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  1. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I once saw this trough google,that's how I found out she is not russian but moldovian. But since I can't speak italian (I used google translate) I had no idea about other posts.wow....
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  2. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

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  3. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    It could be true it could be other reason.Since I don't have any proof I can't say for sure she is doing these things.So I won't speculate about it,however in my personal opinion I believe she is capable of doing that(especially looking at those screenshots)But that's only my opinion,other people may think differently.
    Lol excatly .This picture actually looks more like her,I think she couldn't use filter or edit this picture because of this angle.I know this because I have recent pictures of her face.Her language school posted couple pictures of her  on their official  instagram account.
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  4. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I think Angelica is just a another weeb with asian fetish.She use google translate same as Corina.
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  5. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I agree with everything what you said.However I do not believe she is russian.She is moldovian.A lot of moldovians speak russian since it was part of soviet union.Maybe her parents are russian ,but she certainly is not from Russia like she claims to be.
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  6. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    The picture definetly looks like her,from tumblr days.
    How long has she been doing this? It looks like a long time, way before she turned 18.So that's how she can afford to stay in Japan?With dirty money? I mean how long can you sustain to live like this?

    Is it true that she is lying about being lesbian too? On ask.fm people from her school said she had a asian boyfriend or at least she liked one?. On her old blog she said she had obsession with german guys ,later on she said she is bi and now she claims she is only a lesbian? And hearing about this foot fetish,putting everything together ,there's definetly something  way off...
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  7. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I checked it.Very interesting.Actually I was shocked because,I  have a screenshot of her old blog where she posted a picture of her legs and asking people "are her legs sexy" smth like that.So weird...

    I knew it Angelica is doing something shady ,there's no way that unemployed 18 year old student can afford all that shit.And all of these lingerie pictures? Yeah,very shady.

    I'm curious ,is she doing more than foot fetish?Like sending nudes ? Can't understand people who would pay for that,but each of their own ,I guess?
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  8. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    holy shit are you for real? she is a e-thot? omg
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  9. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I think she saved some money when she was working in some kind of department store. Maybe her parents send her pocket money .Either way she is getting money somehow .Obviously she is unemployable in Japan.
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  10. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    I think she is on student visa.
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  11. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    lol like its not obvious already ? Honestly I don't think she photoshops her pictures,but I do believe she use snow filters .I found one of her recent candit pictures on internet.She still looks like her but at the same time she looks very different in candit pictures? Idk if that makes sense.
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  12. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    yup,half of her followers are fake.

    Most of her comments are spam bots from Indonesia and middle eastern countries. Did she blocked you ? lol
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  13. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    She threatens everyone with police report if you say anything negative about her.That's a really good indicator of how fucked up her narcissism really is.
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  14. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    lol no. Legally she can't do anything about it.It was one of her ways to rebrand herself,to scare of her haters and hiding the truth from her former classmates.
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  15. .....--- added a post in a topic icy_tenshi   

    Thank you for clarification.
    People deleted the posts because they were confused if the rules were broken or not since she is trying to attempt to involve police in this .These kind of things can be tricky so the posts were deleted until we figure out what is going on. Personally  I don't feel I did anything wrong I criticized her content what SHE posted online public.She is a public figure we are allowed to express our opinions.But as I said again these kind of things can be tricky ,you can never know.
    In the beginning of the thread I said myself if I broke the rules  or smth is out of line I will delete the posts and admit my faults.
    I'm done with her.If she can't handle the criticism and trying to make internet war over her fake persona she is legit crazy.Grow up Corina.
    Also ,please DO NOT contact her/harass or make fake profiles of her ,it's against pull rules.
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