it sounded something like "ohio, what taah shi wha name eye wha [insert name] - san. Oh gen key dehsooo ka?". Also, I'm not even Japanese, I'm Chinese lmfao
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  6. satsuki added a post in a topic Things Cosplayers Do That Annoy You   

    As a cosplayer myself, I have various things that bother me:
    1. Cosplay supremacists who think you HAVE TO make you entire cosplay from scratch, head to toe, to be a "REAL" cosplayer (insert eye roll here). Not everyone has the time to find all those fabrics and materials, let alone put all of it together.
    2. Cosplayers who rant online about strangers that touch their props or costumes without permission, but in persion, they do the same thing to you and touch your cosplay or props without permission. Hypocrites
    3. The terrible combination of lewds + minor (as in, not a legal adult) + patreon exclusive. It gets close to the point where it's softcore child porn and these cosplayers are probably attracting pedos and creeps. This is honestly so uncomfortable to see on Instagram too.
    4. The cosplay supremacists who think you HAVE TO do textured burn scars for characters like Zuko or Todoroki. As a cosplayer who is into special effects make up too, it's ridiculous that other cosplayers think it's a requirement. Especially, when other cosplayers likely have no experience with special effects or might be allergic to some of the special effects stuff like liquid latex.
    5. Cosplayers who use white eyeliner to fill in their waterline or worse, below their real bottom eyelashes to connect the "white" of their eyes to their fake eyelashes. It doesn't look very good online, and it looks worse in person.
    6. Cosplayers who call out another series, author, or fandom, when the ones they support are either equally as "toxic" or worse. For example, people who support Killing Stalking (literally contains rape, abuse, murder) trying to call out some other series's fans (let's say) Attack on Titan for the gore or gruesomeness. what even?
    7. Ahegao selfies, especially if it's almost other Instagram post. //cough//san_draw is one of them//cough// This is more of a minor pet peeve though.
    8. People that only cosplay for fame or recognition, when they should really only be doing this for fun, because then, what is the point if you don't even like it. It's just a waste of time, resources, energy and money otherwise.
    9. People or cosplayers that say only a person with a specific body type or skin color can cosplay another character with a specific body type or skin color. For example, when people say that someone is "too fat to cosplay [insert character here]". I think that people with tan or darker complexions get a lot of hate for their too, I've seen comments that go something like "why are you cosplaying [character] if you're [complexion or race]".
    edit: 10. Popular cosplayers who think they can get away with cosplaying an artist's original design without even asking them, and even worse, not knowing who the artist is and resorting to asking their followers who the artist is after posting the cosplay. Especially if the cosplayer is the type that wants credit for all of their pictures/cosplays, but won't even give credit to the artist or at the very least try to do a basic reverse image search on Google.
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  7. satsuki added a post in a topic Ichigo Miyazaki   

    "The only photoshop [...] is on their nose" check our their youtube channel. Or actually just look at these screenshots in comparison to the posted pictures above. 
    Honestly, they look fine without the excessive Photoshop. In fact, it's unnerving how excessive the Dorito chins are. The only other improvement that would be nice to see is properly blended contour that doesn't look like brown lines on each side of their nose and chin. From their ACEN video, it seems to be kind of blended, but in their posted pictures, it looks completely unblended and super muddy. Also, maybe choose a contour that isn't so dark and harsh.
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  8. satsuki added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Ahh okay, I knew about the customs thing, but wow, she's petty enough to bash on people from Hong Kong for such reasons...
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  9. satsuki added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Genuinely curious, does she have some sort of grudge against Hong Kong people? o__O how does she know that the person is from Hong Kong....
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  10. satsuki added a post in a topic 0kyashi0 (kylevcosplay/fathertoad/vjdhehdisnd)   

    Relating back to the original poster's comment about Kyle's "grandma's drawing" and sa in hiragana (さ)
    Reusing JunkFood's picture for clarification purposes, but even non-native Japanese speakers learn to write さ like how it appears on the right. Any decent teacher for beginner Japanese in America will teach you to write it like the one on the right. Also, his Kanji in his "grandma's drawing" is terrible. Side note, Japanese Kanji uses the same characters as Traditional Chinese. There's little kids out there that can write better (lol).
    Point being: Kyle obviously is not a native speaker, nor did he bother to take any sort of Japanese class despite claiming he is Japanese. If he was born and raised (until he was 8) in Japan, he would at the very least would know at least how to write sa (さ) normally. Pretty sure that's what gradeschoolers learn. He probably uses Google translate. Also, his grandma clearly doesn't know Japanese (lol).
    It's laughable that he's trying so hard to pretend to be Asian, especially when he doesn't even know the very basics of Japanese despite attempting to respond in Japanese. Well, seems like he's trying to reinforce the lie that he's "haafu" to anyone that doesn't actually know any Japanese. 
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  11. satsuki added a post in a topic Hana Dinh / Hana Bunny Cosplay / hana.bunny_bunny   

    I found another picture of her from a different photographer. This one definitely has less editing. I don't know why but her eyes look kind of crusty
     Also, kind of OT, but is @dan_huang13 her boyfriend/SO?
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  12. satsuki added a post in a topic PisaraWigs   

    Oof, not really a good update, but she still hasn't addressed the lack of refunding, plus she posted cosplay pics on her "Vanity Account", as she calls it. Comments are still restricted.
    edit: also, it seems somewhat ironic that she has a ko-fi to "fund her panty collection" when she's scammed so many people.
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  13. satsuki added a post in a topic Hana Dinh / Hana Bunny Cosplay / hana.bunny_bunny   

    Her Instagram post vs a photographer's post (with minimal or no shooping)

    It's pretty obvious that she's definitely not as thin as she photoshops herself to be
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  14. satsuki added a post in a topic PisaraWigs   

    I heard that John/ModeratelyOkayCosplay got backlash for getting his wig from Pisara (whereas many other commissioners did not), but that's just hearsay.
    Also, it makes sense that Pisara was extremely overwhelmed, but (1) she should have limited the amount of commissions she was taking if she was so stressed or if it was becoming too much for her, (2) it's not okay to take people's money and not give them their products or not issue a refund for them, because at that point it's not a business, it's scamming, (3) she should at least issue an apology and start refunding the rest of her commissioners, based on comments and general public outcry, it looks like a lot of people are out of money because of her. From what we can tell, she has just been ignoring the issue, since she closed down shop, ignored people's messages, and hasn't done really anything to address the problem. The people who said they are getting their money back, also said they filed claims through etsy and paypal, so it's assumed that Pisara isn't explicitly refunding people herself.
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  15. satsuki added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    This just seems like an attempt to stay relevant or to keep up with the trends, due to the recent release of the Tokyo Ghoul:Re anime.
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