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  1. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I know generally Chris does carry that somewhat enjoyably sassy attitude but did anyone else watch that video and just got that Chris was annoyed throughout most of the time especially when Joey kept making dick jokes and saying how much better he is and more talent he has than Chris (in voice acting get a grip Joey I voice act too it’s not that hard or impressive unless you have a wide vocal range like b2-A5) 
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  2. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan(Nobita)   

    Honestly I don’t even bother watching his videos anymore especially the ones about race and feminism guessing by sour or conscending expression the thumbnail of most of those I’m 100% sure it’s not gonna be positive,a big waste of my time, and mostly bullshit based off of bias studies that he didn’t even bother to do the research or how the stats actually are and WHO FUNDED IT. He’s almost as bad as a 80 year old conservative who strictly watches Fox new and thinks Rush Limbaugh is “a sure swell guy” As a person in the flipped perspective of nobita (so I’m an American woman whom has lived in japan) I don’t think he even knows about the rape epidemic in my country, or the fact that women don’t even have the rights to their own bodies, trans women are being killed and tortured just existing, the business side of japan for women is almost the same situation as America, no equal pay, no maternity leave yada yada. I just wished he did research from both sides I do understand there are a few bad apples in the movement but there’s bad apples in every group to label one whole group how the bad apples act isn’t just plain unfair. I bet you he doesn’t even know what intersectional feminism is. 
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  3. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Honestly I doubt Sharla will have kids she mentions it but every time she does she doesn’t seem too into the idea it feels like she says that because women her age are often pressured into thinking they need to have children or start having children 
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  4. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Does anyone know if Sharla actually uses vegan makeup too? I know Sephora does ship internationally to japan and Korea (according to the kat Von d website at least) in my opinion buying products that aren’t vegan and cruelty free is just as bad than just for diets sake because of animal testing and if you are truly than vegan than you should use vegan only makeup it’s the same industry that you work against that abuses animals so you are still supporting that same industry.
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  5. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan(Nobita)   

    Yess I am here for this thread this guy has bothered me for sooo long. Those race videos were super problematic I hate the mentality of “that happened a long time ago get over it” there are people that still remember public lynchings and segregation. He makes my skin crawl 
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  6. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    I can’t remember which video they said this but I think they said spudgy is 14 cause I remember them being worried about spudgy having that surgery because he is so old and that’s when they mentioned his age. But I agree with everyone here if spudgy is 14 than the last thing they should be doing is going on a trip when their severely wounded (from the surgery) and elder dog alone if he’s 14 than he’s gonna die maybe next year or two thus they should be spending as much time as possible with him 
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  7. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    @elette here’s an example he never said it in a video just in this thread if you go to page 20 and before that he’s talking about sexualizing young girls but trying to defend it by saying that’s usually “not the kind of porn” he normally watches
    also this was the quote I was trying to remember in particular so he’s defending not only sexualizing young girls but having sex with them as well there is a different word though for someone who lists after children in the teen age realm I forgot the word but if anyone can remember I think this is why people are calling him a pedo 
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  8. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    he just said once if I’m recalling correctly that he wouldn’t think it’s bad to have sex with girls in their teens 
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  9. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    by the department of justice this is the legal definition of rape so yes Danny boy you are a rapist and a sexual predator. It doesn’t matter whether she was naked or you were dating she was still too intoxicated to consent and just because you are dating doesn’t make her your property to fuck every now and then she’s a human being not your sex toy 

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  10. Dahlia* added a post in a topic JkFilms   

    Like one of the comments said, jk doesn’t care and is probably just gonna Chalk it up to “people are too sensitive these days” kind of bs. The main thing that bothers me about jk is if anyone doesn’t like their humor or voices their opinion that differs from theirs god help you. People can have different opinions it doesn’t have to be a constant ass kissing contest, here’s an idea jk maybe listen to your fan base for once because maybe just maybe you’d get more views and cash if you actually listened to their constructive critism and build up an even larger and steadier fan base cause after all they are just trying to help.
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  11. Dahlia* added a post in a topic TkyoSam   

    I’m sorry I get where you are coming from but I cannot feel any sort of sympathy for this man just I can’t do it with the problematic things he posts especially on Instagram even if it is joking. Him having not the best life is not excuse for racist and misogynistic behavior. I know people who are victims abuse, I know people who various crippling mental disorders who do not go on Instagram or YouTube and spout off saying the n word just for shock value. His job situation is also from what he’s said in the past his fault like one PULL users mentioned he showed up to work in jeans just because he “doesn’t give a fuck” not to mention he burns bridges just for his own entertainment like how he came after Scott (untested) and they were really good friends, scott often helped him out whenever he could in whatever way, with victor when the sushiro thing came about victor called a close friend of sams to tell Sam that the New was mentioning sushiro might take legal action against him and yet he still talks shit. 
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  12. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    so um hey Daniel how’s that whole taking down PULL thing going? 

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  13. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    well I’m also pale (shade 41 kat Von d) and off the top of my head I know glam and gore often does beauty tutorials that cater to pale skin tones and even if contouring is different in Korea that doesn’t really make difference unless she wants to do korean style of makeup. She could even do a video of a makeup artist or one of her beauty guru friends doing her makeup (which she has done before in japan) so she can learn that way too 
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  14. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    ya just use lighter Brown for the shading parts not rocket science Sharla that are the same tone as you (by tone I mean cool undertones or warm undertones not skin color) 

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  15. Dahlia* added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    he does realize he defending someone who thinks rape and child porno is ok? Ah but yes we are the human garbage. Cyber bullies usually follow their victims on websites he deliberately came here, posted on here by his choice no one forced him to create an account. Idk why I’m still wasting my breath on this, he only wants views and attention. He puts himself in the middle of a target to make himself look like the victim so he can gain some sympathy, and make more videos because more drama means more content so he purposefully does this to himself because he knows it will make him money. Another thing about Daniel if you don’t care about Japanese culture or japan than why live in japan dude and fight so hard to get a marriage visa that lasts for three years? 
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