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  1. loversalibi added a post in a topic The Gabbie Show/Gabrielle Hanna   

    honestly shes just annoying. like shes not really that funny, shes annoyingly loud all the time, her vines mostly consisted of her screaming from what i remember, like i'm not trying to be a bitch but i just don't get how she got so popular in the first place 
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  2. loversalibi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    i used to have a loft bed obsession because of aesthetics, and then i got a dorm room in college where there were loft beds. i was so pumped. turns out they suck balls. it is really weirdly unsettling being THAT close to the ceiling and having to haul yourself up and down a ladder every time you wanna get on and off the bed is a huge pain in the ass. i ended up lowering my bed on the frame after a month and a half 
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  3. loversalibi added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    maybe it's the style of her tattoos, she seems to go for that hand-drawn style with more delicate line work (plus she always uses the same artist) but that eevee one looks off proportionally.

    the artist shaded the tail, back legs, butt, and under the neck fluff, so why, if the right side of the face is foreshortened from perspective, why not shade that side of the face a bit? even just a tiny bit on the right side of the cheek would make it look less weird IMO. the ear DEFINITELY needs some shading. 
    i do like her chihiro tattoo tho.
    she seems to be actually interested in learning about the japanese language, like others have said it's been going on for a while now, i remember back when i had a twitter in like 2013 she would talk on there about learning japanese. so the "let's sing" tattoo isn't cringey to me, but the rest of it kinda sorta is. if she said she was interested in japan cause she liked the kawaii culture and bc everyone there is really polite, that to me is so weeby lol. 
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  4. loversalibi added a post in a topic James Charles   

    i was randomly doing stuff with youtube on in the background the other day and it automatically started playing his "real james charles palette vs fake james charles palette" video and i really don't wanna buy his stuff bc i don't like him and i think he's kinda shady (plus it's still ~*~SiStEr SoLd OuT~*~) but i have to admit, in that video, the pigments looked fucking amazing and if morphe's regular palettes look that good then i'd definitely buy those over his lol 
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  5. loversalibi added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    lmao, plus it's an elective surgery! like i know people want instant gratification but it really trips me out how much people are willing to spend on this stuff rather than trying exercise or whatever, which can be really inexpensive if you're able to do stuff from home and has longer lasting results. i feel like it's gotta be so traumatic on your body to basically use lipo as a way to "touch up" your body shape and spot-reduce fat. i get the same feeling about trisha paytas, who i do like, idk if she's had anything done in a while but people don't realize every time you go under general anesthesia technically you're risking your life, why do it so often if you don't strictly need it 
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  6. loversalibi added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    this is more of a general thing, because i don't really know this girl aside from this thread, but man, i have to say, i think that multicolored hair is really unflattering most of the time. 
    now, i myself have pink and purple hair so obviously i don't mean ALL multicolored hair, but something like jillian has going on, where it's just rainbow colors and a mixture of warm and cool tones and stuff like that, rather than doing all blues/purples/etc or pink/coral/orange etc where the colors complement one another, i feel like for the most part only people with really dark skin could pull that off.
    but a white or lighter toned person, especially someone with jillian's coloring which seems to be with yellow/gold undertones (i can relate, my skin tone is similar), is likely to be washed out by at least SOME of the colors. jillian would look nice with blues and purples herself IMO, particularly a more indigo, deep toned blue or purple or plum. i could also see her looking really nice with a sort of faded-out warm peachy color with corals and pinks. the icy tone of the blues in her hair and the shade of yellow she's got really don't do good things for her skin tone. and you can tell by how she looks like, 85% better facially now that she's not doing her blue eyebrows anymore. it instantly made her WHOLE makeup look seem better even though her blending skills still aren't the best. 
    yeah her eyes are her best feature IMO. they're nice and big and round and honestly even though people on the internet fake having light eyes more often, i have hazel eyes and sometimes i get jealous of people with dark eyes like her. i like how it makes you look more innocent and cute. so that's what's so frustrating is that i feel like if i could just get my hands on her face ONCE i could make her look so much cuter. she's going for the trends she likes without adapting them so they flatter her 
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  7. loversalibi added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    so is that bruise from lipo then?? cause it honestly made me cringe so hard and i've never seen a bruise like that and also her thigh looks hella skinny in that pic (like i remember her having thicker thighs cause i found them to be kinda hot, tbh) so it would make sense 
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  8. loversalibi added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    ohhh, okay, that makes more sense.
    yeah sometimes i see these noses and feel like these girls must be going to extremely unethical surgeons. not only should a surgeon ideally not encourage people who are still growing and developing to get facial surgeries, but just like you said, people like kelsey and sahar look like there's no way they can breathe properly now. it's really sad  
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  9. loversalibi added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    this is an old comment so im sorry but i was wondering:
    how can you have rhinoplasty covered under the guise of it being for a deviated septum? those two procedures are so different, that's one big loophole. if it is possible then damn i might get it, my nasal passages have been fucked up for my entire life and i have a bump i wouldnt mind straightening out....
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  10. loversalibi added a post in a topic Game Grumps/Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson   

    she said something like, (in a tweet, if i recall correctly) "you guys are all cool! except ross. ross is not cool." like OBVIOUSLY a joke and not even that insulting if it was serious
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  11. loversalibi added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    she looks like the angelina jolie fish from shark tale tbh 

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  12. loversalibi added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    it sounds like there was a communication barrier tbh. they didn't speak each other's language right? they communicated mostly with what little english ellen knew and gg's pretty-good english. so it sounds to me like nhi described her paranoid delusions but ellen thought it was all real, and it makes sense. in her reddit comments nhi said she had delusions of people whispering about her, being out to get her, attack her, conspiring against her etc. ellen would probably have assumed nhi was describing actual bullying rather than what her schizophrenia made her believe 
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  13. loversalibi added a post in a topic Buzzfeed   

    i actually don't mind kelsey. she does things that are super annoying, but she does have a decent sense of humor underneath it all. lately shes more annoying than anything to me though because either she or buzzfeed just wants to do "i dont know how to adult lol wine!!" content bc she thinks she's really funny doing that 
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  14. loversalibi added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    i like her but the way she talks in videos annoys the living shit out of me
    in her candle video every sentence sounds exactly the same. she keeps artificially lowering her voice into this weird, fake man voice at the end of the sentence and she talks in that "theatre kid" way. i'm not saying that to be a bitch, i'm a theatre kid myself, so trust me, i know. but i can't really describe it any more than that. it's like fake joking transatlantic accent? it's just not funny and im sure shes not necessarily doing it on purpose but omg it just drives me up the wall lately i cant 
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  15. loversalibi added a post in a topic Game Grumps/Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson   

    this is really late, but did anyone else see how arin was a huge douche to this fan who referenced the "goddamnit ross" joke? she felt really bad and donated to their stream and apologized and arin saw that she did and instead of thanking her or accepting the apology he just kept going on about like "oh i don't like when people insult my friends" trying to play it off as a joke but you could tell he was mad.
    the thing is, i have no sympathy for him because the grumps are the very ones who ran the "goddammit ross" thing into the fucking ground, sold t-shirts and other merch with that printed on it, and generally did whatever they could, for a couple years, to emphasize that joke and dynamic? i mean, if ross doesn't like it i sure as hell don't blame him but for arin to get pissed at a fan for referencing it is ridiculous IMO 
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