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  1. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    It’s honestly just tragic that she’s like this now. She’s still young and there’s plenty of time to grow, but yeah, she is exactly like Margo, except Margo has way more drive to get things done. Not complimenting her in any way, but that’s just a fact. If Venus could see that she has been the reason for every bit of her downfall since leaving Margo, I think it’d be a big step. Of course trauma can come out in many behaviors, but she is now technically an adult. If I didn’t know that I’d honestly think she’s 14 just based off of behavior. There’s got to be some level of accountability for your actions despite what your mental/emotional state is. 
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  2. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    I’ll take your word for it and start reading the thread you mentioned. Truthfully most of what I know about her is in passing so I definitely could have read her wrong. 
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  3. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    Lol I don’t think she’s a narcissist. Stuck up and self-centered for sure, but I don’t think narcissist is a good term to use willy-nilly. 
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  4. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Tbfh, "Clementine" is the most interesting song she's had since her first album. I can't get past the edginess or her god awful voice, but if someone else put it out, I could probably bop to it. But it's Halsey so now that I've listened to it once, I'm good luv.
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  5. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    It’s wrong to let him play with it at all, but to post it? Lindy. You’re older, and have been on the internet for forever. Surely you’re not too fucking dumb to know that horrible, horrible people will see this? 
    Yeah, let me just post my toddler playing with something penis shaped for thousands or millions to see. No one potentially sick could see it, what could go wrong. 
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  6. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I don’t see who she is trying to appeal to? I mean, fans, of course, but... how? If it’s a fan club subscription, shouldn’t she be giving things, Idk. More topical? Like make merch or something, diy cute stuff. When is she ever going to bring new ideas to the table??
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  7. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I feel like it started as a new identity only meant to last a little while, but then she really drank the Kool Aid because it seems she sort of fits in? Not with the Muslim community as a whole, but in that little extremist niche. Seems she never truly fit in in Japan like she thought she would, probably expected the same here and somehow she seems to have a little following of extremists that agree with her. And we know she loves nothing more than to be right. Plus, attention! Being a little white girl/Muslim extremist from Canada will definitely get you some notoriety. 
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  8. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    It’s not that I necessarily feel sorry for her... if I’m being honest, I rarely feel sorry when rich people get robbed lol. I agree that she put it on herself for putting everything on the internet. However, I don’t think the WAY she went about it was that different than the way anyone goes about being robbed. The fear and anger comes later, the initial feeling is “holy shit, my things!” 
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  9. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    I mean... what else would she say??? “I got robbed and 90% of my shit was taken and I’m really upset” is usually the mood when people get robbed. Yeah insurance, whatever, that doesn’t make it any easier? 
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  10. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Dan Schneider Scandal Thread   

    Can you tell me where because I really do not see it... like at all. If anything, being next to her Dad brings out Jamie’s features in her. 
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  11. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Marzia Bisognin (CutiePieMarzia)   

    I feel like some of you are being harsh. It sucks to have your shit taken, safe or not. If she posted about how scared she was, there’d be people saying she’s looking for attention. Sometimes stuff mean things to people. It’s not everything, but it is something. 
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  12. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Onision   

    I’m not surprised Sarah defended them as parents. All the girls he really had a hold on except Shiloh still defend them to SOME degree, I think Shiloh is different because she’s older now and it’s been awhile since it happened. 
    Compare that to the girls who almost went out there and didn’t, they see things a lot more clearly because the abuse wasn’t as direct, severe, or lasting (not undermining their situations, just explaining how the girls who WENT there will take a lot longer to see everything 100% for what it is). 
    I don’t care how good of a parent you may seem, there is nothing healthy about bringing multiple strange girls in that house, and then leaving. That’s not even going into age of those girls or the sexual acts done in front of the kids. The instability alone is enough for them to be bad parents. (Not saying you’re defending them as parents, I just mean in general). 
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  13. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I always forget Ryland has his own channel 🙄 makes me hate him more for always talking about what he wants from Shane, how rich he WANTS to be. Buy your own damn car, Ryland. 
    To Ryland and Shane: just because you’re not 1%ers doesn’t mean you’re not rich. Neither of you are poor and you both have plenty of money EACH. End of story. 
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  14. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

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  15. AliOrSomething added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    It was after Bobby because Ryland kept complaining about how HE wanted a car... which I think Shane is dumb for buying Bobby a car but of course Ryland had to make it about him regardless, in typical Ryland fashion. 
    I DEFINITELY agree that Ryland affects how Shane sees his money, but he doesn’t realize how rich he is? Again, he was poorer before and didn’t complain or act like it. How can you gain THIIIIIIIIISSMUUUUUUUCHHHH more money and NOW think you’re poor? Idk. Again I do think Ryland affects it, but it’s just not a good excuse being richer than he has ever been. 
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