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  1. BerryBom added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I don't know about other countries but I'm from germany and almost no one eats in their kitchen here. I always think it's kinda weird too. We usually have a big dining table in the living room space and that's where you eat. Having your food in the kitchen seems to me like it's not a thing you want to enjoy and just do it to feed yourself quickly lol. 
    anyway watching her cook makes me feel empty inside. I just don't get how you can be content with this bullshit on your plates everyday. At least she uses hello fresh now. Which is still kind of weird. But....better than nothing. 
    The concept of "watching someone learn how to cook" could actually be really interesting and entertaining if it's done well I think. But we're talking about yumi here.
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  2. BerryBom added a post in a topic ItsBlackFriday   

    God yes, I agree so much! I loved her content but I honestly just wanted to unsubscribe when I saw her new video out bc it just screamed "rebound" to me and honestly...I didn't sign up for her (sorry) childish relationship drama. I wish her all the best and hope everything works out for her but if you're willing to run away from your engagement that easily, what makes you think that it will all suddenly work out? Especially since we can assume that they most likely didn't keep in touch while she was with Matthias...
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  3. BerryBom added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I totally agree that she can put on as much makeup as she wants (and it actually looked good yo!) but I feel like some ppl here are overexaggerating a bit? I personally didn't feel like elbow san was being "abusive" or anything even close to that lmao. he just said that he thought it was more of a night time look and too much for a normal day out. again, it's her choice! but calling his opinion "mentally abusive" is just...too much? I think?
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  4. BerryBom added a post in a topic Elijah and Christine   

    the video with manny was sooo good!! It was funny and entertaining through the whole video and really had me sitting there for a minute and thinking "wow. this is what you subscribed for in the first place. it's been a loooong time." bc honestly the last few videos with elijah and his annoying ass crew I just grew tired of both of them and forgot that christine actually never stopped being the great person she originally was. elijah was just overshadowing her.
    I really hope her channel will grow even more bc she deserves it and honestly she's such a positive and nice person.
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  5. BerryBom added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    honestly after I heard her saying that paris has some of the best bread in the world I needed to pause and calm down for a while bc my german heart couldn't take it.
    on a more serious note, I really liked this video. lot's of walking, showing and (finally) less telling. It was kind of heavy on shopping again (or at least showing us all kinds of shops, boutiques and markets) but I didn't mind at all. Nothing special. But a nice and calm video that shows you a different side of paris than you normally see in other vloggers videos.
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  6. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    yep, she's frustrated. I totally get where she's coming from and I agree with her 100% but still...
    I remember some vlogs right after Isaac was born where she said that one of their main problems in marriage was Tims unwillingness to help with anything. In this case it's not really his or her fault (just the way society sees parenting sadly) but lol I totally get Lindys anger about this issue. She's working her ass off taking care of the kids and when Tim decides to be a responsible father for once he's seen as this incredibly great dad. Nah.

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  7. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Lindy tries so so hard to keep up her positive attitude that it's starting to look fake and pretentious. She was always more of the preachy kind but I feel like lately it's getting worse. There's nothing bad with reflecting on your own thoughts and trying to see the positive side to everything but I feel like she's doing less of that and more of covering up the fact that she's having actual problems. It's not "hey haha we're all not perfect but we try!" but instead "we are not perfect but I have to try. I want to seem perfect by admitting that I'm not" and it looks unhealthy to me.
    About the twitter thing: Somehow I completely skipped over the part where Tims friends left early. What did he do all night alone? So weird. I remember that someone commented on one of her tweets that they saw Tim with a woman and Lindy replied that it was probably some friend of his and linked that guys profile (it's not really active). Idk. Why tf would it take a whole night for you to go eat ramen with a friend. you're not even in a group of people anymore.
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  8. BerryBom added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Did anyone else see the "drama" on her twitter from last night?
    Apparently Tim went out with his friends to have ramen at night but didn't come back until the next morning and lindy was up all night worrying bc he didn't even text her to say when he was coming home or that he was okay.
    Honestly idk what to think of this.
    She made it seem kind of funny in her posts but you could see that she was upset and imo rightly so. If you're a father of two little kids you don't just...stay out the night without telling your wife. She has enough to worry about without having to be scared bc her husband isn't coming back from a trip to a restaurant (!!). at the same time it was super weird to read about someones relationship drama like that.
    Lindy said that she would be nice to him but wanted him to stay up with her and take care of the kids together as she hasn't had any sleep herself (which is a great idea? Nagging him probably wouldn't help but this way he could at least face the consequences). But of course she let him sleep anyway lol.
    I really don't know. Tim is so irresponsible.
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  9. BerryBom added a post in a topic ItsBlackFriday   

    personally I don't feel to great about digging up someones personal life and trying to analyze every little piece of information we get (and she is in fact very private when it comes to her relationship. we never get to see that much). buuuut if my memory doesn't fail me, she said that one of the reasons they broke up was bc she wanted to travel a lot and he didn't want to or somethin like that. now that she is in germany we always see her on festivals or concerts with (or without) Matthias or in different cities all over europe.
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  10. BerryBom added a post in a topic ItsBlackFriday   

    I don't get how ppl see her as being unhappy? Whenever they both appear together they seem very comfortable with each other. I would actually love to see him more in her videos, they make a great couple in my opinion lol.
    As for her becoming "mainstream"...idk? Her travel vlogs are great and totally different from what you usually get to see. I feel like you could do only so many videos about goth culture before it has all been said. I guess most people watch her videos for her personality and there is more to that than just the goth lifestyle.
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  11. BerryBom added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I'm betting on a vegan cookbook as well. She stopped sharing recipes for quite a while now (even though they were some of the most popular parts of her videos) so it would make sense I guess.
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  12. BerryBom added a post in a topic Shirin David   

    Ohhh my god I'm so glad I found this lmao
    I used to follow her in the past bc she was always so confident and positive and just a funny person. She seemed very honest about editing her pics and makeup but after a while I just couldn't stand her anymore.
    She's the typical german youtube who did nothing worth mentioning, ever. She was promoted by another youtuber and mainly did vlogs with other members of their so-called "gang" (basically a bunch of people hyping each other up constantly) but now that they have disbanded she got this...idk...super weird "I am so much better than all of you" vibe. Always tweeting shit about her being a lone wolf now, a fighter girl, how much she could say about the oh so fake yt world but she can't say it bc she would get in trouble...fucking annoying.
    Shirin really is trying to make a brand out of herself comparable to Kylie Jenner. Idk. It just rubs me the wrong way to see this woman talk about working hard and doing her best when she got pushed to the top right from the start and contributing absolutely nothing to her fame.
    Btw it looks like she might produce a song soon.
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  13. BerryBom added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Lmaooo "In these old pajamas, messy hair and no makeup?" this was actually super funny haha
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  14. BerryBom added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Not sure if my translation is 100% right but as far as I can read it says something like "she should love me (she is supposed to like/love me)"? So yeah I think she looks like that on purpose guys.
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  15. BerryBom added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Thiss!!! I'm from germany and we always say that's the reason why dutch people are better in english than most of us. They usually watch the movies in english. Tbh I'm not sure if it's true but I believe in this statement since that's the way I learned english haha. 60% school and 40% movies and books and whatever. It's not hard at all to read subtitles bc you read them faster than the person is talking anyway. I never had that problem with not being able to pay attention and as far as I know no one who watches subbed stuff (aka ppl who don't speak english) has that problem either. so yeah
    I really don't want to sound mean but I feel like most of these people complaining are english speaking people being thrown out of their comfort zone for the first time lol
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