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  1. nocchi added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Hi guys! I know people have already posted screenshots of nitenite99's story but I'm just uploading the emails as you can read them a bit better!
    Email from the person who hacked/doxx'd her:
    Nhi's reply:
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  2. nocchi added a post in a topic Help! How to clear eczema?   

    You need to go to your doctors ASAP or go to the out of hours doctors at the hospital. I had this problem when I was younger but it was all over my face, same symptoms as yours but worse! I let mine go on to the point where if water touched my face, it hurt so much i'd start crying. I had a fungal infection all over my face with a fever (i didnt feel unwell, but thats how hot my face got) and I needed to stay in hospital for a few days on an IV drip.
    My face only got like that because my face was too sensitive for the winter weather and I started scratching.. (i've also suffered from eczema since i was born and still have it)
    Stop using everything for now, your make up and skincare. When you go to see your doctors, wear one of those surgerical masks around your face if you're embarrassed! While I was in hospital, they drenched my face in sudocrem and gave me cotton pads to apply it with and to take off, don't use your fingers on your face for the time being. They will probably give you some steroid cream, and maybe a type of moisturiser for the day and something more greasier to use in the night, or they will give you some antihistamine tablets too. Don't let it go on for too long, or you'll end up like me! Hope it gets better!!
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