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  1. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    So, I dont know the whole story but it clearly looks like Sarah/Luna/Mondpaw Had a fallout with her supposed #1 fan. And it appears that Luna took back the Kawaiiscenedesu account which was given to the poor fan. And she took back the other mooniacscenedesu, which she gave to the Girl as a nice gift for her main account. If you get on her bad side, it seems she will try to "ruin" you and hide behind her followers and fake persona of looking "nice."

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  2. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Im not sure its their friendship. poor Luna is probably co-dependent and kinda depends on Sarah.
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  3. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    So you guys remember her "sister/best friend" who was also names Luna? Yeah looks like Mondpaw/Sarah was probably bullying her. They were sharing an account and now it seems they can't anymore. 

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  4. Die Suki added a post in a topic pia the biggest bully on instagram   

    Yeah she is really rude and fake. She always lies and is so rude to her followers. She even had a time where you had to pay her to get a shoutout which was so stupid. Like not only is she hungry for followers but she is desperate for money and thinks she is all that. 
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  5. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    man I feel really bad for milkgore having to deal with that. It's like someone literally copying an art series you worked hard on making and they get profit from their copying. That's so sad ;-;
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  6. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    Yeah she has begged multiple times for sugardaddies and she kept crying for money. She really needs to work for it herself

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  7. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    I have a forum about her recent stuff. She has really gone down and what sucks is she somehow said something to Milkgore to make milkgore think she is innocent. Milkgore defended her and it gave her more followers as she originally wanted. I would be creeped out for how far she is taking it too.
    (you should be able to do that at the bottom of this forum where it says edit)
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  8. Die Suki added a post in a topic Milki.jpg   

    She really is trying to hard to be milkgore. she treats her like she is some sort of god. She changed her name to Lounairy btw

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