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  1. peachjar added a post in a topic General bts discussion   

    Totally agree!! 
    And outro: ego was definitely one of the best songs off the album! 
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  2. peachjar added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    she made a video about her derma rolling her stomach for like 6 months and showed the results. It worked and tightened her skin, and the video gained a lot of views. So she probably got a sponsor from that
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  3. peachjar added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    No, the pictures on that article are not pictures that she consented a photographer to take. That website has a bunch of different articles exposing where youtubers live and their houses, its an invasion of privacy. 
    They are real estate pictures of her house when it was for sale. The article most likely found her address and pulled those house pictures from google. 
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  4. peachjar added a post in a topic Plastic Surgery Experience Thread   

    I've been thinking about getting some nose fillers to smooth out the bump in my nose and make it more upturned. Has anyone here gotten them? How much did you pay? And how was the experience and the healing process? 
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  5. peachjar added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Im sorry I love Ari but like............... 
    her stage outfits for the sweetner tour is fucking awful. theres a thin line between chic, baggy clothing vs drowning in it. I don't think they're flattering  on her 

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  6. peachjar added a post in a topic SuperRaeDizzle/rae_dizzle_   

    I think her own art (not the ones where she references off photos), is boring and unoriginal. She doesn't seem too well versed in creating original art. There's a HUGE difference between drawing things imagined straight from your mind, to drawing realistic photos.
    I think she should practice more on anatomy, and I think her line work is sloppy and can be improved. I may be being harsh but she's just one of those artists who can't create her own art. That fact that she tried selling a piece of copied artwork from an app for $200 is ridiculous. A rendition is an interpretation, not a straight up copied artwork. 
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  7. peachjar added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I don't really dig the levee tattoo that much? When I saw it on her story I was kinda like... yikes. 
    If you go back on her ig, her caption under a selfie was something like "my eevee looking ass" I'll insert it if I can find it. She was eevee for one halloween too.
    I just think the right ear looks incredibly awkward, yes, it's suppose to be smaller bc of perspective. But I think its poorly drawn and just seems weird.
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  8. peachjar added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I love Ari! I love her music and her voice
    But it's pretty obvious she's had plastic surgery/fillers. She's definitely gotten a brow lift (her brow lift was the reason why her right eyebrow was crooked for sometime lol) and a nose job. And probably upper lip fillers.

    Here's a quick little thing on Mac n ari. They dated for 2 years and was Ariana's longest relationship. They were cute and really good together but Malcolm's drug addiction ended up driving Ari away and they broke up. 
    I really loved them relationship together. There so many videos of them performing together on stage and you could literally see Mac light up when Ari comes on stage. It's sad the way it ended, but Ariana definitely wasn't to blame for his OD. He had a drug problem, she tried to help him but it didn't pan out. It probably was effecting her in a negative way so she left.
    I do believe that if Mac hadn't passed away, they would've got back together sooner or later. I think she was caught up in this whirlwind romance with Pete and rushed things. When Mac passed she was brought back into reality and knew she still loved malcom and ended things with Pete.
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  9. peachjar added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Oops didn't even realized I miss wrote until you pointed it out! It was just a mistake, I know he OD'd. 
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  10. peachjar added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    LOL it's like her eyes went 2 sizes down. its actually crazy. 
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  11. peachjar added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Lmaoooo coco rlly looking haggard in that livestream 
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  12. peachjar added a post in a topic Your makeup routine   

    - light coverage foundation + concealer (where I need it)
    - tinted brow gel
    - brown eye liner
    - mascara
    - blush 
    - if I'm being extra then highlight
    - tinted lip balm
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  13. peachjar added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Personally, I don't think Ariana is latinx-fishing. She's extremely close with her family, and has lots of pictures with them on her ig. She even had her mom, her grandma and her cousin with her while she was performing the VMAs.
    I think that if she wanted ppl to believe she's Latina, she definitely wouldn't be showing off her very white looking family lmao
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  14. peachjar added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Not really? She's just helping her sister out, anybody else who has a big following would do the same. It's a photo contest and not a big deal. Yeah she has a online following and there's things she should and shouldn't do but this is just a harmless contest.
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  15. peachjar added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    You can't be trans without experiencing gender dysmorphia 
    sorry, that's just the plain truth 
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  16. peachjar added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    jella is cute! the only thing that bothers me is that her tan isn't natural, it's fake spray tan. I think she's doing great, talking about colorism, but I almost wish it came from somebody who has a naturally tan complexion. I think it makes their experiences more authentic and genuine as they've had to live with it their whole lives
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  17. peachjar added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    ugh I hate her eyebrows in her lookbook video. its so blocky and thick, she'd look better if they were thinner and do a slight ombre at the start of her eyebrows.
    They just look so...Blocky
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  18. peachjar added a post in a topic About Insecurities   

    I usually am somewhat confident. I'm blessed with clear skin (occasionally I'll get a stress pimple), a good body with a small waist. lmao I guess its just human nature to still hate how you look no matter what 
    - I hate my nose. its a little down turned and has this bump that makes every profile picture of me look gross
    - my eyelid creases are different?? lmao its so frustrating 
    - I have a round face and always feel so insecure around girls with smaller faces and good jaw lines
    - (honestly can't tell if this one's true or if I just feel fat but) I feel like I carry weight in my arms and they always look fat when I wear dresses or tanks, its something I'm SUPER self conscious about
    -I feel like my weight is never good enough for me, I constantly thrive to lose 5 pounds
    -MY EYE BAGS oh my god, i need to wear concealer any time I go out. I look like I haven't slept for 3 days 
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  19. peachjar added a post in a topic Kang Taeri   

    apparently she's known as an all natural beauty? doesn't seem to be very true from those pre surgery pics lol
    either way she's in online personalities and people can talk about her if they want 
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  20. peachjar added a post in a topic b4by.jpg / xoseraphina / kittyphina   

    Prom is usually either during your junior or senior year of high school. She was probably 17/18 around the time of her prom 
    But then again, her boyfriend might of been older than her and simply took her as his date to his prom.
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  21. peachjar added a post in a topic Crushes/Crush stories   

    askaksjajajaj I had the biggest crush on this guy about 2 years ago. He was a year older than me and honestly we didn't hit off immediately lol.`I actually was friends with his best friend before we slowly got to know each other. We became fast friends and I had a crush on him for a whole ass year omg. It was one of those situations where it was mutual but neither of us wanted to make the first move. 
    He finally asked me out and I said yes! We've been together for 11 months now, he's become this person that I really love and cherish.   this sounds cheesy as fuck but we are each other's first loves asjkajkwi I'll leave now lmaooo
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  22. peachjar added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    IM S H O O K At 25:25 in Shane's video, tana says, "SIX MONTHS AGO, you stopped working on all their stuff to work on TANACON" what is even happening?? So they've been working on this for 6 whole months?Tea.  
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  23. peachjar added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

     I think the reason Shane feels the need to help tanacon is because of the people that he thinks he let down. Keep in mind that so many people flew out to tanacon because Shane confirmed he was going to be there. Shane hasn't been to vidcon in years, and I doubt he ever will, for a lot of his fans this is the only chance they have of meeting him. He feels guilty, thats all.
    But I do agree this whole conspiracy and 'lets sit down and talk with tana' videos he wants to make is unnecessary.
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  24. peachjar added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Here's the full video of Shane going on ig live
    Basically he expresses his confusion around the fact that Tana had stated over 15,000 had came to tanacon. BUT if you looked at the pictures and videos from an aerial perspective, there was 3-4 thousand people waiting outside AT MOST. There was about a thousand already inside.
    I'll try to find the video of people from a nearby hotel showing how many people were waiting outside and it is DEFINITELY NOT 15,000.
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  25. peachjar added a post in a topic Nicolette Gray   

    Aasjknadna this video oh my god??? I've never seen so much self-entitlement lmaoo, can't believe Gabe sat through that. Her "stylist" or whatever was getting on my nerves the entire time, he was even more rude than her. 
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