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  1. Shinobu added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Yeah, instead of fixing the bugs or even adding new mechanics he just adds new textures to his bought assets. Even if he added original models that'd be better than textures. Also, as someone else pointed out, it makes them look like werewolves or some shit.
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  2. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    But why aren't they answering anyone's questions either? I know they want to lay low, but this is starting to diminish their credit too if they can't at least come forward and answer questions to certain holes/ things that don't make sense to everyone in their stories. They can't expect everyone to believe them after this whole thing with Yuki. I know it sounds awful, but I'm just saying. As I said, they can lay low and still answer questions that people had (such as the whole thing with the DNA). Plus, how can a lolcow admin know everything about their story and such is 100% true too?
    I believe them, I'm just getting tired of how secretive some of the things are. With a lot of this stuff it's better to be transparent than to avoid questions, especially since the whole thing with Yuki.
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  3. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    The worse thing is Hayley said Yuki made it all up if you look at her youtube comment. She said she never dated Shine or had an abuse story. She basically said Yuki found her when she was angry and fabricated parts of it. She also said she never gave screenshots. Yuki is really a flake, like jfc. She made a victim out of Hayley if anything, she's a victim of Yuki IMO. That's fucked up to drag someone else into your drama with your ex you're obsessed with.
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  4. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    I feel like if we give her any more time to answer us seriously she'll say he like murder a child or something. Like, I'm starting to call BS on the two girls existing because surely if people were saying "You don't exist, this didn't happen" they'd speak up? Especially if people were starting to side with your abuser, at least IMO. And her twitter seems really petty, like she doesn't really feel bad. I think Yuki needs her own thread or we should make this a Shine/Yuki thread because honestly she's scummy for blowing this all up as a way to get revenge. Especially dragging Kat into a feud between her and Shine Like we can all agree Kat doesn't really deserve this hostility if this never happened, and also Emilia/Yuki/Lindsay, if her story is made up, essentially insulted her. She insulted all of us as well. I'm doubting the other girls exist because one person on Lolcow said they knew them but didn't post any proof or anything. That makes that seem like it's Lindsay just posting anonymously to say it was all real.
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  5. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    so basically lindsay is just trying to fuck over shine like i had said earlier? I hope if this is all fake Shine sues her for libel or something because this isn't ok. Like, I think Shine is annoying as all hell but to accuse him of rape isn't even remotely ok.
    Also, if Shine is such a creep and bothered her with him "talking to younger girls" then why does lolcow have all these screenies of her saying she misses him? Lolcow has more proof of Lindsay being a creep/obsessed than she does against Shine at this point.
    If I'm wrong, remove my post or whatever but Lindsay has a lot of explaining to do to everyone because this looks really bad on her. Like seriously lolcow could make a case against her stronger in a court of law than she could against Shine.
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  6. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    I know I'm going to sound like a dick but the video reminded me of a "fun facts video" or more like a conspiracy thing. Not trying to say what happened with Shine didn't, but this video seriously didn't prove anything.
    Every thing that was "proof" were things in the pastebin/lolcow thread that still doesn't make things 100%. For taking a month, I was expecting a documentary with like, SOLID proof that Shine is a creep (like that DNA test or something?). But instead, we literally get a recap of what we know.
    You withholding info in case someone bigger picks it up makes it seem like you're more fame hungry than concerned about people not being hurt. That literally sounds like something someone would do to get tabloids going rather than actually solving anything.
    I tried not to be judgy at first but I seriously am disappointed. You didn't answer ANY OF THE QUESTIONS we had in the thread, and I'm kind of starting to not believe the story because you don't seem to take this seriously and you continue to drag this out. You literally repeated what has been said on Lolcow, and also never solidified proof of either of the other two girls even existing. You said his fans are rabid basically, so why would they believe a video that sounds like a creepypasta voice over or a Danger Dolan video or something?
    This whole video was so unprofessional I just can't. Like seriously stop dragging the situation out and give us some solid proof or this is just going to end up being dismissed. If PULL is starting to be skeptical, then I highly doubt his fans would believe it either. This is starting to be such a joke IMO..
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  7. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    Yeah like I understand doing something you enjoy but this seriously can't be that important if she's uploading things on her own channel before making this video. Also, the rendering is clearly out of the question of being the issue of it being delayed because as Ara said, she uploaded stuff on her own channel a day ago. Like why are you putting it off until Saturday AGAIN? I'm seriously curious, not trying to pressure her into releasing stuff or whatever, but this is seriously starting to make us all look stupid and it's losing momentum almost completely. I know she said she'll upload it no matter what but this is starting to seem more like a joke than something serious. And it also makes NO impact at all if like only people on PULL see the video and no one else does because you waited a month to publish it.
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  8. Shinobu added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    The staff can only be as competent as the Game Dev
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  9. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    Thank you for the info on the difficulty of the laws between the two countries, I didn't think of that honestly. But I do want to say, it's odd that this all came up after Lindsay initially deleted her post, which just essentially said "Einshine is a dick" and then it became "Einshine is a rapist". If Lindsay was that deeply hurt all along, why did she delete her initial post saying stuff about him if she wanted him exposed? Like I know they were dating at one point, but if she hates him why did she suddenly retract all that stuff, plus be ok-ish with people on Lolcow finding out about her identity but freaking out at first about it to the point of deleting a ton of posts?
    I still lean towards the revenge theory myself as well, because the fact people have been actively campaigning against Shine has surely hurt his image a little as well as get this thread and Lolcow's thread riled up.
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  10. Shinobu added a post in a topic Einshine / ShinePhD/Yuki   

    I know this is farfetched and I sound like a WK or someone who wears tinfoil but what if Lindsay made some of this up to get revenge on him cheating on her? I mean I don't like Shine, but she says she hates him and the girls who were fine with it, meaning maybe dragging Kat into it as well due to participating in the affair? Like maybe Shine did cheat, which is shitty I know but what if she was really the other 2 girls(I say this because I'm sus of the other two girls being so passive while Lindsay is just like whatever, and there's no pictures from the other 2 girls besides text). Maybe this was a thing to get back at Kat for participating in an affair so she said she's abusive as well, and she dragged Shine for cheating on her?
    Nonetheless, I'm really calling BS because why would they tell an anon on Lolcow before the police? Like, if you're embarrassed by it wouldn't it be even worse to send it to some random people online than to people who's job is to protect you? And also, how did the 3 girls get together and such and meet? Like, did they all meet on Lolcow or something? Because since they're all keeping a low profile I don't see how they all met to start.
    Also, as SKR mentioned, 2 of the girls are being extremely passive with questions, and Lindsay being the only one contacting anyone. Plus, Lindsay has been keeping a lower profile IMO since people started finding out more about her.
    or maybe this was a publicity stunt by Lindsay to get back at Shine and to also increase her following.
    tinfoil hat rant over.
    I'm sorry for seeming insensitive, it's just ridiculous the girl's parents knew about some of this shit like the infection and no reports were filed and such? Or the parents didn't like beat the shit out of Shine? Maybe my parents always had sheltered me or something but they'd probably kill a man who had let me have an infection for so long and put me in danger. just sus af at this whole thing
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  11. Shinobu added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    I mean.. The animation might be shit and such, but at least the model looks slightly better versus his old torture video?
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  12. Shinobu added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    It really does, because she shooped her back so tiny and made her ass super huge and the pants are ugly. If she had shooped herself right then maybe it would look ok but jfc. Plus I think that color is really gross looking with that wig anyways
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  13. Shinobu added a post in a topic "@cheyreymusic": Cheyanne Sparks (KOURTNEY GALLOWAY), Bryson Tiller's Stalker   

    Geez... I didn't think a catfish would get such fame. Plus, she seems awfully young to do all of this. I'm not saying she didn't, just like omg. That sounds like a wild ride..
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  14. Shinobu added a post in a topic Addictedangel/ xanangel /jenny casey   

    Not sure if anyone else is really interested, but she took down her old tumblr (the xanax one) and I found this http://astralbarbie.tumblr.com/ . Lol, SHE TALKED AGAINST THE DADDY KINK BUT SHE RECENTLY UPLOADED PICTURES OF HER IN UNDERWEAR WITH A "baby" TAG ON THEM. OK SURE YOU MOVED ON. Also doubting her claims on not doing drugs anymore because she makes light of drug use an awful lot still.
    spoiler because i dont want to hurt you guys if you don't want it
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  15. Shinobu added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    How is she going to cut it off in sections without it looking really bad? Like, she should just shave it like everyone else said and wear wigs because her hair will be uneven and such otherwise. Surely she could go to a salon and have them do something to it, with all the money she's just throwing around on tattoos and harnesses. I've never seen a harness cheaper than like 75$, and it was low quality at 75$, so how is she going to manage that? Plus, I don't think that bleaching your hair a year ago is what killed your hair, it was probably the fact that she dyed it like 10 times within a couple months to very high maintenance colors.
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