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  1. Qualle

    Friendly Fire 2! 🙌

  2. Qualle

    Oh wow, I finally got the sans pareil wings! So cute! :alpacacrush:

    1. House

      congratulations :alpacacrush::alpacacrush::alpacacrush:

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  3. Qualle

    I can't handle that one person here on the forum... Stop that, geez...

  4. Qualle

    I just coincidentally found the status updates, wow... :alpacaworry:

  5. Qualle

    Anyone heard of that convention scam in Peru? Wth... :alpacaworry:

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    2. ❀bunny❀

      what happened? 

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    3. Qualle

      Calssara posted quite a bit about it on her FB page here. Basically, the organizers of the event are scammers, never booked the location for the convention but still sold a lot of tickets and had invited a lot of guests like foreign cosplayers.

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    4. Marimo

      Add that to the fact they have mistreated and scammed so many other South American cosplayers, going as far as to threaten them or harass them so they don't call them out. These basic motherfuckers are life ruiners. This is why we can't have nice things.

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  6. Qualle

    I'm back from Japan /sad face, sad tummy

    1. Siwon

      welcome back!

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  7. Qualle

    Greetings from Tokyo! It's incredibly hot here, but more the tropical kind because it's so humid. I missed Tokyo so much though :alpacacrush:

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    2. Qualle

      Thank you! I guess the rain is gonna take care a lot of the heat for today. So much for the rain season being over, I got caught in a rain shower yesterday and now it's raining for an hour already.

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    3. All Over The World

      You get to enjoy the sweltering temperatures with me.  ;)  

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    4. Qualle

      I actually kinda like the weather, it's just making me really sleepy xD (doesn't help with the jet lag sadly) Hopefully it's not gonna be too sunny tomorrow because I'll stand in line for a couple hours.

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  8. Qualle

    So many people on the chat recently, I saw there were almost 600 last night... :alpacaworry:

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    2. Girl A

      and bots

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    3. GranberryMuffin

      Yeah, that too...

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    4. GoMons

      Chat is so quiet today, I want a crazy chat full of people.  :alpacaworry2:

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  9. Qualle

    There's a shooting in my city...

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    2. Qualle

      Most of the people I know luckily are safe there already but I don't have many added on FB, especially not from work. There's no other way than to wait for Monday. I already checked my work mails but it seems there was no evacuation or anything. I hope it's a safe place, it's a public building and open until midnight...

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    3. coffeejunkie

      Du bist auch in München? Gut, dass du und deine Lieben sicher sind! Ich wünsche dir eine gute Nacht und pass auf dich auf!

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    4. lnactive

      Stay safe!

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  10. Qualle

    Feels too sad to keep posting much now... :alpacaworry2:

  11. Qualle

    http://yamanote.style/ This is making me so nostalgic, in a month I'm finally back!

  12. Qualle

    Whoever voted pro Brexit sucks.

    1. Ms.lrk

      It's a sad day!

      And it sucks even more for Scotland which just 2 years ago voted to stay in the UK – mostly because else they'd have to leave and reapply for EU status, which their economy needs. They don't have many reasons to stay now and even after separating in another referendum, for which chances are high, may not qualify to join the EU again.

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    2. Siwon


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    3. Kummerspeck

      Very True! I'm starting to have second thoughts on democracy, I feel at least London should remain though - I'm so proud that London voted remain

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  13. Qualle

    Is it only me or is it super quiet recently without Bon-drama...?

    1. CosplayQueen

      :alpacaworry2: True. Nothing really happening!

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    2. Nami

      Somebody will find another crazy snowflake and the cycle will repeat again... That's the life cycle of PULL really! :P

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