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  1. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I have to kinda agree with you, not completely. I've been in HK few times and there is the clean side but there also is the old and "dirty" side to it. Much like in other cities! Paris for one is really dirty city but if you only go to the posh side and travel by taxi you'll never see it.
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  2. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    You could be right. She has something much deeper eating her up from the inside and fixing things outside just doesn't work. Personally, I think she doesn't have a meaning in her life and being constantly jealous of everyone doesn't help. She wants everything others have and when she gets it she doesn't care for it.
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  3. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Finally got to watch that vlog and I'm sorry.. But it wasn't good  There were elements there which I liked but it just seems so all over the place, nothing really happened, she did show some few second hand shops but otherwise it was empty. And why put Venus on the thumbnail when she was mostly by herself? For Venus' fans, yeah I know, but she's so fake.
    BUT I have to say I enjoyed this vlog much more than any of her HK vlogs so far. HK just doesn't seem to be the place for her, in Tokyo she's more open and goes on and does her thing. Are HK people more judging or is it cause they can speak English or maybe she didn't really want to move back? 
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  4. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Why couldn't she chose a better picture of Venus for thumbnail... She's already struggling..
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  5. rieaku added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    Why was she in this commercial again?
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  6. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I hope she keeps this up and it isn't just another of her "I did this for a week and now I'm done". Volunteering is hard work emotionally but maybe this is her step towards being an adult.
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  7. rieaku added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    Doesn't she do some modeling as well? 
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  8. rieaku added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    This talk about veganism is getting really OT, but I think most of us can agree that by Venus going vegan for one month is not enough time for her to get enough knowledge on what's good and what bad. There aren't really that many meat alternatives in Japan as there are in Europe or US so she's most likely just going to cut out meat from her diet without replacing it with any other protein. If you go vegan for life then there's room for error and you learn as you go, but a months time is just too little. 
    I personally don't think she should put that much stress on herself right now, if she should try to find foods that she enjoys and make her feel good. Getting more stressed over the foods you'll eat will only make it harder for her to recover from her ED.
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  9. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    This video reminded me of the Tokyo-vlogging Taylor in some way, I just don't understand why she's still trying to drag that instagram-video? That was a "long time ago", it didn't add anything to anything.
    And why didn't she make a separate video of that dog-rescue! Use that as a thumbnail and be really clear that THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP! These dogs need help! I loved that she spoke about the issue and is willing to help, don't get me wrong, but this just doesn't make any sense! Is she trying to test her viewers as in "who's going to watch the whole thing?" or what?
    There's so many things in this video that are problematic to me but it's a waste of time to put them here. She'll never learn, she'll always be the same spoiled brat that she is, I'm just done.
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  10. rieaku added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    That's my thought too. Going vegan is not easy and it has a lot of rules and no-no foods in it. She should be only focusing in her recovery and not putting anymore stress on herself. PLUS the awful vegan community is savage and will not tolerate someone like Venus... 
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  11. rieaku added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    That's called "lying". She's lying that everything is good, everything is okay, she's getting better, don't worry about her. That's what she's doing. It's not like she's faking her sad feelings and even if you are depressed sometimes you have good days and you might feel, OMG I'm getting better, I'm cured. But then you fall into that hole again and everything is a struggle.
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  12. rieaku added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Thank you! I feel sorry for Mikan that she gets these harassing comments to "GO HELP VENUS!" when obviously she can't do anything else that she has already done. Sorry if I sound absolutely insensitive but if Venus is to commit suicide there's nothing ANYONE can do about it! People can be there for her, they can chat to her, spend time and do all the normal things but that's it! It's not a young girl's mission to keep a suicide watch over Venus. If Venus is suicidal, realizes it and is still strong enough to not commit it, then she should go and get actual help from professionals for it!
    I have been through suicidal attempts and thoughts and I would hate if my suicide was blamed on my friends and family for not paying attention to me or doing something about it. The only one to blame should have been me and only me. And in this case, if Venus does harm herself in the end, it's not Mikan's fault. Venus has had a rough childhood and her mother is a complete mess for pestering her still, I know all of this. But we have no clue what Mikan goes through in her own head. She has mentioned many times that she has depression, anxiety and sometimes getting on top of all those things is a struggle. When people here belittle her issues because "VENUS IS SUICIDAL!" makes it into a competition and it's unfair.
    I'm almost positive none of you who think Mikan is being selfish and a horrible person have NEVER had a friend like Venus in your life. It's horrible, you feel incompetent, you have to watch your every word not to upset them more and above all, you feel like you are responsible for everything! It's stressful and it really takes a lot away from your relationship. It's not like Venus is suicidal just once and once Mikan calls her POOF! All the bad things go away. This might happen many times a week, sometimes many times a day, we don't know. We don't know what happens behind closet doors. 
    But until you have been suicidal yourself (actually suicidal, not melodramatic teenager) or had a friend with mental illness calling you every time they get upset, you have no clue what it's like.
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  13. rieaku added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Please don't talk ill of Mrs Lestrange... I think Margo's hair was to please her Jamaican (? or where was he from) boyfriend. The one she claimed was abusive.
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  14. rieaku added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    Yeah, that's the thing because for some reason Finland isn't in that list of "come here for a year and show us that you have money". If I were you I would do it! 
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  15. rieaku added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    If instead of eating out she could just go and explore the culture! I know food is a big part of Asian cultures but ffs if it's not friday she doesn't even leave the house! And what about their OWN home? What's coming of that? She could show her ab workout and how much progress she has had with getting that six-pack she wanted to have this year. There's so much she could do but no. Instead we have been twice this year in Canada, once in Paris, she's now in Tokyo, two makeup events... It's nothing really memorable or massive. When she copied Casey was still my favorite... But nothings good enough for her, she always needs more.
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