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  1. liar added a post in a topic - removed -   

    @Serenity, no offense taken! I am not a big kpop fan, I just know this and that. I understand where you might be coming with a conclusion like this. I hope you won't be too harsh on me though, I am contemplating what I have written and what I have in plan, and I don't think it's complete, so I might erase this. There are many things that are problematic that he does such as his views on black face, ignoring the fact that his close friends say the n word so carelessly and much more, but I don't think I'm able to express it correctly; I'll just leave it up to someone else better with words I suppose. Thank you for viewing, and leaving your ideas. 
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  2. liar added a post in a topic Emilia Fart   

    I am actually curious. Especially with a name like that... but can you please provide any information about her? This isn't a youtube comment section. I suggest you read the rules first :) 
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  3. liar added a post in a topic Sahar Tabar   

    I feel bad though... it's obvious that she has some mental illness or condition making her act like this and turn herself into a monster ( I hate to say it). No sane person would think that any of these pictures look anything close to decent or ok. She really needs help and I am very surprised and disappointed that no one is reaching out in her real life. 
    This is how she looked like prior to all of.... that :
    Her face was very sweet or adorable, she looked pretty to me.
    There could be many reasons as to why she's doing something so self destructing.....
    1.) She had a botched surgery and she decided to go on all out and ps
    2.) she's a troll, she wants shock factor, followers, likes, and comments.
    3.) something bad happened to her so this was the way she could take out her anger? because she feels like she has control over how she looks and her presence on the internet? 
    4.) etc....
    I've made jokes but I am actually genuinely interested to see what others have to say other than jokes? (srry to be a buzzkill lmao)
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  4. liar added a topic in Online Personalities   

    - removed -
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  5. liar added a post in a topic The Land of Lavish   

    she's slow in the head if she thinks she's some real life fairytale princess. She seems average and pretty boring. Though I am surprised at how high quality her videos are and how constant she if for someone who doesn't have much experience...hm..
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  6. liar added a post in a topic Hudabeauty / Huda Kattan   

    she had such a sweet smile before plastic surgery and now she can't smile at al lol...... she clearly is self hating because although she is poc she had major plastic surgery to 'remove' her middle eastern nose and is racist among other things... it's sad. 
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