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  1. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

  2. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    She claims to hate commitment (blames it on her aries sun) but tried to marry one girl and is now married to Jack. Don't get me wrong, considering her history of emotionally cheating on her s/os and taking advantage of fans for sexual exchanges, she certainly is far from being committed. I wonder how long she'll actually last with Jack. This relationship seems to be her longest (?).
    There is a 100gb torrent of all of her Taty the Mighty vids on the internet. What I did is type "how a carrot saved my life" (WITH QUOTES) and find the entire thing on a shady website (i used a computer that was junk to me). Afterwards I used bittorrent to extract the file in full and voila. I have the whole catalog with me including livestreams. As for the Ally, Back Together channel, I personally saved about 90% of her videos and couldn't get the livestreams.
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  3. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    She just let her cat wither away and die. Her myspace indicates her cat was a kitten in the mid 2000s, so while Leo was certainly up in age, Ally did not make the end of his life any easier or pleasant with the constant presence of essential oils and terrible attitude.

    Ally has made a pretty lengthy post on patreon about how she absolutely does not want children. I could link it to you perhaps. It's long winded and written quite pretentiously. This does not, however, rule out the possibility of accidental pregnancy.
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  4. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    It would break my heart knowing I had a had in making my pet suffer. I doubt she even researched if essential oils would be safe around that cat. In the video she soaked some newspapers in oil and placed it under her bed. If she did that for months, it certainly would take a toll on Leo.
    Also, just now, Ally and Jack got officially married in Denmark.
    Pardon the poor quality pictures.

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  5. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Sorry for double posting and especially when the thread is dead but something horrific crossed my mind.
    Ally's cat Leo got rapidly sick and died around the time her Ally Back Together channel was around. I distinctly remember in a vlog in January that she was using essential oils (specifically citrus but perhaps others) to keep her cat from shitting/crawling under her bed. She said she "put it practically anywhere he goes where he isn't supposed to."
    Cats are very sensitive to essential oils and they can get terribly sick from them. I'm starting to suspect that's that lead to Leo's rapid decline in health and eventual death.
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  6. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    I think you're right. I'm American so European law eludes me... She apparently had to go through a 10 hour long flight before she got caught at customs, which sucks but uh...
    If you're planning a two month trip to the U.S., you need to meticulously research the steps or your ass will get kicked back to Germany. This especially goes for a first time traveler to the U.S. like herself (she's mentioned traveling to Russia with her family before). For nearing 30, her planning skills and organization leave a lot to be desired.
    And for any questions abt how she was able to afford the trip despite being on disability, Jack paid for the trip.
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  7. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    So Ally got rejected at customs on her way to the U.S., supposedly trying to have a 2 month vacation with Jack. Apparently they had to take her mugshot and send her right back because she didn't have return tickets and they confiscated her phone where they saw she was attempting to marry Jack in the unforeseeable future (a big no-no).
    TBH I don't think she was trying to pull the wool over interpol's (I think it was interpol, or some other police force) eyes. She did mention she didn't have experience in traveling.
    Press F to pay respects. 🙏
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  8. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    considering her reputation surrounding commitment, I feel secondhand regret about that tattoo. Luckily it isn't his name, but it is associated with Jack and if their relationship goes sour, she's gonna have to look at that tattoo for a long, long time. The tattoos on her wrists are decent though.
    Edit: also she mentioned about someone downloading her recent patreon live chat to reddit. Honestly the stream looked so benign from the description that idk why anyone would bother re-distributing it. Also idk if the redditor was a fan or not because I never knew of it until Taty talked of it. 
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  9. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Honestly if she just chose to invest in some good old Original Characters instead of this elaborate D.I.D story, she could have been a decent writer or at least an artist. Speaking from experience, creating and expanding on ocs for the past six years has helped with introspection and problem solving issues. Each character has a piece of me I don't like in myself and it placing it on a fictional being helps me come to terms with it.
    Plus it's a lot more tasteful than appropriating an "exotic" mental illness and trying to garner attention by shaping your whole personality around it.
    Idk, I've once heard that half-decent cult leaders know how to make some damn good entertaining lore, and they know how to tell it in a way that makes you give them the benefit of the doubt.
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  10. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Holy shit, my apologies. I can already see how hypersexual she's acting in these emails, using your horrible hospital experience and mental health as a segue into smutty talk. Who does that?! It's so manipulative and... gross. I don't blame you for falling for such a thing. You were a fan and she was an idol figure and she took advantage of it. Honestly, Taty should be the embarrassed one here.
    I do admit, when I watch a video of hers, it's kind of easy to just go along for the ride and sort of get swept up in how confident she tells her stories. It's a slippery slope into delusion. It's kind of like some crazy ass virus.
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  11. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Were you the one that Taty claimed Garnet received risque pics from? Sorry if that sounds intrusive. You don't have to answer. I always thought it was super gross and manipulative when she said that with pride. If male youtubers can't do that with their fans (such as nasty Projared), then Taty shouldn't do the same and not get repercussions. It's an abuse of power--and in 2016 she had 50k subs, so she was no nobody.
    She also would gloat on and on about how much sex she got, which is most evident in her last Taty livechat. It's especially strange since in her "I thought you were a lesbian" video, she claimed to be almost asexual before Jessi. It seems as if she swung from one extreme to another, from a low sex drive to an extremely high one. Is this just age or is it a symptom of something?
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  12. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Jesus... that breaks my heart. Come to think of it, Taty might have mentioned having a dream about Shelby in one of her weekly vlogs. She didn't mention them by name, but she mentioned that in the dream Shelby was injured by their own hand and Taty was trying to find a hospital for them.
    Kinda funny how she's 30 and she's still got her and Jack's head all wrapped up in this stuff, despite it being years--a decade for her. I remember when I was a really young kid and tried to think up an imaginary friend named Freddie but I innately knew that he wasn't real and so I dropped it after a while. That wasn't a flex or anything, but in a way, I'm kind of in a strange sort of awe at her dedication.
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  13. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Oh, that's fine. I suppose it's best so people don't contact Shelby about it. Feel free to post screenshots about what they wrote.
    Yeah, Jack has alters but I think that's only for Taty, since he's never posted about it anywhere. He's currently in Germany with her right now for a visit. He's okay, I guess. Nothing too bad and he acted decent in the old livestreams I remember. Idk how long their relationship with last. Maybe Taty is just holding out as long as she can until she heads to the U.S.
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  14. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    I would call Taty opportunistic. While she's very generous in the sense that she gives her partners gifts and lovebombs them, her attention span and emotional capacity is more like a bucket with a hole in it. Her relationships end with her "feeling unwanted" over and over, but it's hard to give love to someone with an insatiable appetite for attention. And then she drops her current partner, moving onto the closest catch. That's kind of typical with people who have narcissistic parents or parents who are emotionally neglectful.
    Do you have Shelby's tumblr url? If you don't want to share it publicly, I do accept DMs. How bad did Taty cheat? She glosses over it in her Garnet video.
    (edit:) also Jack has alters too, I think. I think it was mentioned in a livechat I do not have.
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  15. Teagan added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    What I do know about the Jessi situation from the vlogs is that after Taty "integrated" with Ally (as in, shed her old skin, imo), apparently the Ally side of her had "no romantic feelings" towards Jessi and "gave no fucks about her". She always lowkey insulted Jessi in her videos, calling her a bitch and going on about the arguments they had. Jack (whom I believe you meant when u mentioned Jake) was a fan of her channel I believe? Taty mentioned him in videos now and then and shipped Alice with him.

    In my torrent archive that has the videos listed by upload date, her shift into Ally is apparent in her "Been Busy" vlog in mid-November 2016. This is also the video where she admits that she and Jessi broke up. And then by early December 2016, in her last livechat, she already calls Jack her "twin flame" (which, by her definition, is that her soul and Jack's soul are two parts of the same whole, which also means he's technically an alter of hers in a different body... I... honestly, that livechat is weird in more ways than one.)

    So, yes, I do believe Taty emotionally cheated on Jessi given how quickly she was to hop to a new partner. She has no qualms about cheating as she brazenly admits to cheating on another girl (which i presume is Shelby) with a smile on her face in her "How I met Garnet" video. As for Alisha, she claims that Alisha was cheating on her with multiple partners in her "Why I left F*cebook" video. This claim is also backed up in one of her 2015 paranormal vlogs I think.
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