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  1. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Why are people asking Shane to "save" Eugenia Cooney? There are so much more comments like this one too. 

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  2. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Hhmmmm, well a lot of people don't know this, but we mixed people have our own personal bill of rights. And here in the US (not sure about anywhere else), we are allowed to identify as one race or the other or both whenever we want to. I am Asian and African, but I usually just put down I'm black on all my papers and stuff. Sometimes I just put I'm Asian depending on the situation as well (like if I feel a job might not want any black workers I either put I'm mixed or just Asian. I know I should stop doing that haha). But idk as a fellow mixed girl, I find it weird to just denounce both cultures like that. Like I do go around saying I'm black most of the time, but only because I look 75% more black than I do Asian imo (People can tell I'm mixed, but I only tell them if they're actually super curious about me). But if a stranger just asks me if I'm mixed I just go "Yeah, how'd you know?". Idk I've never seen any mixed person deny they are mixed race, but I guess it's just how they choose to identify themselves, and according to our rights they are allowed to do so (here in the US). That's very strange behavior in my opinion,  but hey whatever floats their boat haha. Most black people can tell I'm not full black, and Asians can tell I'm not full Asian so either way I don't like fit in in both categories which sucks. Cause sometimes black people shun me for speaking up about black issues, and vice versa with the Asians. "You're not full black/Asian so it doesnt effect you!" Yknow. Sorry I'm off topic, but just wanted to reply to this for you! 
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  3. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    So I guess in this video people are saying Tina admitted to not being in contact with CoCo anymore by saying she doesn't keep in contact with any of the former members in Blady (Coco is a former Blady member). I didn't watch the whole thing,  it's just what I read in the Reddit comments. Wasn't Grace friends with CoCo as well if I recall correctly?

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  4. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    https://youtu.be/oqMEzWKBMk8 atat 7:30 
    Wtf? She has to know what that actually looks like right.... yikes.
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  5. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    It's probably a fake account just using her name and this issue for follows. Don't bash whatever this account says unless we are sure it's actually her, but I doubt it. 
    EDIT: confirmed by an alleged friend on a post from that account.

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  6. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic LaLa   

    I guess she is planning on going back to Korea? When she left Korea she kept on saying that it's a place not for her and she even did an IG live talking about how she wouldn't go back. Plus she's making a video about her relationship? Remember when she made a huge fuss and kept her relationship super private and refused to even answer questions if they were still together. I guess things aren't going as she planned anymore so she's trying to go back to her koreaboo audience. 
    (Sorry for the video in the upper corner. I'm currently watching League of Legends Worlds championships hahaha)

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  7. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   

    Uhhmmm, so is she gonna quit before showing us the documentary that people donated their own money for? Is this how she's going to go out? Lol is this her way of running away from doing the documentary. Smh what a coward. 

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  8. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   

    When the documentary comes out (if it ever does), I better be seeing it in theaters all around the world with subtitles for every language and in ultra high definition. This wait is too long, especially for a probable 35 min vlog which she will try to pass as a "documentary". I doubt she actually ever interviewed people and their struggles living abroad. From what I remember (and from the vlogs that are still up from her trip), all she did was party and buy new clothes. What is she going to do with that?
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  9. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Aghhhh, honestly I am really starting to dislike Coco. I never really cared much for her in the first place, but the way she's acting is just really throwing me off. I guess you can also say that I am hella annoyed with her too. Like I don't know what she expects? Even if her and Sori were never on good terms, Sori is still being professional (like an idol should be) and brings up Coco here and there instead of starting drama and being shady. Does Coco not understand that feelings kinda doesn't matter in the entertainment business? You guys are coworkers basically products for your company to sell. If Sori does well, then Coco will also benefit in the future. On top of that, Coco just gives me a "social climber" vibe. Only connects with people who will benefit her and her channel (and now twitch stream). Plus, keep in mind that I've never watched any of the people that are helping Coco with her stream but, I really dislike females who join the twitch platform only to look pretty on stream while playing a game and having 0 skill. I tuned in Coco's stream this morning, and she acts like a fucking child, her voice gets all aegyo-like and high pitched and every time she died in Fortnite, she would like over exaggerate and be all cutesy. It honestly looks like she doesn't want to even play the game, but she's putting this face on that people buy. I don't know, I just dislike how she can just sit there and get donations and subscribers while not even having skill in the game she is playing because she is "pretty". At least Pokimane and other female twitch streamers have some skill in the game that they are playing, but Coco it's her first time playing any of these games only so she can stay on the twitch platform. 
    And Edward. Just stfu. Seriously. Why does he act like he knows everything about the entertainment scene. Like there is no need to throw shade at Sori. If Coco has a problem with her, they need to talk it out 1 on 1. Don't be those friends that instantly hate someone because you only know one part of the story. Sori is just being professional and that gains my respect. Coco is trying to pass off this "I'm 100% real" persona, but it just comes off as selfish. Let's say Sori makes it big, it benefits you too as a duo. Literally Coco is just digging a huge grave for her own "idol dreams". She needs to stop being privileged and wake up to the reality of a business. It's not like Coco is hella talented (can't dance well, singing isn't anything to be amazed about) but Sori is obviously better in terms of singing, dancing, and having the "idol" stage presence. It's only fair they push Sori too especially if she was more likable in Korea. 
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  10. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Coco just said on her twitch stream that Sori and the company kept Sori's solo debut a secret from her and she's hurt by it. Also said that she hasn't been talking about Sori for that reason. Damn, hopefully that doesn't ruin the great friendship they claim to have with eachother. 
    Also says she thinks her company is planning on letting her go.
    It appears that her VOD was deleted so here is a short clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/ScaryStormyWheelDxCat she said a lot more about the situation, but the full video is down unless someone has more of the video.
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  11. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   

    You are just flopping girl. Youtube isn't hiding your videos from anyone lmao. 

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  12. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    I think igumdrop needs her own thread lol 
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  13. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Does she regularly do things like this? My first time tuning into her stream so I didn't know what to expect. 

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  14. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Crystal Ezeoke/TheLovelyIfy   


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  15. TinyBubblez added a post in a topic Nicolette Gray   

    Why are all these bratty kids getting famous for such horrible actions. People are like praising them for being mean, stuck up human beings. Smh. 
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