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  1. moonlighter added a post in a topic hyulari   

    friendly remainder that shes not original

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  2. moonlighter added a post in a topic hyulari   

    Oh woah maybe they stopped being friends? I remember someone asking her in a live stream if she could do more videos and collabs with tracey and she was like NOT ANYTIME SOON. Damn I live for the tea 
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  3. moonlighter added a post in a topic Gina Darling   

    Always knew she was unnecessarily mean to be edgy since "MissGinaDarling" on Tumblr anon response days. Smh on a scale of 1 - David So's repeated Jknews stories how cringe is this. 

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  4. moonlighter added a post in a topic Gina Darling   

    Not gonna lie, Gina seems like a pretty toxic person for so many reasons but I'll list the ones I view as most valid. 
    1. Unnecessarily mean. Admitting you are 'petty' and 'bitchy' doesn't seem like valid justification for ruining someone's business. Acknowledging that you're an asshole doesn't make you less of an asshole unless you stop being an asshole lol?? Blasting an entire company on social media because they fucked up your nails is incredibly unnecessary tana mongeau esque behaviour especially with her knowing the extent of her influence.
    2. Painfully insecure to where she has to shit on others to lift herself up by differentiation. Watching her on the role models show and hearing her constantly shit on import models around all her 'friends' who are import models (who are lovely people btw) just really shows a part of her insecurity and superiority complex. Likewise with her whole 'gamer girl' identity she pushes where she feels like she has to prove herself as a 'pro girl gamer' to feel validated by the very men she despises of anyway. 
    All in all, its just really obvious that you are who you hang out with and considering half of JK-news are toxic people I'm not surprised that Gina is as well. She seems cool in the beginning, but after a while she's just too try-hard and really disingenuous imo. 
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  5. moonlighter added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    Not going to lie, I can see where she is coming from in terms of inspiration and raw creative expression when it comes to this 'the room' and 'disaster artist' franchise. If you have actually seen the room and had a good LAFF with friends, and then seen/read the disaster artist you do really feel for the characters and it humanises the ridiculousness of Tommy Wiseau and his entire expedition.
    While I do think Jenn has a lot of flaws (don't we all), I don't think it's entirely fair to assume her interests aren't valid or authentic just because she doesn't always appear to be. 
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  6. moonlighter added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    idk if this has been addressed before but is it just me who feels a little upset/salty that jennim started out as a thrifty, money-savvy fashionista but now runs a brand (eggie) thats literally missguided fashion at the price point of unif? It feels really inauthentic to me, and does not indicate a desire to maintain her roots at all -- not that she has to, but it would be nice to have acknowledged this. 
    sorry if this has been explained by her before, someone please correct me if this is the case because I don't actively keep up with her anymore!
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  7. moonlighter added a post in a topic favorite products for acne   

    idk if theres anything in makeup that can improve/prevent acne, but i use a treatment called benzac which is just like benzoyl peroxide gel 2% which literally CLEARED my skin COMPLETELY. Like *not sponsored* *not an ad* guys it was bomb and I recommend it over any korean or 'natural' skincare because its literally medicine haha. 
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  8. moonlighter added a post in a topic hyulari   

    totally agree in which it doesn't suit her features. i'd like to see her try something more dramatic though, not just your typical red lip/nude/pinkish aesthetic. i reckon green could really bring out her eye colour -- which I also feel like she edits a bit since it seems to be one of her strongest selling points. 
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  9. moonlighter added a post in a topic Ruby Granger   

    I think there needs to be some sort of disclaimer for those who watch Ruby's content that they shouldn't subscribe into the standard narrative of 14 hour study days in order to do well academically, because its usually quality over quantity -- study smart, not study hard. It's worrying to think that young girls viewing this content may come to criticise themselves for not being able to study just as much as Ruby because they have other commitments in life beyond studying. 
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  10. moonlighter added a post in a topic hyulari   

    I think hyulari is just a regular girl who somehow got ig famous and turned to youtube (don't know how exactly she blew up though), but she doesn't seem problematic or anything and her circle of friends like tracy and her bf seem pretty cute. look forward to seeing how she grows as a content creator! 
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