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  1. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i noticed Monster is the type of song you think is good upon first listen & HYLT is the type of song that disappoints you on first listen and you kinda have to force it to grow on you. 
    “Grower” songs can work but they kinda have to be innovative/uncommon or else they just fall a bit flat: like Zimbalabim, EXO Wolf (for its time), Bboom Boom, Dalla Dalla. They were total WTF upon first listen but I still couldn’t deny they were innovative, new sounds which I later grew to like anyway.
    And note this doesn’t include the usage of “hooks” & catchphrases that naturally stick in your head whether it’s good or bad (*cough* “Ha, how you like that” *cough*). Twice used to do that too because of Shy Shy Shy’s success and only stopped after Signal era I think (thank goodness). 
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  2. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i think rosé is still behind lisa in terms of technique, control, etc. All the technical/objective stuff. However in stage presence, expression, freestyled little moves in choreo; I honestly think Rosé has her beat because Lisa tends to feel a bit more robotic in those areas nowadays (not predebut though). You can tell that Rosé is doing more than just going through the motions.
    And personally, I don’t think she’s over dancing or emoting. I think people have gotten used to BP’s lacklustre choreo & low effort that now that Rosé puts her all into it it seems “too much”. Lisa is good but a bit safe/rehearsed (same as RV Seulgi) Jennie does just the bare minimum, Jisoo is a weaker dancer by nature. So Rosé putting more into it and doing little microexpressions seems OTT, when i don’t think it really is personally.
    Lemme tell you if Jennie suddenly started dancing with the same drive and passion she did predebut and at debut again, some would think she was over-dancing because she used to do even more than Rosé did in this video. Just look at how people were shocked (and a few people thought it was too “try hard”) when Jennie actually put in effort for Coachella. 
    By that standard Jennie 100% used to overdance, but her “over dancing” was miles better than whatever tf she does now. I can see why it might be seen as unpleasant but generally it’s what makes Rosé & 2016/17-Jennie stand out even more than Lisa (the main dancer) presence-wise. You could tell they’re adding a bit of their own sass and flavour to it.
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  3. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    random darksé appreciation if y’all don’t mind... although rosé suits any colour, i think she doesn’t realise she suits dark hair & edgy styling the most. if she prefers blonde and feminine that’s fine too (we all grow n change), i just think YG kinda gave her a new image upon debut to not clash with Lisa (style) & Jennie (hair). predebut she was alllll edge.
    she’s going to eventually have to dye it dark because of all the damage from bleaching it, i hope this time she sees how well it suits her like Lisa seems to have realized w her black hair (her popularity went up). the last time it was dark i could kinda tell she didn’t truly like it. 
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  4. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    interesting note from that video: it seems the girls get to choose their hair themselves now? 
    my guess is that around AIIYL they got to start FULLY choosing their own hair colour. I say this because I don’t think Lisa would willingly choose orange hair or that kinda tacky ombré colour she had at debut seeing how she clearly loved being blonde until her hair was so damaged she had to go black. I think they got a choice back then but moreso had to pick from suggestions than completely come up with a hair colour on their own. 
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  5. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    and compared to what seungri truly was, scummy is still an understatement? nobody thought he would be an actual sexual criminal despite his worrying statements/actions prior (even me, i thought he was just gross). nobody thought jimin would have bullied somebody to the point of committing suicide despite her scandals and slip-ups where she would be mean/exclusionary.
    and your analogy happens to jennie right now as well. many people who aren’t blinks have had various reactions such as being kinda skeptical about jennie to straight-up disliking her for her actions. even in Korea (where they like her). you can deduct based off what you’ve seen her do, but truly, nobody except the people who actually know her, know the answer. i think jennie is sus at times, but in the other hand, none of the things she’s done are 100% definite bullying (where there’s no other potential explanation, like say Jimin & Mina’s situation) or else Jennie would genuinely be cancelled.
    All the shit Jennie does is lowkey enough that you can still give a multitude of excuses: “out of context” “it’s her humour they understand” “bad day” “depressed/anxious” “sick of being an idol” “they all do it to each other” etc. Whether you believe or don’t believe those is up to the individual.
    i don’t think it is possible to be 100% fake without slipping, even psychopaths and narcissists can’t. But you can DEFINITELY be mostly fake (speaking from experience) & with the way kpop fandoms work ppl will rush to defend unnie/oppa if they show/do/say something negative to give excuses. my point is that a lot of fans disregard these slips as a “mistake” or bad mood etc, so they disregard it, when really that’s just how they are. but because of how majority rules works, they believe the persona they see most of the time. which is the fake/filtered/adjusted one. this applies to the GP too.
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  6. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    whether you think stupid is a rude thing to call them or not, it is a silly & incredibly biased comparison to the point it kinda negates sharing it.
    Imagine somebody saying “I think Tekashi69 is a better rapper than Jay-Z. I don’t know much about Jay-Z and his songs but like... “
    just say you like Jennie’s style of rapping or vocal tone better than CL? Because if you look at it in objective measures (flow, lyricality, freestyle skill, experience, etc) CL is “better”. I like Jennie’s voice more because it’s softer, but I wouldn’t claim she’s better. That kinda opinion is about your preference, not who’s actually better so the way they worded it is... odd.
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  7. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    but if you fake a persona and “slip up” let’s say 20% of the time, the 80% fake will still be what most ppl know you as with the 20% slip-ups probably being written off as a bad mood or off day & not “you” (which is exactly what happens to Lisa and Jennie specifically). And nobody thinks anything of it unless a huge scandal happens (think Seungri, he faked it for YEARS and ppl took his slip-ups where he would give himself away as a joke or “hE’s aN AdULt!!1!” & nobody realized those slip ups were even giving his “true“ self away until he was exposed for Burning Sun).
    Obviously BP is on a much smaller scale than that, they likely aren’t criminals ofc. This has happened over and over before in Kpop & Jpop (people faking personas when BTS they’re different or have different attitudes).
    ESPECIALLY in a group like blackpink where they rarely do variety, lives, interviews so the time they truly have to put on a “persona” is way less than other groups anyhow. BP are quite vague & manufactured that it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. or what they’re allowed to show/say or aren’t (the only things ppl are really sure of, even in this thread are: Jisoo is 4D, Rosé likes interacting with fans. That’s IT, everything else is speculation). Let’s not forget Lisa literally said she’s not going to act cute (her supposed “normal” personality), refused aegyo (her trademark) bc she wants to continue the serious image that Chinese mentor show she did gave her, even though that’s not her “normal” self.
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  8. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    The choreography is nothing special, but i will give it that from a front-on, no-camerawork POV, it looks much less awkward and empty than DDDD did.
    But gosh... what’s disappointing me the most about this comeback is how much you can tell the girls aren’t truly into it. They didn’t really seem THAT hyped for it before it came out. They look bored, sick of it & only put in lots of effort (sharp dancing & facial expressions) when it’s their own centre part. They were never at 2NE1’s level, but at debut they WERE a breath of fresh air in regards to stage presence & fierceness. It’s like all that drive, passion & life have been sucked dry from them. They really feel like full/time influencers/models & part-time idols at this point. Especially Jennie & Lisa sadly. 
    Need proof?
    One is glad to have made it to debut, glad to perform and put in the extra spunk & effort even when its not her part. The other one? Speaks for itself. 
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  9. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    If you think Blackpink (or let’s be real, any GG) is above Twice...  DDDD was 2 whole years ago & is the only mega-impactful (in Sokor) song BP has. It still didn’t touch Cheer Up/TT or Red Flavour/Bad Boy level of cultural impact. 
    TOO much of BP’s achievements are manufactured for me to consider them on the same level as Twice or RV. Hitting #1 on Melon during zombie hours because a bunch of i-fans are streaming with a VPN. Almost hitting 100m views in literally 2 days because your fans dubiously, religiously stream over and over with multiple browsers, go to a computer cafe and play on every single computer, spam the comments etc.
    In my opinion, they don’t even come back often enough to be compared to the other groups because it’s unfair to compare a group with 15 songs to ones with probably 50+ songs. You can hardly achieve any meaningful growth in regards to musical direction in 15 songs over 4 years. At least with the way Teddy & YG manage them.
    And of COURSE Blackpink will achieve more when they FINALLY do comeback because the entire fandom has been waiting over a year and will go nuts over them finally releasing something. Blinks can put all their focus into ONE thing per year, whereas Twice or RV releasing something doesn’t garner the same rabid response from their fandom because they comeback often & have schedules often. (and don’t take this as hate, I am much more into in BP than Twice/RV but let’s be real).
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  10. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    opinions on their Jimmy Fallon Performance? 
    i see they adapted the korean style camerawork for this performance (probably because due to COVID, they can’t perform literally live in the USA like they did on GMA).
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  11. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    It’s not BAD, just underwhelming & kinda taking steps backwards musically for Blackpink. Especially the mostly empty chorus AGAIN. Some english lyrics were cringe & unnecessary. Everything but the chorus is fine (not jaw-dropping but fine). Nothing vocally challenging or new. I think it’s a bit of a grower.
    MV looked good, wish it was a little more different to their previous stuff (it looks like Boombayah x DDDD x AIIYL) but I appreciate that they gave all the girls good sets, costumes and styling (especially Rose & Jisoo). (OFC they give Lisa and ONLY Lisa the cultural-related stuff & Jennie the ONLY solo scene with backup dancers but that’s to be expected).
    Dance is aight. Once again a bit more daring than usual (the butt pop & floor choreo) but still kinda looks like a mish-mash of older dances. Some parts a little odd-looking but eh.
    Also the CB overall seemed very rushed & thrown together overall, song is short. Teasers weren’t even shot a full month ago (Rose & Jennie’s hair was dyed literally this month).

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  12. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    oh goodness... even worse 
    ”it’s a bird it’s a plane”
    ”doon doon doo doo doon”
    EDM breakdown to end the song
    rose/jisoo & jennie/lisa mostly paired ONCE again 
    empty chorus minus chanting shit over n over
    its not dogshit or very bad by any means but extremely underwhelming and shows NO musical progression whatsoever. you can only get away with releasing similar sounding songs if you comeback often enough so the transition between them seems smooth. not just copy-paste. literally coulda been a kill this love b-side. this is more & more levels of mediocrity & run-of-the-mill. 
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  13. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i screen recorded it knowing it would be taken down QUICK and literally as soon as i reached the end it said “content not available” LOL. it’s being released in 30 mins so who cares at this point.
    that “look at you now look at me” part... noooo hunny nooo  it’s overall not terrible but that part sounds straight up bad and cringe to boot. 
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  14. so shameful added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    jennie does that growl snarl thing, she very briefly did it in the teaser so it’s presumably in the MV
    EDIT: and the lisa cultural appropriation/ caricature thing too lol
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  15. so shameful added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    i was reading the first 3 pages and was kinda confused at how everybody seemed to be mad at Cheyenne and not Cry for what seemed to be grooming? Even though this Cheyenne chick seems insufferable, a bad personality isn’t worse than being a repeat offender of grooming & soliciting underage girls...
    I used to watch a lot of Cry’s videos so this is disappointing but... whatever, I guess. Glad the truth is out.
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