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  1. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I would like to call this look "my pimp just beat me up". Is this inspired by Harley Quinn now? The red eyeshadow looks so sad, like it's smeared on...
    Also buying a stripper pole and a laptop? Must be great to be broke and starving in Japan when you can afford more than someone from middle class. This might sound crazy but how about she just, like, tries to save that money for when she's starving again instead throwing it out of the window? Feels like she can't stand her bank account showing more than a few cents.
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  2. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    From what I've seen they're pretty strict. They won't even allow you to look up words online with your phone which is why electric dictionaries are a thing instead of apps.
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  3. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    For those who are as disappointed in the"cycle across japan" thing as I am... I found a video series with that theme on nhk world https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/cycle/20181208/2066017/
    Tbh I would've preferred if Tokyo Creative stayed out of Chris' project. He seemed so stressed and tired from editing (and filming). I thought they'd do more for him? Especially in the editing department since that's such an exhausting part of being a youtuber? I didn't expect a cultural programme as the one I linked above. I envisioned some time lapses, a few talking segments during breaks and most importantly more... Chris. Maybe it's just me but he's not having the same Chris vibes. Or maybe it's because the guests are annoying me lol. If he went alone, doing one or half an hour lifestreams every other day or so would've been fine with me or unedited vlogs where he talks about his day. He could've edited and uploaded after finishing his journey. 
    In the end I'm proud of Chris for pushing this far. But I'm still wondering what good did Tokyo Creative even do lol? Also I must admit I loved the Doctor Jelly commercial. 
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  4. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Next thing you know yumi will go viral in China: "After Dolce & Gabana scandal: girl shows off her "dream" life wich is full of racist Asian&Chinese stereotypes on the internet; old white man even finds it charming and marries her. What a disgrace! When even Chinese people stop appreciating Chinese culture, all hope is lost."
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  5. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    Maybe she realised how cheap her hanfu would look in comparison so she chose another outfit to not be embarrassed. Or she chose a Lolita outfit to especially stick out since she's queen corn.
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  6. Iris Heart added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

  7. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I really like Venus but I despise how she treats her hamsters. I mean yay, she got wooden houses (they look cheap and not really safe) but they are too small. And she still lets the hamsters "play" together even though she knows the risks.
    Now in the video she said sth like "I'd like to get something bigger like something from ikea and modify it but I can't. I'd lose my home then." That's quite confusing. I know Japan is different from the west but can a landlord throw you out because you bought a large wardrobe or a large bookshelf? Tbh I can't really imagine that...
    Anyway, if she can't care for them properly she should look for someone who can. I know they are important to her and all but I imagine it would be worse to find them fighting to death than giving them away to a good home? Isn't it better to know they have a good life somewhere else?
    Sorry, maybe I'm just too involved in the whole topic because of my own pets, but like this I can't really enjoy her videos anymore. 
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  8. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Wouldn't it make more sense to take care of Isaac for that time? Like when a baby is around ofc it will receive more attention so imo you should try to make some free time to spend with your older kid(s) to show they are equally important.
    Also who'd actually display that disgusting card? Keep it in your drawer for the laughs if you will, but I sure do hope noone will ever enter his office and see the thing in its whole glory lol.
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  9. Iris Heart added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Did this girl get ps? She's pretty but something looks off to me  Maybe someone knows her and knows what she does for a living? She seems to have quite a lot of money. She seems to be a very nice and lovely girl tho. I'm just curious.

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  10. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Aminyan   

    Didn't she also do nude gravure in the past? Not surprised tbh. She's like the typical failed idol who turns go the adult entertainment world instead.
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  11. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Unpopular opinion maybe? But I think the hair makes her look older. Especially the color 
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  12. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    Live Stream! I only joined after like 5hrs tho.
     - complains about living "in the slums" even tho his wife could afford sth better because she's working 2 jobs I hope when you get your visa you're gonna work yourself...
    - claims he signed up for pull but deleted it bc it was a waste of time but you can't delete ur acc here... Please come back n talk to us a bit - about yourself or other snowflakes
    - admits he ran out of content since there's 0 drama in his life right now (except pull you are welcome). Drama all the time would be unrelistic
    - talks about some girl calles Victoria (childhood freind whom he had a crush on when he was 14) and he wants to make a video about her
    - someone asked Daniel to teach how to cook... why'd you want that?
    - brushes his teeth for an eternety, spits in a cup and shows it to us thanks for giving me nightmares but apparently flossing on stream is gross to him
    ...And then I started playing Pokemon and stopped paying attention pretty much. But he also said sth along  the lines of "wifey won't leave me because she has no freinds and family anymore, I'm the only one left in her life"
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  13. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Tell me not all counelors are like this...
    C: "Why are you here?"
    Me: "I'm stressed lately."
    C: "Why?"
    Me: "Because of uni."
    C: "Why?"
    Me: "Idk.. Maybe bc I have to do so much and it's complicated?"
    C: "What could you do about it?"
    Me: "Idk?? Quit uni?"
    C: "Yeah, do that. Are we finished now or is there something else?"
    Yeah... Thanks for nothing I guess? Could've used that time + the waiting time to study or sleep? I mean basically I could just talk to myself and the outcome would be the same, just that it wouldn't take so much time. I don't even know what I expected... Maybe that they would encourage me not to give up? Maybe I'm just a lost case in every part of life In the end, you're alone in the world and no one will help you, no matter if you beg for help or not.
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  14. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I was quite confused when I couldn't find the thread anymore lol! Anyway if you don't mind I will merge Why So Salty's and my first post by hand (already talked to the user but didn't find time until now)


    So let's talk about the problem with your upload on insta (but I think the previous post was worse because you told us who of the guys gave you a bj). While you stated you don't feel uncomfortable with sharing anything about you and don't mind the whole world knowing every detail about you. However the people you post about most likely do care about privacy. To me posting a picture is one thing and I'm okay with that - but your captions are a bit too revealing. Those people mind the world knowing whom they gave a bj to. If not that's great and just pretend I didn't say anything.
    Edit: There's more!!

    1) Fyi the rules say doxing is a no-no. Full names for ppl of age are okay, but not leaking anything beyond that.
    2) There are people who shit talk here I guess? But PULL's main goal is to discuss online personalities who willingly put themselves out there. If someone did some stupid things we collect evidence and talk about it. If the snowflakes betters themselves, we reflect on that too - for example in Venus Angelic's case. It's just that over here we won't be shut down instantly unlike when you directly comment on a snowflakes social media.
    I mean just look at your girlfreind and yourself - she minds being on the internet, she doesn't like when people talk shit about her on the internet thus she tries to stay away from it. On the other hand you put yourself out there willingly and I'd advise if you don't like people talking about you, don't put that kind of content (or none at all) out there. The thread here will die down and everything is well right?
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to your next visit over here at PULL, maybe you could jsut create an account and talk to us here instead of Twitter? would be easier and more comfortable (you know, the screens and all...). Also looking forward to your PULL stream tomorrow. I will definitely tune in!
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  15. Iris Heart added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   


    Watching the live stream and look who's in the chat? Lol! Why is xiaorishu drawn to snowflakes and drama? 

    - he told some story about meeting a girl and blah and the morale was that he'd always bang a Japanese girl, no matter how fat she is or how badly she smells bc Japanese girls are always cute. Mkay. Sure Daniel.
    - he's not interested in any human, they are all boring. The only person he likes to talk to is his sister (bc she understands him?) Yeah, must be great being his wife. :')
    - he's scared of someone seeing them on the streets and taking a secret photo, then leaking her face. But riiight after that he admits he leaked her face himself. It can be seen clearly (but not really clearly since she has the standard Japanese face) in a reflection on a sign board in an older video of his

    Thus I wasted 5 minutes of my precious lifetime.
    Well, he didn't directly say anything horrible about his wife but c'mon? Basically he said she's plain and looks like every other girl and also she's boring and he doesn't like talking to her? Is she like super desperate or why is she staying with him? Tbh I REALLY want to ask her why she's with him. What she gets out of this.

    Edit: New video
    jealous when his gf gets a message notification from a guy and becomes obsessed with the content (that he can't see)he had a French girlfriend once and it bothered him that she talked to other guys (she had a lot of male friends), let them in her room, got tickled by another guy etc. She also never let him look at her phone whne he tried toonce her room was unlocked so he went in and looked at her laptop but couldn' find anything suspicious (Daniel pls look up 'privacy')apparently they had a lot of fights too - they broke up bc she didn't want him to look at her phone and they kinda had a physical fightin the end he doesn't want a younger gf since they are so social. Older women don't have many friends and can focus just on the relationshipAustralian guy talk again - he's jealous that he didn't naturally satisfy his gf w/o her asking for itcameo of his instagram videoshows off new yakiniku gas grillshows off food (does he eat pork and spring onions every day? lol)reviews grill - there's smoke and fat sprayed around I mean please correct me but isn't that just the nature of a grill? but otherwise it's good
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