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  1. lil mango added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    ew i bet her boyfriend got her all into the joe rogan podcast lmao 
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  2. lil mango added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    bot accounts aren't always bought (heh, bought..bot...). i get them all the time and i'm a nobody who wouldn't bother buying hahaha. it happens. idk if its as high as 33%, but it does happen 
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  3. lil mango added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    on her personal, she posted that paragraph with like, a bunch of selfies so it feels like she's still centering herself (even though on her babydarko account she posted, i think, a drawing of sad jaguars surrounded by flames) 
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  4. lil mango added a post in a topic Dan Schneider Scandal Thread   

    sorry to bump an older post in the thread about someone unrelated but i just wanted to say something because i recently had a memory:
    when i was a kid i was SO into ren and stimpy (and i still am, it was one of the things that shaped my sense of humor) and i had DVDs of the series. i was starting to get into movie stuff when i was like 13 so i got into watching movies with the commentary tracks on (side note: best ones by far i remember were mean girls and napoleon dynamite, in case anyone has DVDs and gets bored one day), and i watched one episode with the commentary on. there was a girl there who they said had won a fan contest and got to be in the commentary of the episode. and it was just so weird. even as a kid i sensed the vibe was very off. first of all, from the vibe between john k and the girl i got the impression that they had known each other before and since she was like 16 or 17 i inherently felt that that fact alone was just suspect. secondly the other guy in the commentary (can't remember if it was billy west or what) was obviously REALLY uncomfortable and trying to play it off to get through the commentary. it always struck me as really weird and i thought about it from time to time over the years. come to find out now, that girl was one of his victims. 
    it's just so wild to me that these predatory fucks not only do what they do to kids but obviously see no problem with it because they brazenly put evidence of their shit in plain sight!  like i'm sure dan schneider was shady and took pains to hide his grooming from adults on set, but did he really think he was being slick putting constant foot shots in his shows?? scenes where for example the girls of victorious are doing like, a bikini car wash??? that's the surefire sign of someone who has been a piece of shit for so long it's almost like they forget it isn't normal and they feel so untouchable they think they can put it in front of everyone's faces. the sad thing is for a long time that was true -- it was such an "open secret" that dan is a creep but only in recent years did nick finally shit can him. 
    omg why wont this photo go away
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  5. lil mango added a post in a topic The Gabbie Show/Gabrielle Hanna   

    she has a lot of self-importance for someone who's literally crying with her mascara running in every single fuckin music video
    wow such emotional much deep/meaningful etc. 
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  6. lil mango added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    fillers. that's the thing, it's one thing to have cosmetic surgery, but fillers are really trendy right now, and way more widespread than they have been. in the past it was something you'd do if you were older and losing facial fullness but now people like tana who are SO young are starting to use them and it's easily the most clockable, prematurely aging work you can have done IMO. nine times out of ten when someone as young as tana looks really botched and/or old beyond her years, it's bc of filler. (her lifestyle doesnt really help either, but.) 
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  7. lil mango added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    i could easily see her doing something like that for clout, but honestly, i'm a huge lana stan and simone's been quoting lyrics from lana's REALLY old, unreleased music that you have to kinda go out of your way to find, for years now. if she's using lana for clout that's way more effort than i'd ever expect. IMO, i think people started to get wise to how hard she's constantly skinwalking lana in her lizzy grant days and she's now trying to play it off like it was all some big coincidence and not the concentrated, deliberate effort it actually is
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  8. lil mango added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    wait, i'm really confused. someone above said that she downplayed her love for lana in a recent live, but that makes no sense?? (not that i'm doubting the user) she constantly talks about how lana is so important to her and she wanted to meet her so bad. the moment she announced her trip to ireland where she was gonna see lana, the very first thing she mentioned is how she really hoped she could meet her. wtf is this chick on 
    i bet the boyfriend has SOMETHING to do with it, but my personal belief is that she copied a lot of her current aesthetic/persona from @yungelita. i think yungelita copied her knife/sword tricks from some other girl i can't remember her username now, but both alida and elita (whoa.... never realized their names are so similar lmao even though she goes by simone and elita isn't yungelita's actual first name) went from a very over-the-top uwu ddlg persona to a more "toned down" version of the same look with added fake edgy badassery 
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  9. lil mango added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    omg my bad i didnt realize like 50 other people quoted you and said the same thing as me 
    anyway what's interesting to me is it's pretty obvious to me she like voluntarily ran away for whatever reason because her family's statement when she was still missing was like "marina please come home, we'll be here for you etc" which definitely seemed to imply marina ran off 
    just filling in some blanks but to me it seems like marina ran off to be with her boyfriend, maybe her family doesn't like him or something. would explain why he acted so cagey 
    ignore the photo sorry it wont go away 
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  10. lil mango added a post in a topic Marina Joyce (updated)   

    SHE never cried wolf lol she just started acting extremely off and everyone on the internet collectively shit a brick and decided all kinds of shit was true that wasn't true 
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  11. lil mango added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    wow ive been seeing all her posts recently and just took a dive through the posts i missed on here bc i knew there had to be some shit under the surface... but this susie q chick is bad news. not that i'm saying simone is some smol innocent uwu baby who's not responsible for her own actions, but ugh idk all the photos out of her ireland trip with this girl and her geriatric bf give me this gross unsettled feeling
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  12. lil mango added a post in a topic Halsey   

    tbh i'm surprised everyone here hates her new song so much. i honestly don't really like her so this isn't just me stanning lmao but i really like nightmare. of course opinions are wildly different everywhere lol but. i think a big reason why i like it is that it's got like a 90s early 2000s vibe and it's not just the boring ass trap pop shit she put out on her last album 
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  13. lil mango added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    am i seriously the only one who thinks they all three of them made this up for views? 
    it's been working for all of them... tati, james, and jefree are all gaining loads of subscribers. 
    they're all being pretty vague about the drama.
    the screenshots feel fake to me, but not in the sense that they were photoshopped. it sounds like a script. it's just all too convenient that james' messages to tati and vice versa about sugarbearhair and coachella have the perfect amount of exposition, all the backstory an outsider would need to understand the messages and the conversation JUST from seeing the screenshots alone, so that nobody would have to have any information filled in for them...it just feels a little too convenient for my tastes.
    plus, the jefree tweet where he calls him a danger to society, then he revokes that and says hes not gonna post receipts, and in some circles of the internet people seem to think positively of him because of that. that can't be an accident. and if jefree truly thought james was a danger he's not gonna just change his mind on a whim. he's made way more damaging videos for less. 
    idk maybe i'm tinfoiling here but this is just my impression 
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  14. lil mango added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    i'm not judging her bc god knows we're all insecure at times but when somebody writes a paragraph like that more often than not it comes off as trying to convince themselves or prove something and not genuine. i think dove feels like she SHOULD be confident at this point in life, but maybe isn't. just... i don't know, that caption feels off. it doesn't feel truthful to me 
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  15. lil mango added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    regarding that "small body" post, she's leaning over so she's making her body look shorter and smaller, but then it looks like she used filters to smooth out the entire photo. it looks like the natural wrinkles her clothing would make where she's bent at the waist have been disguised, either through an illusion of the angle or deliberately, and that gives her the appearance of having a really, really tiny torso since she's basically crunching it in half 
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