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  1. Shinobu added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I agree! It's kind of gross how difficult the internet can make puberty. Like honestly, I think if I hadn't had internet when I was way younger I would be a lot better off now. I feel bad for some teenage girls who get caught up in catfishing schemes/gold digging that they learn from media or from older women on social media. I also think it's gross how some men will say that they're just "being friendly" with a 10-14 year old girl when it's clear what they plan to do. I have to wonder what parents are doing when their daughters are posting Kittenplay and DDLG stuff PUBLICLY all over their facebooks. Also, it makes me sick when I see underage girls posting provocative photos at like 12-14, and their parents are friends with them on Facebook and clearly see all of it.
    I know about a lot of this stuff because I started playing MMOs and such when I was around 9-10, and I had a much older male "friend" who was about 19 when we met. I hadn't even had my first period yet, let alone know anything about sex really. He'd ask me for disgusting things and guise it as something else. I was around these types until I was around 13 or 14, and one of them told me "jokingly" that it was because I was "too old". I literally got a pedo bear cake made for me by one of these men for my 11th birthday. It was disgusting looking back, but it essentially was what I was used to when dealing with men. Now, I can deal with men who are a couple to even a few years older than me due to being able to easily tell their intentions, but it's still disgusting when men who are about 10-15 years older than me talk to me on MMOs and offer me in game stuff for nudes. Like, seriously? If you can't find a girl your own age then maybe you should rethink something, instead of trying to trick naive young girls into being your "special friend". My pubescent years were very, very confusing not just because of my body changing, but also because of these men trying to justify me getting a period as cause to want to try to sleep with me. It's damaging for the young girls in these situations ultimately because they'll be stuck with whatever they did for their life, even if it happened years and years ago and they didn't know better. I don't know who to blame more though, parents or the creeps though. I know this sounds ignorant, but there are signs/things parents can do to lessen the chances of their daughters getting caught up in these things, but these men should also be locked up somewhere too.
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  2. Shinobu added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    At first from the picture in the thread and a couple on her insta, I thought she was just another weeaboo/ana-chan. She reminds me of Ahri for some reason, because she seems like she's shooping her eyes and such and shooping to look lighter? I don't know, but she definitely needs to lay off the shoop for a bit. Also, it's obvious she's no model or on TV because she has so little followers in insta and weibo. Surely, if she were a model in this day and age she'd have a following of her own and post more professional pictures, or she'd say something about an agency she's signed up to.
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  3. Shinobu added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Personally I think that makes more sense, because a lot of teenagers do cringy shit( like being a koreaboo/weeaboo/shooping into oblivion). Also, one or two of the older members on the forum have admitted to being in the teens range, and have contributed a fair amount. I think that someone should only get banned on age or maturity if they're sitting on here trolling or acting trashy or self posting, but that's me. A lot of pornographic content gets censored/not posted anyways just to stay tasteful and this isn't like kiwifarms where everyone is kind of dickish, so I don't see the 18+ rule being needed. I'm rambling, but yeah.
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  4. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Yeah, if she lent rolled that lingerie before taking the picture and she actually posed it wouldn't be so bad. I'm surprised she looks alright (for a noodz pic anyways).
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  5. Shinobu added a post in a topic Bring back the PrincessDoll thread??   


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  6. Shinobu added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    I'm no make up expert but I think she just overdrew it and shooped it a little.
    Also, she should really lower her tiers as catgirl had said. Like, the rewards for the price are kind of ridiculous.
    It's kind of cool she's getting a legit job as a model though for something she seems to enjoy at least. I'm kind of surprised on the thing with cars like everyone else though, I honestly guess I didn't give her enough credit to be able to build a car, or anything for that matter. It's kind of nice to see her weeb activities don't take up all of her time if she goes to car shows/ builds cars and such.
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  7. Shinobu added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    Thank you for being more clear on this. I wasn't sure since a lot of users were still asking about the addition of the rule. Sorry for making the assumption in my previous post though!
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  8. Shinobu added a post in a topic PULL Rules   

    I'm sure you're allowed here. There seems to still be many teenage members despite the rules, and it seems to be as long as you don't act ignorant or annoying to the adult members, that it's not a problem. Also, we have many senior(or what I consider senior) members who are actually males. PULL may seem girly, though there was actually a thread about members wanting more guys to join the site. People typically paint PULL as being all girls, because people like to think girls are the only ones who gossip, but guys also gossip too despite what people think.
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  9. Shinobu added a post in a topic Are guys aloud on here too?   

    Of course guys are allowed here too. We have other male members. Nonetheless, welcome to PULL!!
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  10. Shinobu added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    I actually really like Karen. I think her and Leo are so adorable, and they've been together for sometime if I remember right. I also really enjoy her lookbooks. She has very little drama attached to her, which is nice as well because she doesn't do like ~*CALL OUT VIDEOS*~ or something constantly. I feel a bit bad for her though considering how lonely she sounds because of her move to California. I don't really understand why she felt the need to move out there, but that's me. I'm worried her being in California will kind of change her videos and such, if you get what I mean. A lot of youtubers change once they actually start doing youtube full time and let it kind of rule their life like that. But, nonetheless I hope she makes more friends at least, and I want more videos of her and Leo personally.
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  11. Shinobu added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    It's nice to see she's doing what looks like somewhat legit costest rather than just tits and ass. I really think she looks cute without all the make up she used to wear too . I really hope she sticks to whatever she's doing right now, because she's doing it well and seems to be somewhat happy at least. Even if I miss the drama, I have to admit she returned better than what most snowflakes do. She has a nice smile when she wears little make up, admittedly. Although, I am shocked all the Ahri callout pages aren't all over her yet? Weren't there a lot of parody/ call out pages for her when she was active?
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  12. Shinobu added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Yeah, it'd be a pretty cool idea if he actually had it get to the point where people were barely attending school because of the killer. Surely, the police/ school administration would understand since it'd be exclusively students dying. Also, why doesn't he allow them to stay home for mourning? Real life schools allow this, as it's seen to help the students perform I think. Or have a grief counselor that would make it easier to get detected or something. I guess it's too complicated to code things like that, considering how "busy" Alex is. Clearly he's too busy making grade A original game content. But seriously, I'm hoping he uses the detective he's supposed to add for this.
    also, how will this game be done by 2018 or 2019 or whatever if he's taking this long to code/program the FIRST and probably least complicated rival? Plus, how can he even really start adding characters if he hasn't even put all the bios and art on the site yet. I understand surprise but why not finish the basics before he jumps into adding them in game to see if the fans really care for the character in the first place rather than wasting time for a character that the fans may dislike or find annoying, or even lacking.
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  13. Shinobu added a post in a topic Is there a thread about Yungelita?   

    I know it's just speculation, but I doubt that her breast would increase like 2 cup sizes from birth control, and her weight gain is only in her boobs and butt, but her belly is still flat. Even if she gained weight "in all the right places",she at the least must waist train as well. I'm sticking to the boob job personally, because her breast size increased very fast and by quite a bit. I assume it looks so natural because she stuck to keeping them relatively small, as well as having a good surgeon.
    not trying to sound like a dick btw, if i came off that way
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  14. Shinobu added a post in a topic AngeliCandice   

    Has she gotten other surgeries done besides her breasts? Also, does she use photoshop?
    I'm sorry she treated you so poorly by the way
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  15. Shinobu added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    The more I see her and her boyfriend I can't shake the feeling that maybe him being so much older after those huge blog post and her behavior with him is maybe like a joke on her fans or whatever. Like, her and her boyfriend are making really bad satire that requires too much research, but her fans are legit praising it. I just find it odd how she wrote books worth of things about how fetishism of Asians she is legit in this odd relationship and often talks about losing weight for him and such. I'd think, from just looking at her blog post that she wouldn't be too fond of men, or at least not nearly this dependent on him. Her blog post give me the "independent woman who don't need no man" vibe almost. I'm rambling sorry for the random post here
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