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  1. KingRei added a post in a topic Whitneybae   

    Just saw the video and yeeees she looks so pretty (as usual)!

     sO cUte!
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  2. KingRei added a post in a topic ..   

    We're both named Rei! Hiiiii~
    Also, who is the IG influencer? *sips tea*

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  3. KingRei added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    and @lovechu
    Does Kennie know Joan?
    She posted the same thing just a while ago.

    I know a lot of people ask this to their followers, but I was just curious. Also, since (if I'm not mistaken) Joan knows Whitney, and Kennie supports the Queen (Patrick/Whitney 💗) lmao.
    (Sorry if I'm including Kennie in Joan's thread since Kennie has her own thread, but I thought this could relate) 
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  4. KingRei added a post in a topic ★Hola tangerines★   

    ★★★ Hello De ★★★

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  5. KingRei added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    ★Hola tangerines★
    I'm not really new (NOT 2018 new, I'm 2017 new), but I wanted to at least post something in this!
    I sort of live for drama since my life is boring as heck. I mainly invest my time in art, writing, and poetry.
    So yeah basically I'm a trashy artist, so if anyone wants me to draw them, send me a message!

    ONE TRASHY DRAWING: (I can't colour guys)


    Watching Currently (2018)
    ○Magnus Bride
    ○My Hero Academia
    ○ Kimi Ni Todoke 
    ○ Spice and Wolf
    ○ Skip Beat 
    ○ Shugo Chara 
    ○ The World is still beautiful
    ○ Hitman Reborn 
    ○Yumerio patisserie
    ○ Lilpri 
    ○ Idol [email protected] 
    ○Sket Dance 
    ○ Say "I love you" 
    ○ Haikyuu
    ○Nogame No Life
    ○ Chi 
    ○ Nisekoi
    ○ The World Only god knows
    ○ Ace of the Diamonds 
    ○ Mermaid Melody
    ○ Sailor Moon
    ○ Flowering Heart
    ○Recovery of a MMO Junkie
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  6. KingRei added a post in a topic Whitneybae   

    Some people said Whitney asked for advice so they were going to give it. But yeah, honestly let her live. 
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  7. KingRei added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    @ candyvalentine 
    @ kong

    Lmao, when I saw this comment I was like

    Yeah, they definitely need to step up their game when they can't even understand that hangeul is the "alphabet" for Korean. 
    Then they said: "you learn something new everyday

    Like I would not say, "Your ABC sounds so natural!  They should know the difference between speech vs alphabet They should be praising her on her Korean, not "writing system"; PRAISE HER ON HER ENUNCIATION.
    Kari Okii (Norabang)

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  8. KingRei added a post in a topic Whitneybae   

    I definitely agree! It's crazy!

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  9. KingRei added a post in a topic Whitneybae   

     I just get the impression she thinks that we viewers expect her to act overly happy all the time since she's always apologizing in her vlogs for her content. - oneminusone
    Well, I do say I have to agree with this, and sometimes I get worried that Whitney isn't okay. She does try to keep us updated on how busy she is or how she is feeling throughout her week. Maybe not as much as I'd like.
    It's just comments like these that annoy me:
    (The first comment is okay, but I didn't really like the part where they want her to show some skin. She is taking advantage of her amazing body by staying healthy and fit, so um?) People already criticized her about her hair, SHE CHANGED THAT, now they want to roast her about her outfits, like bruh smh. 


    "As of for everything else I stand by my words." - oneminusone
    Same here! 😂😂😂
    "But that's my personal opinion if it didn't bother you then that's fine." - oneminusone
    Obviously, it's your PERSONAL opinion, 😂  I don't get why people state this as if I'm thinking you have a ghostwriter. Your statements really didn't bother me, but I just don't get why people have to underhandedly bash her?
    No need to apologize! Maybe I'm being too defensive anyway. I admire her a lot! Your English is good, no worries!  💕
    ⚠️ She did ask for advice so I'm not really going to act like it's the end of the world and your fault for listing the supposed issues of what she puts up. So fair game. ⚠️
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  10. KingRei added a post in a topic Whitneybae   

    "because her fashion sense is no existent" - oneminusone

    I think HER style/fashion sense is decent not non-existent (have you seen her Dec. vlogs), like, her outfits are comfy/relaxing/modest. She is being herself and that is good thing (like she always has really). She doesn't have to follow what's trending in the fashion world, just whatever makes her feel cute. I'm not denying that she can't get help to spiffy up her look, but I've seen worse.
    "the beginning was almost unbearable"  - oneminusone
    So, honestly, in this video, I didn't think she was acting over the top. You say the beginning was unbearable but she was mainly introducing the basic. (Including the small intro clips of when she was trying out clothes). I like how this review was honest and not dull.
     "but since she vlogs only in english now it just seems out of place." -  oneminusone
    Out of place? Are you implying that she can't have an inflection in her voice or act cheery? I mean should she be talking like Terry with a monotone voice? Even in her videos a couple of years back she acted upbeat and light. *shrug*
    Also, this channel is more targeted for her English viewers so what do you mean by "since she ONLY vlogs in ENGLISH". Her other channel for Koreans have her previous vlogs (slight English here and there) but yeah.

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  11. KingRei added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Not me. Lmao. 

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