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  1. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    And really, just the sheer number of photos she's taken should have had some cumulative educational effect, 'cause we can't rely on aptitude here. 
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  2. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    You know, I kinda feel bad for her, cause I really think she's not at all that bright. She's got quite a pretty face, but I don't know how much longer that will last if the spiral gets deeper and darker. It's that kind of pretty that doesn't necessarily age well. 
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  3. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I know that we're not supposed to armchair diagnose, but in starting to wonder if her behavior is symptomatic of something unfortunate, hypersexuality and bottomless need for bolstering her self esteem.
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  4. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Ok, I'm not hating on poor language skills, but what is going on here?! Is she a troll? Is she saying something in particular that I'm not familiar with? Or is it just a jumble of kinda English words with an impenetrable accent? What is going on here? Also, is this lady Chinese with a lot of surgery, or Eurasian/European playing at being Asian? The mind boggles....

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  5. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic @bonjourmoon | kerrie moon   

    This is terrible, but I wonder if she realizes how much "pink gifts" sounds like a ham-handed sexual euphemism.
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  6. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I find the whole thought of shaving your jawbone, i.e part of your skull, to be terrifying. What if you just bite down too hard one day and it crumbles. Gives me the heebies... That is a kind of dedication to aesthetic I just don't got.
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  7. Mircalla14 added a post in a topic LaLa   

    New poster here. On the language thing... I don't speak any Asian languages, only studied Romance languages in school, but as a teacher of language, is she not aware of the cadence of language? Some languages seem choppier and harsher to the ear, like German or Dutch, some are more flowing and rapid-fire, like Spanish or Italian. Even though I don't speak Mandarin, I can tell it has different sounds than Cantonese, and its native speakers are more used to making certain sounds than others. It's a silly comment to make when 2 years in a country should have taught you better. Cause hey, Korean doesnt "sound" like a Germanic language... cause it aint.
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