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  1. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I don't think that's a "LOL" moment. If it's real, I do hope their safe and nothing happens to them or their family. I don't think it's Bri tbh. Kento if you reading this just know that DON'T NOBODY WANT BRIANNA'S ADDRESS. Man really said "not resting till she dead" like it was that serious. I don't really like Bri but don't nobody want them to die tf...

    Tbh I think it might be an ex or something.
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  2. A.G. added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    Her name is Seo Yeji
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  3. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Someone PLEASE bring back the tweets of her saying those things against black men. I find it so disgusting how she's trying to capitalize off of the Black Lives Matter protest situation for woke points and completely disregarding the racist shit she's said in her past. She really disgusts me, and this is coming from a black girl myself. We don't claim her, not one bit. Brianna is only talking about it to get her 5 seconds of fame and recognition. I literally cannot fucking believe her. The AUDACITY of this bitch...I can't even. People are dying and all she's thinking about is herself. She's a literal fucking narcissist and not down for the cause whatsoever. Brianna's made so many posts about how she's going to change and how she's constantly changing when she's STILL THE SAME BITCH FROM 2 YEARS AGO WHO CAME TO JAPAN TO FEED HER YELLOW FEVER FETISH AND TO GET ASIAN MALE ATTENTION. How the fuck you know racists was in your class when yo stupid ass barely even went to class? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. I'M TIRED OF BITCHES USING BLM FOR CLOUT. CANNOT STAND IT AT ALL. Sorry if I seem hostile, I'm just fed the fuck up with this idiot, frfr. Like I said, if anyone has the tweets of her saying, and I quote, "Black men can stay shot tf up" then please post them here right now. She's so ignorant it's genuinely BAFFLING. Brianna doesn't deserve any support or donations at all. 

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  4. A.G. added a post in a topic "White Knighting"   

    Sorry for bringing back an old thread but I do agree with this...At first when I joined, PULL was fun, but then it kind of became a place where people would just nitpick everyone over everything. Like the Joan Keem thread, they spend a majority of the thread nitpicking how she looks, calling her ugly, basically insulting her appearance instead of calling out actual problematic stuff. I wasn't really able to find out why they don't like her aside from her content not being as good as it was before. Not sure how a discussion about how her content turned into a discussion about how ugly she is and how much you don't like her face lol.
    I also find some of the stuff here kind of stalker-ish. Constantly keeping tabs on someone to see if there's something you can get mad about for the next 40 pages is a bit weird. I'm not talking about checking their social medias or anything, but going into an online deep dive like their first name is Sherlock and their last name is Holmes to find like old pics or info just creeps me out. The concept of this site is fun but I just can't get down with the nitpick-y, borderline stalker behavior some people have on here.
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  5. A.G. added a post in a topic THE YELL THREAD   

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  6. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Listen, I think Brianna's actions are shitty but I don't think it's necessary to wish a deadly illness upon them and/or act as if you're a struggling person and scam them out of their money. You essentially stoop as low as Bri at that point. Definitely not WK-ing (because anyone with an opposing opinion is automatically a WK) but some of y'all need to chill. Quarantine really getting to y'all at this point and I hope this whole thing is over soon so y'all can go outside and take a breath of fresh air and maybe re-evaluate some things💀 Like to me Bri is just fun to talk about here-and-there but some of y'all really sit up here and messaging them and wishing death upon them? NAWT cute. NEVER dat serious. 

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  7. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    ion think that was necessary ?
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  8. A.G. added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    omg tell me who his plastic surgeon is 😍😍 So i can avoid ever visiting them
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  9. A.G. added a post in a topic Onision   

    Anyways, Onion seems to be getting hella bored at this point, making videos on just about anything. 
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  10. A.G. added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    isn't it @lizelannie_ and I don't see any proof of her stealing pics?
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  11. A.G. added a post in a topic Heeey   

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  12. A.G. added a post in a topic Onision   

    I guess YouTube is waiting for there to actually be charges on him like they did for Ashton Jones or whatever that guy's name was. Still confused as to how he didn't get banned before, considering he made that Eugenia Cooney impersonation video, showed his shriveled up ballsack in a video once, screams at a camera (wouldn't the shit he says be considered hateful content or smthn idk YouTube policies are selective when it comes to shit like that) and cursing at it, etc. 
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  13. A.G. added a post in a topic Onision   

    Not to bring up Shiloh again, but after reading some comments on Edwins recent video, will her Twitter lash-out sessions affect the Onision case in any way? I feel bad for her and understand her frustration she may have and it's common for abuse victims to have those types of "lash-out" moments after leaving the situation. I truly hope she takes a step back from it though and reflects. Things like this draws attention away from the real problem, which is Onision.
    Aside from her, back to Greg/James/Onion/Manbaby/Psychobrat. Was the Keemstar interview just Onision repeating the lies he's been saying in his past videos he's been making? If so, I won't listen because that'd just be a big ass waste of time lol. Chris Hansen posted a video an hour ago interviewing Holly and Ashlee (13 year old victim of Dahvie Vanity, now 21). Haven't watched it yet, but I hope it brings more to the case.
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  14. A.G. added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Bruh I feel like you can easily tell when someone's just a weaboo/koreaboo/asiaboo and are lying about their race when they make it their mission to constantly talk about it and have it in their bio like it's a personality trait lmao. No actual mixed person would casually be like "yo I have mixed blood" unasked. Like, nobody cares hun. 
    Also, I'm curious. Has any Asian person in this thread (if there are any) ever experienced any koreaboos/weaboos/asiaboos in your lifetime? I just wanna know how these people react whenever they're in contact with an actual asian person lmfao do they just spazz out like the memes say they do?
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  15. A.G. added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    what it smell like?
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