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  1. A.G. added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Does anyone know who this is?  She's pretty owo
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  2. A.G. added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Hold on, how's she going to get mad that Sori decided to go solo? I'm glad for Sori and hope her solo career blows up. Coco is just really immature (& also a bit salty)
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  3. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I used to be a mindless fan of hers and resented this thread / anything PULL related but coming back to the thread I've realized that y'all have been right this whole time 😂😂😂 it's disgusting how she enables her boyfriend's stealing and even helps him sell his stolen items smh. 
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  4. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

     Y'all messaged everyone on her friends list including her mother. Just stop, it's really inhumane.
    Oh lmao i thought y'all were doing it i was finna-
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  5. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    It's fine if you dislike her but who the fuck are y'all to contact her family? That's an invasion of privacy and isn't that against the rules? She, herself, has told y'all to stop messaging her family. So. Fucking. Stop.
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  6. A.G. added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Aight so boom.
    Morena in Japan, in my opinion, is funny as fuck, and obviously, you shouldn't take her videos to heart. At least she's 100% honest about what she does and isn't hiding shit like some of the vloggers out there. Regarding her ego after the video got big; it didn't really change, Y'all just got her on bad days. People were harassing her in the live comments and saying creepy stuff so she was in a shitty mood,,,,,

    PS: The reason she mumbles and speaks so quietly during her videos is that she has anxiety!! x
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  7. A.G. added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Chinaboo is becoming a thing now, RUNNNNNNN!!!!
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  8. A.G. added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Many people say Gangnam, Seoul lmao
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  9. A.G. added a post in a topic Lil Tay and Rycie (Taylor Tian / Jason Tian)   

    The guy could have been her father, although I'm not sure.
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  10. A.G. added a post in a topic Lil Tay and Rycie (Taylor Tian / Jason Tian)   

    The fame is definitely going to be detrimental to her. There's a video of a man recognizing Lil Tay on the sidewalk and harassing her in his car.
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  11. A.G. added a post in a topic Lil Tay and Rycie (Taylor Tian / Jason Tian)   

    They're probably going to make her do a "Danielle Bregoli" and start a music career. I wouldn't be surprised at this point.
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  12. A.G. added a post in a topic Lil Tay and Rycie (Taylor Tian / Jason Tian)   

    Her mother quit her job as a realtor agent, so they're probably living off of this Lil Tay stuff. I wonder what's going to happen once her fame dies out... How are any of them going to get jobs?

    Apparently Jason used to make 750$ a day by scamming... (Btw I believe Vek was the old editor for Lil Tay, which is why he has all of these dms and photos, plus he was the one who leaked the video of her being told what to do and her smoking)
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  13. A.G. added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Lil Tay and Rycie (Taylor Tian / Jason Tian)
    Lil Tay: A Tale of Bad Parenting
    Lil Tay:
    Lil Tay's Instagram // Lil Tay's Youtube // Lil Tay's Twitter
    Rycie (Lil Tay's brother, creator of Lil Tay)
    Rycie's Twitter
    Alright, so I'm sure you guys know who Lil Gucci Taylor is, aka "The Youngest Flexer of the Century."

    Lil Tay is a nine-year-old girl who's being forced by her brother to act ignorant and "flex" on camera to get famous and for money if you haven't seen her videos.
    The one behind all of this though is her brother, Jason Tian, who goes by "Rycie" or "IcyRycie" on social media. 

    Alright, so I drew it out for you. 
    Basically, he tells her what to say on the videos, and even made her say a racial slur. ALSO, he made her smoke a Hookah, which is around the equivalent of smoking ten cigarettes at once (also, she's nine years old)
    Her mother was also in the background not doing ANYTHING. Like sis??? Your kid is getting high??? And you're not doing anything?? wow. Someone call CPS.
    Here's her mother who is defending her daughter because this is her "passion".
    Anyways, what do y'all think? I think, as the interviewer said, this will follow her and her family for the rest of her life. It's truly sad how her mother and older brother, the people who are supposed to be guiding her, are making/letting her post these things online, knowing it could damage her future. It isn't cool, or cute, It's sick and sad. Shame on her mother and brother.
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  14. A.G. added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    I'M ON IT !
    Here's the thread. Her brother's name is Jason Tian, but he goes by Rycie or Icyrycie. He's a huge fan of ricegum. Here's his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4y4SWL3PwiuVd9XmQKsrbw and twitter https://twitter.com/icyrycie?lang=en
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  15. A.G. added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Does she have to record every guy she meets?
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