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  1. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    wtf are the backgrounds on those pics? also it looks like theres something on her tongue on the bottom right pic and i thought i was going to throw up

    edit: am I the only one who finds this kind of sad? or is she buying likes?

    that difference in likes tho
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  2. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    it looks like she's picking food out of her teeth, and the background is kind of random IMO. also, i think she is wearing shorts but they're pulled so far up her ass you can't see them to make her butt look bigger
    but props on getting the glove right noods! you're not 100% wrong this time!!!
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  3. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I wonder if she was just trying to find some random reason to dump him to be with one of her other fans? I don't know Noodz, but like she seems like the type to get a gross greasy sugar daddy and brag about it, and considering her "work".. I don't really feel bad for her because of the break up, because she seems like she'd stretch the truth or flat out lie for attention, but I wonder how Caleb is? I wonder if Noodz sicked any of her fans on him?
    I hope he's ok regardless and gets away from her, she seems like a scummy person IMO
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  4. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    why does she like to use this face in her pics ITS SO DISGUSTING I CAN LIKE SMELL HER BREATH THROUGH MY SCREEN

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  5. Shinobu added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    She's literally trying to seem deep now that this happened. Using a tragedy isn't an opportunity to try to salvage your reputation, Mooriah. And also, why did she feel the need to post a picture of herself with a "stay strong las vegas this is my home" tweet as well as 2 screenshots exclusively of the amount she donated? Yeah, I'm sure she's really concerned about her city LOL
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  6. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Where's the pool party in that pikachu cosplay lol? I don't see a swimsuit at all, just a weird BDSM suit gone wrong. Also, the face she's making is kind of unflattering and she forgot her corset lol, or she can't suck it all in like that
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  7. Shinobu added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    Personally, I just wear certain scents more so according to what I'm doing rather than season. Like, if I'm going out with my friends or something I'll wear something a little heavier than what I usually wear everyday, like everyday I wear like citrus or sweet smelling perfumes while when I go out I prefer to use muskier but still sweet perfumes.
    But, basically I have all of mine all year.
    I got into perfume because of my big sister personally, as well as other girls at school at the time (was in middle school) being super obsessed with Bath and Bodyworks so I had to get some too.
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  8. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    i dont have anything funny to say to this tbh but i wish she'd stop she looks like if she breathes or moves the wrong way it'll pop off
    also wtf are the boobs on the sonico one

    edit: forgot to post her great accessories LOL

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  9. Shinobu added a post in a topic Sup Bitches! (≧益≦);;   

    My favorite topic used to be Bonbonchuu, but now it's probably invadernoodles
    My favorite TV show is American Horror story or maybe Chopped, favorite anime would be anything from the Monogatari series, and movie would maybe be Wolf of Wallstreet or Guardians of the Galaxy. Movie is hard because I like a lot of movies..
    Welcome to PULL though!
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  10. Shinobu added a post in a topic Your Myer Briggs Personality   

    I got ESFP
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  11. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    does she ever look in the mirror before she does this stuff? like, there's no way she seriously thought this would turn out well especially with the whole costume EVEN THE FUCKING RIBBONS/BOWS being latex. she's going to look like a fucked up polly pocket because of that gross latex
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  12. Shinobu added a post in a topic Someone no one will give a crap about!   

    You can curse all you'd like and welcome to PULL!
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  13. Shinobu added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    This isn't a diet thread or anything though? It's just people posting their height and weight, and a personal comment if they so wish. I also don't see where your medical aid through taxes comment is coming from either, but I guess that's me.
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  14. Shinobu added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    LMAO even without her tits fucking up, she still looks a wreck. like, she could have great boobs and she'd still look like shit in that costume. it doesn't even make sense, like what is that on her neck? is she a cowboy hooker rabbit ram?
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  15. Shinobu added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    I'm thinking of buying Princess by Vera Wang but the only legit looking posting online for it I could find is 75$ USD, which is kind of a lot, though do you guys think it's worth it? If so, I may get it eventually because I also knew someone who loved Princess and she would use it before her dates and such, which is about the only time I'll use fancy perfumes like that anyways. Any advice? (I live in a rural area so I don't have many options as far as in person pick up, the closest thing to a beauty store around here is Walmart or Sally's, and Sally's is still like 20 miles away).
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