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  1. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Never been there, but from what I saw even in Lindy's videos [bubzbeauty] she showed very clean streets and everything. Yea, Tay showed mostly that/those shopping areas that look(s) ghetto-like. Nothing wrong with that though.
    Those blue buildings are so pretty <3 Thanks for the pics and for the explanation because i was a bit confused thanks to dear Taylor, haha. 
    [nothing wrong with being defensive in this case ] 
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  2. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I watched a live show, some 5 hours after it streamed [it was 12:05 pm for me, Japan is some 7 hours ahead of my time?, the one from 2 days ago?] she deleted it soon after i watched.
    She was talking about having her first house party at the end of the day - so they could eat. There was light outside during the stream [i think it might have been 2pm for her when she started it]. She was all over the place. She left multiple times - to receive a package containing some curtains she ordered for her living room downstairs, another time to pray [people in the comments were saying it was the 3:30pm praying as time passed since she started the live], she left to hang the curtains, to talk to her friends to see if they want to pray together, then to see what food to buy, to make sure they didn't get lost.. - all different convos.
    she seems to be taking Islam seriously. she had a reminder of sorts for the time to pray and it sounded like a man reading the Arabic prayers. im not muslim, and i wasn't curious enough to educate myself on the correct terms to use. sorry about that.
    she said she might do a house tour in the future but she'll use a bird's eye lens and try to avoid the windows so that people [PULL, LOLcow i assume] won't realize the size of the rooms, so they won't see the houses next to hers, as well as using weird angles so that the layout of the house won't be easily recognizable. according to her, the details regarding the room size/house layout could giveaway where she lives. [i understand not wanting to show the neighboring houses, as they're easier to find and she doesnt want to be found]. 
    Her paranoia reached next level, in my opinion. it's scary. 
    but given the horror story my partner read to me the other day involving hacked camera, the deep web and stuff i dont want to mention, as well as a short documentary i watched about how easy it is to hack the cameras used to supervise babies... i can kinda understand her not wanting to be found. but she shows her face to the public and she kinda attracts "haters" with the lies she says left and right. 
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  3. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    I found it REALLY strange. One could say that most kids would not miss or want to be with their fathers [or with the parent being away the most], but i think those questions were deeper than this. Made me think of the times Lindy was stressing Isaac was referring to unborn Ayla as Lala, despite him not knowing the gender of the baby, and her not wanting to share it on video [it's because of her stressing the nickname that i was sure her 2nd baby will be a girl]..
    I'm thinking that maybe Lindy is hinting at some separation at this point. [with Isaac not missing Tim, with Isaac saying Tim should go jail alone, Ayla not liking to be held by Tim...] Lindy's so weird in some ways, at times. [is Tim lecturing Isaac a lot? I don't think i caught that, but lately i didn't pay much attention to the videos. only played them to entertain my partner ;p and as background noise]
    and according to her last video, she flew to Singapore? to promote her book. [sorry i didn't really catch the name of the country, so correct me if im wrong].
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  4. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    People don't really care where she is. What people care about are her lies that need to stop already. It's her lies that bother people. 
    She tries SO HARD to prove she's JAPANESE (still) ... and still in Japan. And she's not Japanese and she has no reason to prove she's in Japan if she's not. i don't understand why you white-knight her. 
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  5. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    She has a boo. she said so on her instagram, as she posted 3 pics of the Jordans he got her for her b-day. The shoes are not bad, though i can't stop thinking of Taylor's ugly LV (sorry Taylor, i just hate those shoes).
    You can learn more about Meghan' shoes here: They're not that expensive as LV, but i guess it's a normal price for Jordans? i have no idea. I wouldn't pay for these [i prefer adidas as brand >.> ] 
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  6. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    wow. just wow. 
    i understand her logic in a way [i hate to throw stuff away, especially if they're still in good condition/ can still be used in some way, LOL - and i ain't vegan] BUTBUTBUT if she really was vegan she'd know real vegans would give or throw away all products that use stuff from animals [though it's really hard to be vegan because many things use things that used animals in some way - including dies to color the fabrics used in clothing, makeups, other stuff -see the spoiler for 10 things that "sound" vegan, but are not just 5 min long]. 
    and she has to give up her seafood business too. ;P 
    but i guess, she can't do either because her splenda-daddy can't afford to get her new stuff to replace the things she gets rid of.  
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  7. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    You can't be a parent for an hour a week/month/day. that's not child rearing, that's indeed babysitting. 
    Her latest vlog is all over the place, i didn't really understand much except that both Tim and Lindy are scared of bees, especially when they get into the car. Also for some weird reason (i really didn't understand why as my speakers are really bad, even at 100%), Isaac was saying Tim should go to jail, but alone - i thought that was really funny. Kids can say some really funny stuff at times, haha.
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  8. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Because she doesn't want to admit she's in Canada [if she really is there]. She wants everyone to believe she's in Japan, so she has to know about what things happen in Japan.
    (example: If you lied to someone saying "look im in city X" and you're in city B, and you want to prove that you actually are in city X, you need to know some stuff about that city. )
    i hope this makes sense. 
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  9. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    she'd ask about the moon in a different country if she's not in that country, IF she wants to somehow show she is there  (I couldn't watch the live because i wasnt on, and then she deleted it  so i have no idea what or why was she talking about the moon.)
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  10. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    @Athena im not vegan, but i think zoos should be outlawed. there's nothing humane about a place where people can go look at animals - especially since im sure most of the animals are not rescued, but most likely captured. or born in another zoo. [im going off topic here]. 
    I can't wait for Miranda's video to come out, because we'll indeed get to see if her claims were true [or close to the truth] or not. What she said about the zoo with a really small cage for a wild animal, i believe it because we have such a zoo in Romania  ... and this country can't be the only one with that sort of conditions.. Japan is twice as big as Romania, but has more mountains, thus less space for proper zoos.  
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  11. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    as far as i understood, Muslim men also have to cover up, not wear tight jeans or trousers, or other revealing stuff. 
    I hope Miranda isn't slut shaming with that post. Most of the prostitutes didn't choose that job, but were forced into it. And once in, it's hard to get out/ escape. she should know better. 
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  12. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    So she posted this video about the fox village. apparently she went back to it to refilm the video she deleted [because of her religion].
    She explains that the foxes are injured, bleeding and nobody does anything to take care of them. and apparently the area smells badly [the staff says it's because of some pig farm near-by, but Miranda couldn't see any on the map]. she says the staff doesn't care and seems to be mistreating the animals.
    I know some users live in japan. I wonder what they think of her claims about how animals are treated. either in such parks or in general. 
    she seems concerned / intrigued.... upset by what she experienced. 
    I know people [or other j-vloggers] would glamor up everything....  and such realities are swept under the rug. ...
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  13. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Snowflake qualities   

    Good luck with your paper! Sadly, i'm not really good at describing this behaviour... 
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  14. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    But she has many videos in which she says or even shows them taking Rosie out for a walk. 
    I do think that smaller dogs would require walks more often, since everything is smaller, so they'd need to pee more often too. i think a pee mat is quite needed especially at night or when you leave for the whole day. 
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  15. peppermint_wish added a post in a topic Coping with hives   

    Those sheets could cause an allergy flare and skin to itch. Make sure you wash them in higher temperature this time. Try and drink more water as well, and use some body lotion - in case you can't get the cream. 
    get well soon
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