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    Nope. It's the I have a-Impressionistic-Compulsive-Obsessive Mindset towards living things and also have an abusive sugar daddy and cannot get my life together thing. It is actually common in the States, though, as a lot of Americans seemed to be bogged down with Mental Disorders and Disabilities, seriously, we're not a healthy country. Don't come here.
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  2. Verseity added a post in a topic Taylor Nicole Dean   

    Seriously, she has a compulsion disorder. I know what it's like being compulsive and wanting animals - I WAS THERE. I had like 6 animals at one time and I barely took care of them. Now I'm down to just three dogs. I understand if you have a disorder or disabilities and that keeps you from taking care of something like animals or whatever. But you shouldn't get MORE if you cannot even take care of yourself. (She was barely moved in and she was talking about getting more pets!) If that isn't Extreme OCD then I don't know what is. She needs help. 
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    Just Joined! Happy New Year 8D
    Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe we're in 2018 already? I was lurking on this site for a little bit and was tempted to join. I don't usually like drama so I don't know what came over me - but I just wanted to join. >_< I've been having an insanely dull life lately due to me constantly battling my disabilities and I don't have many IRL friends (I live in Florida and being disabled it's hard to get around) I live with my parents, and I was thinking of starting a vlogging channel someday, but i was unsure due to my high anxiety. : / 
    I hope I can get to know people and make some friends - I don't know if this is the site for that, but I still hope you enjoy having me here! 
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