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  1. Midvinter added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Anybody want a thread on Alivia D'Andrea? The YouTube girl who is most known for her stretching tutorials and her glow-up diaries series. I used to be a fan, but she has done a few things which sort of rub me the wrong way, things like encouraging juicing diets, some clickbaity stuff, and making promises about posting content which she then doesn't follow up on. Thoughts? 
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  2. Midvinter added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I don't get this. Am I the odd one here? What's her deal with saying that she's "baby free" for the day as if that's a good thing? I mean I get it to a certain extent, new mothers have it hard, but she... literally just gave birth? It gives me a bad impression, signalling that she isn't taking her child or her birth very seriously at all. And just one thing: I'm not saying that she's wrong for wanting to dress up and go out, but it just strikes me as so incredibly immature... Haven't you got other, better things to focus on? 
    Side note: 
    Someone I know got pregnant when she was what, twenty maybe? And gave birth just shy of her 21st birthday. She acted really immaturely at the time too, saying stuff like "oh man I miss drinking and having fun" when she was pregnant, talking about how she was locked down and stuff after she gave birth. She even broke it off with the child's father because he wasn't so interested in having fun and partying, instead he focused much more on the baby. Like that shit was tragic to witness. Fortunately she has grown up a lot since then. 
    Jasmine really reminds me of her with this kind of post. It signals that her behavior is centered around herself, and that her child is a toy (much more so now, with that disgusting photo holding her by the neck). I feel really bad for little Luna. She hasn't made herself deserving of that kind of treatment from a mother who already (!) lives vicariously through her, who then also turns around and says "I'm baby-free even though I just gave birth and my instagram hashtags would imply that I'm much more attached to her than I actually am!". She is so trashy... 
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  3. Midvinter added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Jag kräks 
    That is a disgusting excuse for a human
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  4. Midvinter added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I think the reason she does this is because of a) her fetishization/interest in Asia and East Asian people and b) because she hopes to eventually capitalize on these people. We saw her do this when she was in Japan last time, when she hung out with Mei and commented on a bunch of her posts, commented on Marzia's posts (because they were in Japan at the same time) and so on. She's just trying to get noticed while she is also catering to her interest in these people. 
    As an aside, I'm not sure modeling will work out for her at all, no matter how famous her future friends might be. I straight up think that she is too lazy to make it work. Like I get that she's busy with school and all, but she posts next to no content these days and when she does eventually post it's incredibly boring and non-engaging. It was like this before she left for Japan, too. I just don't see her being able to make a future for herself there at the current rate. 
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  5. Midvinter added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    @Junkfood we need your pro skills, snälla snälla 
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  6. Midvinter added a post in a topic ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE   

    Manna from heaven has truly rained on this day! 

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  7. Midvinter added a post in a topic Veganism/vegetarianism (+resources)   

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  8. Midvinter added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Has anybody watched Sky Castle (the k-drama)? Is it any good? I'm tempted to watch it because it seems different from the rest which tend to all have the same plot, the stupid love triangle... *cough Strong Woman Do Bong Soon which is trash cough cough*
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  9. Midvinter added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Can we not bring up old pictures and stuff? It's clogging up the thread and we have seen these pictures so many times. 
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  10. Midvinter added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Who exactly is the planning on giving this list to anyway...? Like, why does she think this will succeed? 
    Miranda: "Konnichiwa Google, here iz 100 people who don't like this website alhamdulilla. Take it away from in front of my eyes when I am computer" 
    Google HQ: "Yeeeeeeeaaaaaah, that's too bad Miranda, but even the Westboro Baptist Church has like 3000 signatures in total for a whole bunch of gay porn websites and that doesn't do shit to the search results. PULL stays lol bye girl" 
    And if not to Google, then to who will she hand it? To Nyx? 
    Miranda: "Konnichiwa Nyx, here iz 100 people who hate your website, me and my sugar glider included. Stop to be bully me pls" 
    Nyx: "No" 
    And if not to Nyx, then to who???+? The whole internet???? 
    Miranda: "Dear citizen of internets, it is my anti-bullying crusade that I will embarq on inshallah. Please to never be watch PULL again or else I will be in contact to the cyber police and consequences will never be the same yadungoofd" 
    I feel like Cardi B with this whole petition. Why did you post it, Miranda? It cannot possibly be because you think you'll get anywhere with it. So why? Whyyyy? 

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  11. Midvinter added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Jokes aside, I hope she addresses the candid of the sleeping man. He doesn't deserve that. Judging from the image setting as well, it doesn't appear to be in public either, more like private property (like inside of a Yoshinoya for example), which makes that kind of thing not just morally reprehensible but illegal, too. Reminds me of TkyoSam and the GoPro camera that he put on the conveyor belt in a sushi restaurant, and that sushi chain basically ended up saying "sorry, no more filming ever inside of our restaurants" because of his lack of regard. Japanese folks don't fuck around when it comes to privacy, like they will go to some serious lengths to protect the individual's rights (fun fact: they even wrap your books for you at the book store so nobody will be able to see what you've purchased). I don't know why she thinks it's okay to do that kind of thing. 
    I also don't know about you guys, but I almost always feel bad when someone is being filmed or photographed unbeknownst to them, especially if they're doing something innocent. If it's animals on vine, then yeah, ha ha, very funny, but at the end of the day it's like this: a person is going about their business and they're not trying to end up on tape on someone else's phone. A sleeping guy on a table likely doesn't want that shit documented and posted by someone with a huge following, same thing with all these candids. This is why there is no possibility of purchasing a phone in Japan (or China for that matter) where the camera shutter sound is mutable, they're always on so that nobody will be able to sneak a shot of someone else against their will. You literally have to buy a phone from another country if you want to mute the camera shutter sound. Idk, man... I just... Get so disappointed. Kenna, please do not to do this! 
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  12. Midvinter added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I kinda feel bad for saying this, but I wondered why she never brought this video up since she clearly feels that aro/ace folks have it hard, until I realized that it's probably because she doesn't feel that her look is very flattering. I mean the message of the video is really good, you'd think that maybe she'd mention something about being a part of this little project and that she's proud to speak about aro/ace issues and other sexuality spectrum thoughts, but I guess not. Gosh, that makeup... "They say that blending is hard, you know?" 
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  13. Midvinter added a topic in Make Your Voice Heard!   

    Who do we talk to when we want to suggest that threads should be merged?
    The title basically says it - I found two threads, one which has been approved and one which is still hanging out in the approvals section. Thing is, the non-approved thread has more information than the other one, can something be done about this? What if this happens again? Who do we talk to? 
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  14. Midvinter added a post in a topic Veganism/vegetarianism (+resources)   

    My fave salad is one that my dad makes, it's like a local type of salad that even here, not many have heard of, it's called Mariasallad. I even tried googling it, I didn't find shit lol. It is a heavy-ass salad you guys, and it usually tastes amazing the day after you make it, since by that time all the flavors will have mingled a lot more. Anyways! Here's the recipe: 
    Chopped celery (2-3 stems)Peeled and cubed apples, generally red ones (1 or 2)Cubed cheese (a white and hard cheese, my dad recs "prästost", a local cheese which is kinda musty and really tasty)Drenched in: 
    Cottage cheese (one box)Sour cream (3-5 deciliters)Seasoned with:
    SaltPepper (white and black)Lemon juice (if it tickles your fancy)And mix mix mix until it looks all white and gooey. 
    And lemme tell y'all. This shit is so damn good. I feel bad because I haven't veganized it yet, mostly because my dad tends to serve it with a slab of steak and... well... I've never really gone in for that part. But even as a standalone it's delicious. I'm wondering what might be good to eat it with, maybe some kind of tofu steaks? Has anybody tried marinating tofu with liquid smoke and some other spices/herbs? 
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  15. Midvinter added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I wouldn't expect anything else from Miranda "I'm only doing this for shock value and clickbait" Constable. 
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