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  1. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I'm naturally blonde too ,so I can understand what are you talking about.But ,Corina is bleached blonde not natural,I don't think she is going for "natural blonde" look. It looks like her roots are orange because her real hair is too dark for bleach ,so it gives orange tone. 
    She had very thick  long dark brown hair ,now her ends look like a string and looks very short from bleaching.

    About the photographer... isn't that kind of insulting,that he can't even post he's own work ,but have to wait till she modifies the pictures? 

    does anyone noticed Icy is getting bunch of troll comments about her using photoshop? But she immediately delets those comments.I hope it's not people from pull contacting her
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  2. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    Who does that??? It's pretty obvious she asked him not to post original,because she does not look like that lol .Very unprofessional.

    Photoshoot vs unedited version (same day) 

    You can see her she is wearing extensions,and her roots are orange.Her real hair looks so damaged from bleaching.

    I don't know if I can post the link of her school ,she didn't make it public (her classmates did) ???
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  3. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    She posted them on twitter.I think the photographer retouched also her pictures and she went over one more with meitu app.You mean original lingerie pics? I think only photographer has them.

    Carb face is a thing.High sodium,salt,sugar intake can definitly make face bloated and puffy.Also hormonal imbalance can make face bloated.Corina often drinks alcohol,(even when she was underage) that can also be a factor why she have deep circles under eye ,and puffy face.
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  4. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    She makes her face smaller with snow filters and nose smaller,eye bigger.Sometimes you can see in her photos one eye is more bigger than other.I think she don't gives a shit what her parents think,she wrote herself how she tried to manipulate her mother  to move in Milan,when she is very well aware her parents don't have a money for that.Shows her real priorities... 

    Because looking normal won't give you likes and followers.she just want's to get attention.
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  5. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I'm not suprised ,she did that before too. I actually found her original unedited picture of her with blue dress.I was suprised how different she looked compared with original picture.I'm not sure if I can post it her though,her ex classmate put that on facebook profile
    Also why one eye is bigger than other? Honestly her fake pictures don't bother me that much anymore ,her personality is absolutely disgusting.

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  6. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    Here are some of the screenshots I have.

    So as far I understand Corina and her friend created "gossip bolzano" and "gossip pascoli" pages,where she and her friend made and spread rumours about people in her school and Bolzano. These pages are still there.I think it's one of the reasons why she left pascoli and her old classmates made "expose" pages on instagram as a revenge .Basically based on google search it looks like she is very infamous in Bolzano and has bad reputation.I don't know if it's true that she made gossip pages,but i do believe she is a bully.

    I have non related screenshots ,maybe someone can translate these?

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  7. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I don't know if I can say where (because she didn't make public) ,but her classmates (the ones she tagged in her stories) they made it public on their instagram accounts.
    All I can say that school has a lot of bad reviews on internet.I think it's one of those language schools in Japan where they give you visa but don't bother to teach you anything.It's like a kindergarden for adults who wants visa to stay in Japan.

    Does anyone knows the rumours about her being a bully ? She made gossip pages on ask.fm with her friend. Is it true ? I have bunch of screenshots ,but I don't know how accurate are them since I can't speak Italian.
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  8. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I once saw this trough google,that's how I found out she is not russian but moldovian. But since I can't speak italian (I used google translate) I had no idea about other posts.wow....
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  9. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

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  10. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    It could be true it could be other reason.Since I don't have any proof I can't say for sure she is doing these things.So I won't speculate about it,however in my personal opinion I believe she is capable of doing that(especially looking at those screenshots)But that's only my opinion,other people may think differently.
    Lol excatly .This picture actually looks more like her,I think she couldn't use filter or edit this picture because of this angle.I know this because I have recent pictures of her face.Her language school posted couple pictures of her  on their official  instagram account.
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  11. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I think Angelica is just a another weeb with asian fetish.She use google translate same as Corina.
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  12. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I agree with everything what you said.However I do not believe she is russian.She is moldovian.A lot of moldovians speak russian since it was part of soviet union.Maybe her parents are russian ,but she certainly is not from Russia like she claims to be.
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  13. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    The picture definetly looks like her,from tumblr days.
    How long has she been doing this? It looks like a long time, way before she turned 18.So that's how she can afford to stay in Japan?With dirty money? I mean how long can you sustain to live like this?

    Is it true that she is lying about being lesbian too? On ask.fm people from her school said she had a asian boyfriend or at least she liked one?. On her old blog she said she had obsession with german guys ,later on she said she is bi and now she claims she is only a lesbian? And hearing about this foot fetish,putting everything together ,there's definetly something  way off...
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  14. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I checked it.Very interesting.Actually I was shocked because,I  have a screenshot of her old blog where she posted a picture of her legs and asking people "are her legs sexy" smth like that.So weird...

    I knew it Angelica is doing something shady ,there's no way that unemployed 18 year old student can afford all that shit.And all of these lingerie pictures? Yeah,very shady.

    I'm curious ,is she doing more than foot fetish?Like sending nudes ? Can't understand people who would pay for that,but each of their own ,I guess?
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  15. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    holy shit are you for real? she is a e-thot? omg
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