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  1. BerryBom added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    Yes!! Thank you.
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  2. BerryBom added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    Does anyone have the video where she is in paris? I was looking for it but it seems like she deleted it
    I don't remember the name but she was still very much in the dolly phase and there is one scene where she goes to drink hot chocolate?
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  3. BerryBom added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    idk maybe not the same thing but for a while now there have been a shit ton of videos from american youtubers living in germany on my recommended list and I've also seen shit like "what german men think of black women!!" (it's not like black people don't live here, shocking news), "german opinion on dating!" and other weird stuff. Not only me but lots of my friends saw videos like that too. And half the time it's really stupid and misinformed bs based on one personal experience. but that's ot, sorry. Luckily gvloggers aren't a big thing yet lmao.
    I love Chris Abroad but I though the "documentary" was...disappointing.
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  4. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    goddddd...their relationship might be better now but a few good months don't equal a happier marriage and better understanding of each other all of a sudden. Sure would be a great idea to test your newfound peace with yet another baby!! If that doesn't bind "my idea of parenting is telling you our kid's diapers smell"- Tim to her then idk what will lmao. But I guess that thought just doesn't cross your mind anymore when you have been together with your partner since you were both 15. At that point it's probably all or nothing in her mind.
    How old is she now, 31? If they are "lucky" they might have 3 more children or something like that if they still decide to go with the whole no birth control for me, praise the lord haha route.
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  5. BerryBom added a post in a topic Waveya   

    ohhh I remember them. And I remember already thinking back then (around 2013? or something) that their stuff gets boring quickly bc the "sexy" route is only going to take you so far. Showing some variety would make it easier for people to actually see you as a professional dancer. Also it feels to me like they lack energy sometimes and their moves just look....weak? Not very precise? But I don't think I'm really qualified to judge that.
    Nothing against sexy dancing in particular. That's cool with me, you do you. But even back in the day there were already dance studios who put a lot of effort into quality filming and diverse choreos (sure not everyone can afford the filming part but you get what I mean) and waveya were miles behind. Now there's 1Million dominating youtube and there's no way Waveya could keep up with them.
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  6. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Also no one can tell me that in all those years before they got married they never had sex. It's pretty obvious that they used protection before.
    They can't make an excuse by saying "well it's God's plan!!". They're just dumb af and don't ever want to learn from their mistakes.
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  7. BerryBom added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I still like them a lot lol. Sure Rachel is a bit awkward and Jun is a very shy and quiet guy, but they are still my fave jvloggers and that's bc I not only appreciate their content but also their personalities. They seem nice and genuine.
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  8. BerryBom added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Some of you reaaallyyy want to make asian people seem innocent in these kind of scenarios so badly. I'm not trying to attack anyone here but I've seen it many times on various threads and it rubs me the wrongest of ways lol.
    Just bc ppl live in a mostly homogenous society doesn't mean that they are like little innocent children who never mean harm to anyone and are just tooo sheltered to know any better or even have access to information about issues outside of their own bubble. And trying to shift the blame to black people in this kind of scenarios really isn't the smartest idea. Do you really think that in this year of 2018 Japanese people in our generation still somehow think that the n-word is no more than a term of affection? Sorry but that's ridiculous.
    They might not be 100% familiar with all the issues outside of their country but they're not stupid.
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  9. BerryBom added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    @Kawaii45 uhmmm I feel like you got some other problems going on that have nothing to do with this thread itself. Please...chill. everyone is entitled to their opinion (and I think yours is some good hot bs) but please don't come to a thread like this and derail the discussion because you feel the need to get something off your chest lol.
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  10. BerryBom added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    I mean I guess if she was open about what she would use the donations for it's alright. Still not the smartest idea. But if people are willing to pay for another person's travels then why not, I don't see why she can't benefit from that. 
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  11. BerryBom added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

      I used to think she had a nice ~~aesthetic~~ going on and watched her for about 2 weeks. And then I got bored. Most of her makeup really isn't applied that well, her eye shadow often looks patchy and I don't think she has done anything remarkably or interesting other than "I look kinda cute & I'm moving to Korea" that would explain so many viewers. 
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  12. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    I watched her new video and I immediately wanted to just close it bc for some reason I was incredibly annoyed by her two minuted long talk about how her "hot" gardener won't come back and how upset she is.
    Back in the day I used to really like her and watched her videos almost everyday. But I just...can't relate to anything anymore. I know it was a joke but it just wasn't funny. It's the same kind of joke your aging aunt would tell to seem young and funny but you just want her to stop bc life isn't an episode of sex and the city and you're not yet desperate enough to try and portray it that way. Idk. Maybe I'm too harsh lol. But she just got so boring. 90% of her videos are complaining at this point.
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  13. BerryBom added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    You sound very defensive. I don't think that anyone here was trying to argue with you or undermine your experiences, but I do think we can say that none of us had the experience of having a mother that paraded us around in fetishy videos just to gain more attention, pushed us shamelessly into the spotlight to fulfill her own dreams and left us to be judged by the whole world as young as age 13. Venus didn't simply have a terrible mother (although I don't want to make it sound like other's experiences with mothers like her were less awful) but she was forced to put on a fake persona before she even had the chance to find herself at all and was frequently taken from place to place where it came to a point that she had no people left to rely on or a place she could truly call "home". She was groomed to be a public figure, a living doll, a blank wall for her mother to live vicariously through. Margaret changed her whole life by basing it around Youtube. Venus could never escape that, at least not at this point. She never had the chance to a normal education, to a normal job. She was forced into this and now she is forced to continue it (although she finally has the chance to turn it into something she likes and that she is proud of doing). You really can't compare her situation to that of anyone here.
    Also yeah the damage might already be done but....that's the point? You can't just ignore the impact her mother had on her life, on her mental health and on her everyday life to this day. Do you expect her to just say "oh well that's it. Time to move forward!!"? She clearly tries to do exactly that and is in therapy now. Of course she has to move on and of course she will have to make her own choices now and be responsible for everything she does. But it doesn't mean that the things she does or thinks are not a direct result of her holy fuck this girl is 19? 20? Her childhood was a fucking mess. She's barely an adult. It's not like she had years to cope with everything that happened.
    (oh man that turned out kinda long I'm sorryyyy)
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  14. BerryBom added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Ok just to clarify it once and for all I transcribed what she said in the video, starting at 19:28: "I didn't even tell my boyfriend until I arrived in Korea and I was like "would you mind if get weight loss surgery?" and he said "no, I'll divorce you if you get weight loss surgery". (...) So I kept it a secret for two years." It's not entirely clear when exactly she told him that she actually got one but she definitely did it without telling him first.
    What really breaks my heart is the part where Venus talked about the risk of dying from septic shock and she just added "at that time I pretty much wouldn't have cared". Holy shit she was in such a dark place...I'm so glad Manaki and his family are with her, she deserves all the care and love she can get!! I really can't believe how strong she is and how hard all of this must have been. After years and years of grooming to be "the perfect living doll" from her horrible mother to talking openly about taboo topics..maybe this is weird to say but I'm so proud of her ;_;
    Also to all the people saying that she should seek professional help: didn't she already say that she was looking for a therapist?
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  15. BerryBom added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    No he didn't know about it. She asked him "what If I got one" and he got upset so she dropped the topic yet went to get the surgery anyway. She didn't tell Manaki at that time. She only told him when she had to go to the hospital due to complications with the weight loss surgery.
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