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  1. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Kelly just needs to understand that her original fanbase grew up, without her. She is stuck, trying to restrike gold by latching onto different trends that don't really fit her, and her content is incredibly watered-down and boring. This is why, despite her bloated video catalogue, her numbers are bleeding out. It's just too much filler and not enough substantial content with her desperately trying to wear so many crowns and failing at each niche. 
    Content creators much more entertaining are doing her whole gimmick better than she has been for years. Without the Fellowship to make content with or people like demonpuff or old Doe Deere "dollhaus" bullshit aesthetics to keep ripping off, she's been stumbling to a flatline. I used to enjoy her DIY furniture paintings but I'm so sick of the clashing colors and lack of actual creativity for someone who boasts such a multifaceted background in art. 
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  2. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Same! As I am a practicing green/kitchen witch myself, I'd be highly interested in seeing this side more of her, especially as it's one of the few things she has separate from Kenna. However, I feel like it's just an "uwu aesthetic" for her, and not something she's serious about. Just my opinion, though. I'd like to be wrong. 
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  3. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Omg yes! I forgot about this. There has been a ton of hilarious posts flagged that are literally innocent. Their algorithm is as busted as their logic. Oh no not teh b( * ) ( * )bies. I'm half-way pissed about people being so outspoken for porn/calling everyone prudes for sticking around, and half-way pissed at Dumblr for letting far worse dominate. Tumblr has, imo, become the dark web. Wanna see ____, ______ and @#$_____? All in one place. Thank you for the reply 
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  4. blackunicorn added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Exactly. This thread has proven time and time again she is a danger to animals and common fucking hyginene. 
    Goddamn she is so cringey. I remember when Satan first made this thread years ago thinking she'd fade away into obscurity, outgrow her Vine bullshit and shitty cosplay abilities/maybe become advanced with practice. Nope. Still kicking: making cookies, shit cosplay, shit softcore porn and sloppy ass lipstick kisses. Still selling her nasty, orphan Annie needs a bath ass, literally, for mere pennies. 
    Satan, wherever you are, I hope the cringe is still fueling many a panty-moistin'ings whenever you pop in. 
    I've been curious about this for months and if someone can point me to the information or PM me I'd appreciate it: whatever happened to PKC? Was very active here and then dropped off, become Natitty's roomie? Is Pkc alive or trapped in the clutter? I worry. 
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  5. blackunicorn added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I didn't see this posted before but I'm a few days behind so I just caught up and may have missed it. 
    I know that animals are great for depressed people, people who lack (by choice or otherwise) affection as they can be wonderful companions, etc. Everyone deserves that unconditional love but... 
    I'm triggered. This girl doesn't need any more pets, EVER, or any 'borrowed' animals near her during her lewd photoshoots. I pray for this tiny little animal. 
    ANIMALS ARE NOT AN ACCESSORY, NATASHA. Especially to your crimes of half-assed Christmas boudoir bullshit! 

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  6. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    So I understand while a lot of people are pissed about Tumblr and the removal of adult content. However, possible unpopular opinion, I'm tired of logging into it and seeing weird nasty shit under innocent tags. Not just from porn bots but also by cringey, creepy people (see examples below.)
    So while I get that sex workers and models and artists are upset and I feel for them, I am also fucking mad at Tumblr for blaming female presenting nipples as ban-worthy but not PEDOPHILIA, extreme SELF-HARM, RACISM, NAZISM, ZOOSADISM and BESTALITY?
    There is shit on there that makes my skin crawl, makes me burst into tears and vomit. Literally. That has nothing to do with consenting adult sex or female presented nipples. I can hide that stuff, not follow it or have tags to block it. But I can't hide from the heinous stuff you find in INNOCENT tags, etc. Good job, Tumblr. Try again. This time mean it when you say you want to protect kids, etc. Because the amount of near SNUFF and ABUSE and horrifying treatment of people and animals is clearly worse than a beautiful girl making videos or artwork. 
    Sorry... I just. I get really upset also when I see someone like Dolly Mattel or her gross boyfriend complain about Tumblr deleting them when I accidently click on a blog following me that posted things I can't unsee.

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  7. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Because our great kawaii queen is the one to ask for advice obviously!
    Ask any of her "daddies" (also can this fucking daddy thing please DIE?): Sephiroth, Pennywise or any of the cringey AMSR videos she spends her lonely nights with. She's a real heartbreaker that one. Honestly Kelly needs to ask herself that question and answer it for herself before giving advice. I'd say she should let Davey Suicide answer this but we all know how that last Q&A went. Spoiler: he didn't get to answer much and is probably still glad he dodged that Pretty Guardian bullet. 
    But I feel you. I loved her for years before I discovered PULL and lolcow so I get that loss of innocence moment. It sucks. I hope Phi stays Phi. 
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  8. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Onision   

    I thank @Rhea and @Sugi for recapping this well. Good to see this fucking moron's video did what he does best: failed. I don't particularly care about Shane Dawson, or for Lainey for that matter but I hope Shane sues and wins. I can't wait for the day Onion's various channels are deleted, permanently.
    Pedophile? Pot, meet kettle. Nasty ass teen chaser. 

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  9. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Stephanie Michelle   

    I miss the old Stephanie (zilla308 era). She and Kota are the only two offhand of the ''Reading Rainbow Brite Fellowship" I enjoyed, namely for her personal videos about her fandoms. I remember her crying about the X-Men being a live action show years ago and melted. I could feel her earnest emotion. I'm all for a person expressing themselves and taking pride in their body, etc, but I feel like she's really limited herself by jumping so headfirst into the Patreon hentai dream bimbo aesthetic that's all she's going to be known for. 
    So truthfully, I am glad she doesn't have enough milk to have a larger thread because I still want to remember zilla308 fondly. Then again, her poor quality cosplay has me side-eying hard. I can't make fun of N00dz for doing the same thing (and both wearing way too tight of bikinis that look twat-painful) and protect Steph. Dammit girl. Re-evaulate your choices, please.

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  10. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Lil Kim "Colorism" Plastic Surgery   

    Holy shit! Talk about a drastic move to stay relevant... Honestly, I forgot this girl even existed. Please don't do this Nicki Minaj.
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  11. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Sophia Mitchell   

    I really wish little girls, and teenagers, could just live and grow without trying to emulate or be made into this. This is beyond out of hand.
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  12. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Priceampora Cosplay/Olivia   

    What is with all of these naturally pretty/beautiful/cute girls radically changing themselves online into new people? I wanna feel bad for these girls but there's too many of them!
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  13. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Amos Yee   

    Part of me wants to see what else crazysauce he says and the other part wants to punch him in the dick til he passes out.
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  14. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Abipop! ♥   

    The ex-boyfriend's words made me really sad. Poor guy. I can't imagine his pain.

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  15. blackunicorn added a post in a topic Shad0wsoflove   

    Me doth think the lady protests too much. 
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