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  1. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    she's too vain for that. just like any other person criticized on this site.  
    Isnt that a drawing though, ant not a real human? I see a drawing there, but maybe i need better glasses. why would she want to look like a cartoon? I guess, being a rodent is not enough. 
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  2. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    For some reason, i can't stand Chris... it's his voice... I dont know if i'd prefer watching his video or getting tortured, to be honest. couldn't he have taken a shower before? his hair looks gross. I watched this video because some of the comments made me curious. I would have had the same reaction as Sharla did at the end of the ride on the rollercoaster. That looked HIGH! too high and too abrupt. the view up there was really nice, indeed, but no.just no. let me stay on the ground, please. Feeling bad for her for being forced into it. 
    This was a nice video overall... 
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  3. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but the question she was answering was connected to the shape of her face, not her whole body. Lip fillers or other fillers aren't surgeries per se, as they don't cut you up, and she already mentioned those in past videos. 
    im surprised she didn't also mention makeup - that it makes your face look different, depending on the colors you use, and how you use it... and all that. in the other hand, it's good she admitted to at least having had chin fat removed, and not say, "it's how i actually look, and very good makeup skills". she was cute in the before picture. 
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  4. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I liked this video with her little brother. It was funny! and she looked so happy. i guess she really got used to life in japan, that she doesnt want to go back to canada. 
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  5. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Didn't they buy a 2nd apartment in HK, though? and she said they would be renting that one out? she posted a few videos with herself and isaac at the pool or playground that belongs to the complex in which that 2nd apartment is. I believe she even said she'd like to live there, but having a family in it would be too cramped... 
    but Tim surely stays in the white apartment we know of..
    speaking of apartments ... doesn't lindy's house look too bare/sad/unpersonal? i say this because there's NO painting or pictures up on the walls. i find it strange... the walls are so sad, cold.. bare, souless... 
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  6. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I agree - that lady wasn't the best hairdresser out there at all.  a good one would have used at least 2 shades of blond to give depth and texture to the poor damage hair. not to mention that the toner didn't work well and Taylor's hair looks yellowish at the back. 
    Tay, if you read this, buy a silver shampoo and soak your hair in it for some 15 min, then rinse off well. you might get purple hair or spots, so i have to warn you. if you're too scared to do it by yourself, go to a salon (make sure they know how to work on western hair that got bleached)
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  7. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    @lucky yes, i kinda figured that one out as well. i don't think i said anything (too) different than that. 
    However, i didnt know fish is always halal. good to know! -not that i plan on becoming a muslim, but if i ever make muslim friends, and i happen to invite them over for dinner. lol. so thank you for explaining. I assume, that's what really conservative muslims would do, which Mira pretends to be.. as i see others are more relaxed about those rules. in any case, i dont think it's THAT difficult to eat halal, if you really try...
    -once again, i do not try to disagree with you or to teach islam, which i cant as im a christian..  
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  8. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    My fiance bleacher her hair. her natural color os pretty dark, and the new roots (is it correct to say it like this?) show within a few days (starting with the 3rd day). maybe within 4 days max, you can see her hair grew a bit. less than 1 mm, but it's noticeable for the color she wants is the lightest possible and the difference is of maybe 6-7 shades, maybe 8? im not sure of her natural color. 
    With Taylor, it doesnt seem like her hair is naturally that dark, but her bleached one seems white, and her roots could also be seen quite fast. but i can't tell for sure. What i can tell, is that, yes, it's possible. .... unless you're talking about more than 1mm of hair growth. in which case, i cant be sure  
    i hope this is a bit helpful... 
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  9. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    I'm so sorry you feel that way and have to see your sister suffer like that as well. What i bolded above, is the truth: those instagrammers DO NOT care about how others (less fortunate, less lucky, less pretty, less whatever) feel. i personally dont follow any account where there are only selfies posted. why? because those people are vain. (i too am vain, to some extent, so i can't throw stones.. i just avoid taking selfies altogether. i actually dislike doing that. let alone posting them on IG). 
    It's not only that those people are vain - it's not their fault 100%: it;s the society as a whole, and the standards it imposes. and its consumerism.. and i know exactly how it negatively affects a person's self esteem. stay strong. 
    Anna is not gifted. she only receives payment for her sexual favors.  i don't think you're envious of sugar-babies, per se, just feeling really low. i wish you found the power to stop following people like Anna whose lives look perfect in the (fake) pictures they take. and i hope you get your sister to do the same. there are many other types of IG accounts to follow that can actually boost your self esteem or even teach you good things.  /end of off topic i hope.
    congrats to vanessa - that's a very pretty ring! 
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  10. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    dolly eye makeup? or is it just me? lol
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  11. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Tipping is common in Romania to (east Europe). it was my understanding that few countries dont accept tipping, so the opposite of what you said XD. no worries, it's not a big deal either way (in my opinion). 
    I thought that Mira went to a non-halal restaurant and ordered some steak/meat that was not pork, and hence it's both halal (becaue it's not pork) and haram (because it wasn't slaughtered/prepared according to muslim rules).  (ok, there is the possibility that she was taken there, since she mentioned "us" in the comment. unless she reached a new level of weird to refer to herself, a single person, as us, more people, for some unknown reason). i read that muslims are allowed to eat such food if there is really no other option available. And i read they're allowed to eat jewish food before food from a christian person/place, and lastly from a place or person of other religions. which makes sense even to me (a christian person). 
    it does sound to me that Mira was bending the rules, there.  
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  12. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    nothing much. she posted a few videos? maybe 3? and i find them so boring i cant even remember what happened.
    Clearly, everyone else feels the same? lol [or am i stretching it]
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  13. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    i laughed so hard at this one! LMAO 
    I didn't like her previous attempts at becoming viral, or with weird DIY for copying the catwalks, but i found this one hilarious!
    I also liked her video in Canada, i got the impression she edited it in a different way, and she didn't drag things around as much as in others. 
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  14. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I thought Rodi is part Indian, and part Japanese.... Im pretty sure he said once he's Indian - in a video i happened to watch because he and Mira were friends at the time. 
    And Mira should put more effort into her hijab (i wanted to be rude and call it headscarf). All muslim women i see on the streets wear theirs in a very neat way, you can tell they spend a few extra minutes to make it look nice as not to look like a beggar. Their hijabs (what's the plural for this word in arabic?) are always ironed, their clothes too. Seeing Mira kinda frumpy like this is weird as i remember her paying attention to her clothes. What does she plan on becoming Sharla? LOL
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  15. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic People pretending to be Slavic/Eastern European Thread   

    When I go out on the streets and look around, i can see a lot of the Euro-Trash you're mentioning. (and I'm not talking about the gypsies/roma people, because most Romanians consider them the most trashy of all.  I'm talking about non-Roma people who dress (not their traditional and very colorful clothes, which i kinda like because i find them cheerful, lol, but the modern clothes that are stuck in the 1990s, which by today's standards are vulgar), act, and talk like the Roma people (in a very vulgar, rude, aggressive way), on top of listening to their music (that sounds as if the singer is on his deathbed). 
    in any case, i also want to see some examples of these people - pictures, or names. i couldn't find much when i looked. 
    I must have misunderstood, then  sorry. you're are correct in your observations though. There are some (read a small percentage) of women who would prefer the man to earn more than themselves, and eventually be a housewife, but most are independent and i definitely don't see them submissive, or thinking the man is superior. The older these women get the more they boss their male partners around  . (i can't talk about gay women, as i don't know any personally, nor have i heard of any. they do exist, but since gay couples have no rights from a legal point of view... - oh, i only mentioned this because i didnt want people to think everyone is straight over here, lol. )
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