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  1. DJOsaka added a post in a topic Mira's Fake Accounts   

    Dude, I ran my own search too.... yeah sure the chick exists but she sure not what it says on there. And I add my two cents, the real chick in the pics have no idea bitch Mira is using her shit to make a wacko fake account you know what I'm saying?
    like the Japan pic page that in her Twitter profile, not uploading much lately ain't she?
    stopped since Mira went on vacation to some country and then she back and saying she is like super busy and all.... yeah not much time to do shit in her own name and for her alter right?
    also ain't Mira in some kinda new class like dance or some shit like that? Well my friend say like not long ago the lola account put a pic doing like dance, ballet like that
    i checked kurenolola YouTube channel and is like s bunch of cat videos that's like the easiest most common kinda shit you find on the net you know, so yeah,  it ain't proving shit
    also yeah there's vids with a japanese dude eating but again .... Sketchy at most
    just my two cents dude... That Mira bitch is a wacko nutso and she probably now laughing that dudes believe something of hers is real the lola alter
    my friend managed to become friend with that fb account but we think mira did it just to have like access to his fb profile too you know since hes a famous youtuber too but he like messaged some times, sent mail too and never a single answer
    if this is a real weeaboo chick you dudes think yeah, you would think she be all happy trying to hook up with my friend and become tight since he even bigger channel than Mira but noooooo never an answer 
    I say very suspicious but yeah whatever I'm just chillin .... 
    See u, cheers
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  2. DJOsaka added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    yeah dude go to Twitter, Mira and her alter kurenolola trying some lame defense for that stupid shit she did with the blackface thing
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  3. DJOsaka added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    lol pretty lame shit I just watched and was like omfg lolololol
    I'm just waiting for one comment on that video and that is from one account I'm almost sure it's Mira's masterpiece of fake accounts, the KurenoLola account. 
    Dude, you're good at making fake account shit Mira and you got away pretty good with the kurenolola shit for like years but you're stupid so I'm gonna call you out on that one too, you moron lmao
    wonder why kurenolola hasn't replied .... Yeah that's right lame Mira's still sleeping lmao .... Gotta wake up first and then log in her fake shit to send defense to herself lmao
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  4. DJOsaka added a post in a topic Mira's Fake Accounts   

    example of both accounts together....

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  5. DJOsaka added a topic in Kanadajin   

    Mira's Fake Accounts
    So check it out.
    i been following Mira's crap for a long, long time since one of the people she hurt with her fake accounts is actually a friend of mine. I also been lurking in here but since I got no time really I never thought of joning in up to now.
    we all know Mira's newest drama with the blackface and all on her Twitter, right? So here's the thing, have you all noticed this chick who replies to every tweet of Mira? Her user name is KurenoLola. She's all over the place like every video at Mira's channel there she is commenting and stuff. 
    With the blackface crap and all there she was again like all defense to Mira you know?
    i decided to actually contact the chick. Another friend is friends with her on Facebook, got her email from her profile and I emailed her, asking if she don't know what kind of vicious bitch Mira is, like now maybe she's all nice to her and stuff but she will screw her over just like she did to ny friend, etc
    chick actually replied to me but her message was actually in like perfect native sounding English and if you know the chick I'm talking about, her English is as shitty as Mira that can't understand shit what she talking about. 
    Check it out her online profiles on fb and Twitter she and Mira and very alike, shallow dumb ... The Lola chick seems either half japanese or something because her japanese is actually better than her English BUT I'm starting to think this is by far like the best Mira fake account ever.
    i even told the Lola chick I'd meet with her to show her some Mira shit but in her reply she kinda like refuses, some Mumbai jumbo talk.... Of course she ain't gonna meet because I think she DIESNT EXIST.
    her fb profile says she a hostess in roppongi. MIRA worked in kyabakura that's basically almost the same.
    she supposedly has like a Japan photography fan page on fb too but she didn't post any Japan pic exactly by the time Mira was in some other country on vacation. She says she take the pics herself all over Japan. WHO travels a lot making Japan vids? Mira, right?
    thr Lola profile says she married to an ugly looking japanese guy who's like a japanese tea ceremony master. Mira is all about saying she is the perfect japanese so why isn't the Lola chick and her japanese tea ceremony master husband in any of Mira's videos and her bragging she is into that too? Yup, because these people are either Mira's invention or even if the tea ceremony master dude exist he probably doesn't even know he's married to Mira's fake account.
    theyre all friendly and tight on Twitter and YouTube but have any of you guys ever seen the Lola chick in any of Mira's vids with friends? Pics with friends? I haven't so like that make me suspect this is another Mira fake account but like her best ever, you know?
    what you all guys think? I'm gonna try to post like screenshots of what I'm taking about if you guys haven't seen this KurenoLola account.
    cheers and stay cool
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