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  1. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic What Are Some Things That Made You Leave a Fandom?   

    I used to be in both the FNaF and Undertale fandoms, but the FNaF fandom kind of died down, and I left after that from boredom, as the art wasnt being made much anymore and I did really enjoy finding the timeline and stuff until it was all discovered and there was nothing else to see, although I had story of left a bit earlier but was still mild ith the fandom because of the cringey sexual art between usually foxy and chica or foxy and mangle. Undertale, on the other hand, I was REALLY in to, even after the fandom died down. I looked at all the AUs and watched so many animation and comic compilations, until they eventually got boring. I'm really mild with the fandom now, I do look at some of the art and stuff though. I did hate the fandom at the start, because of all the disgusting art of skeleton brothers having sex using ecto-plasm d*cks or one skeleton and a fricking goat woman. Rule 34 ruins most fandoms.
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  2. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    I doubt Tanas had that many crazy situations. The way her story time video went where she talked about Idubbbz, that was completely over exaggerated if you look at the actual recorded video clip of it happening and compare it with her retell, so I'm pretty sure most of her stories are exaggerated in the same way. I mean, thats the way to get views on youtube, make something dramatic and people will want to see it. People like drama. Although if the stalker thing did happen to her, I feel sorry for her.
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  3. _-Flawed-_ added a topic in Skincare   

    Crepe Paper Skin.
    This may sound a little weird, but the skin on my legs looks kind of like crepe paper (I'll add a pic if you've never seen crepe paper before!). I have very fair skin, I'm quite young (but don't want to share my true age online), and it gets dry easily if that means anything, I've tried moisturizer to get rid of the dryness which worked, but I'd really like to have smooth skin on my legs ready for spring/summer. Thanks guys!

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  4. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic What's up, my buddy buds   

    My days going great!
    Fun facts about me: I have drank a tiny amount of  malt vinegar out of a bottle cap, not only that but it was tasty!

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  5. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic Hello ^^   

    Hi. Everyone here says they've been lurking for a while, but I just came to this site because I wanted a forum to post in that wasn't 4chan. But welcome! 
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  6. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic Helloooo   

    Im not your senpai but that doesnt mean i cant notice you! 
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  7. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic Hey/!   

    Im replying to a lot of these introduction posts, so hi! Nice profile pic
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  8. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic *sips tea*   

    I like tea...

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  9. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    Brows that are like an inch thick close to the nose and a nanometre thick closer to the temples.DuckfaceLip injections (Even worse when its only the top/bottom lip and not both)Cheekbones contoured like maleficent.Lollipop lips (especially ones that go onto the skin and not just the lip.)Winged liner that's above the actual eye.Having only a few really long yet separated lashes (That makes you look like you have spiders on your eyes. No.)Clown Contour.Using random things as beauty blenders (Why would you waste a perfectly good marshmallow to contour your skin. And the sugar in that rubbing on your face might cause a breakout.)
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  10. _-Flawed-_ added a post in a topic what are your worst skincare sins?   

    I rubbed my nose with a nail file to exfoliate it then rubbed hand sanitizer that says it kills 99.9% of bacteria onto my stinging nose, thinking that it would kill all the bacteria in my pores and that it would get rid of my blackheads. It didn't work.
    Don't do that people. Don't.

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