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  1. Faunne added a post in a topic softcozywitch (Serena Lin)   

    Oh dear. I haven't kept up with her but I didn't expect lewds. Honestly she looks fine without all this PS madness. Maybe less doll-like in the face than she'd like and not as shapely but I think she looks better before all the editing. 
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  2. Faunne added a post in a topic Chinese Living Dolls   

    Possibly OT but I also know this girl from the Cali Cosplay scene. I guess she's nice enough? I'll show some pics where you can see her features better as well as her visual kei stage which I think suited her better. I don't doubt she's teased about her face (well, her whole head really) but honestly she's rich and lived in Japan for years off her father's funds so there's some light at the end of that tunnel. 

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  3. Faunne added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    She might be the most embarrassing WOC living in Japan and acting a fool yet. Even that bigger girl with the bad pink wig (I forget her name) was at least doing whatever ho things she had to do/wanted to do without complaining about and begging from "white people" constantly. 
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  4. Faunne added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    At this point I'm not even sorry for her anymore. If being raped, drugged and abused hasn't scared her into staying away from older men, what will? 
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  5. Faunne added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    If I'm not mistaken her mom only passed away 4 years ago? Peaches was a teenager not little?
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  6. Faunne added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I have a controversial opinion: I have a feeling Peaches' mother was calling her daughter an ugly hoe and possibly pimping her out in the past. I have no proof of this, I'm just watching Peaches do disgusting things to herself so casually. She doesn't care about her body at all to a severe degree and that's often a symptom of child abuse. What if Peaches has been being used for sex so long she just doesn't give a shit anymore? What if Peaches plans to pimp out Cora like she might have been as a kid? 

    Is this also why she's comfortable making sexual comments about her infant? Is she repeating the cycle of mental, verbal and sexual abuse? I'm not making excuses for her but if I'm right Cora could be in danger with her "grandfather" or whoever family that raised a woman like Peaches in the first place. Someone please get this woman some help before she ends up dead and make sure her baby is not alone with her. 
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  7. Faunne added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    The_nymphet_diaries is clearly in denial or doesn't understand the big picture. Idolizing "nymphets" as an aesthetic and ignoring the pedophilia/sexual abuse aspect is like me wearing a KKK hood and claiming I'm not racist, I just like pointed head wear. This is logic. 

    She's not "the_princess_diaries" nor is she "the_diary_of_a_pristine_girl" now is she? "Nymphet" has a very specific meaning (Humbert Humbert's term for 9 - 12 year old girls he finds sexually attractive). We all know the novel it comes from and the entire story is solely about the  betrayal/rape of a minor by grown man. So to use the word nymphet, what is her reasoning? It can only be two things. She idolizes 9 - 12 year old girls that grown men find sexually attractive (as that is literally what a "nymphet" is.). Or. That she approves of the concept of "nymphet" in general, that finding 9 - 12 year old girls sexually attractive is "aesthetic". 
    Ah, but she turns down DMs from pedophiles so she's doing her part to oppose sexual predators, right? 
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  8. Faunne added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I really love the watercolor looking tone to her hair color and I'm sure the back is just sitting wrong in the photo from behind. Anyone who's had a bob or blunt fringe knows the struggle to keep it straight lol. 

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  9. Faunne added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I really with she would stop showing up in California for AX and trying to have a week long lifestyle where suddenly she's able bodied and anxiety free. Only to return to the south and suddenly have crippling physical pain and too much "phobia" to leave her home. I'm so tired. 

    She acts like being selected for a con fashion show is the same as getting to walk in Paris fashion week. I wish she wasn't so skinny so brands would stop picking her. If they only knew what kind of person she was I doubt they'd want her representing their work. 
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  10. Faunne added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    For once I don't even know what to say aside from.... girl, honestly? 

    Did she really move across the world to hoe around? I mean, I get it, the thirst for Japanese men is real for alot of girls but you can only hook up so many times before the novelty wears off. 
    Then what is she going to do? Aside from regret catching an STD and ruining her prospects socially and romantically?  
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  11. Faunne added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Does anyone honestly believe Kelly's family needs help paying for the funeral? Last I checked they were financially blessed and she sure seems to be continuing a lifestyle that suggests that. 

    Pretty sure she sees her cousin's death as an opportunity to make money and is certainly being shameless about monetizing in every way she can while his death is still current. Disgusting. 
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  12. Faunne added a post in a topic General Instagram “nymphette” girls   

    To be fair, I saw the film adaptation of Lolita when I was 14 or so and I thought it was so romantic at the time. Refined European man obsessed with me and I don't even have to be mature? Sign me up! It's a moody, beautiful film, there is no denying that. But you grow up (at least I hope everyone does) and realize the theme is child abuse seen through rose-tinted glasses. 
    I'm more worried than annoyed by teenage girls into this, there are creepy men just lying in wait to play up the fantasy until they can get their nasty hands on them. I know I sure as hell didn't put two and two together when I was quite young but at least pedophiles didn't have open access to me via the internet back then.
    Now, as for the grown women still clinging on to this "aesthetic" something has to be wrong. At the core, a woman presenting as a nymphet is in denial about her own age and idealizing what she will never be again. Every day she gets further away from her ideal. I know Lizzy Grant didn't help but in my opinion the theme is flirted with and sold artistically, not made out to be a lifestyle guide for women who can't grow up.
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  13. Faunne added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    OOOOH ya'll, here in California this bitch is infamous in the cosplay scene and not for the right reasons. Please don't take the fact she's suddenly being sponsored as a estimate to her popularity in the community. Now, I've never met her personally but I've heard plenty of stories that seem to align with what people have posted here in this thread.
    Supposedly she is thinks herself the originator of pink hair. If I remember correctly she was overheard saying something along the lines of "Why even dye your hair pastel if you can't afford to keep it from looking like shit? It's sad." This was a comment towards another attendee that (lord forbid) had pink hair as well. 
    As you all can tell by the candid pics posted here, she's no living alt barbie doll. She does have huge implants that make her look even more top heavy than her frame already is. 
    I've never bothered with her channel but I'm going to check out a few later just to see the cringe. She seems like any other typical So-Cal attention whore with expendable income but since she's trying nerd fandom I'm curious. I do recall she has a gorgeous home so at last I can appreciate that while I watch her embarrass herself. 
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  14. Faunne added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I can see why you'd be suspicious, considering people are calling this girl out for supposedly lying about her heritage in the past. I just wanted to throw it out there that looks aren't a reliable way to determine if someone is biracial. It's about genetics and recessive traits. ESPECIALLY in the case of biracial people with parents who may look very different from one another.  
    Anyway, anyone who thinks this girl needs to show her family to "prove" she's half is being ridiculous. It's not that serious. Would you want someone full white to show pictures of Aryan looking family?  If I were her, I certainly wouldn't feel the need to prove anything. Biracial people constantly have people questioning their heritage and asking invasive questions about it. If she is half, I'm sure she's tired of it IRL, why deal with it online as well?
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  15. Faunne added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Didn't see the last post, disregard me assuming those messages were recent.
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